Christian Testimony - January 2018

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 I am very excited to be in a courtship with a man that I met through  

Last chance for Christian man lands his match

Charity is so glad Russ decided to give one last chance!

Happily engaged Christian couple

Charity and Russ are ready to embark upon their next adventure together, in marriage

After being on and off for 4 years, I was just about ready to move on from the online dating world. In August of 2017, I received a message from a man who lived only an hour away. He too was giving the online dating experience one more try. After a couple days of waiting, he decided to send one more message. I am so glad that he did!

Only two weeks later we met at my church. A month later, we talked on the phone for the first time. The last few months have been filled with the adventures of meeting family and friends, and his help taking care of my grandparents. I am grateful for his love for Jesus and his kind, generous, and compassionate heart.

On December 10th, Russ asked my parents for their blessing on his desire to marry me! I am looking forward to many blessed days ahead.

Charity-romanseight647 {Michigan} & Russ-russell457 {Michigan} January 2018

[Editor's note: See January 2020 testimonial about their "Cafe Babies"!!]

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 We just got married in October and are enjoying a very blessed married life!  

Wedding kiss

Emilee and Scotty make it official!

Kiss by the water

What a beautiful and romantic setting for Emilee and Scotty's wedding day!

Scott rescues Emilee from train

Emilee and Scotty truly compliment each other!

Thank you for making this possible by bringing us together!

Emilee-luinien830 {Arizona} & Scotty-thesi117 {Ohio} January 2018

[Editor's note: See August 2017 for their engagement testimonial]

 I have a Christian Cafe husband, and now also a Christian Cafe baby!  

Norwegian Christian woman gives birth in Canada

A very proud Matt and Ina with "Cafe Baby" Wesley

Cute baby

Isn't Wesley just adorable!

I met my husband Matt on Here is our updated picture of us, and one of just Wesley, which is his name (after the English hymnist).

Ina-godisgreat477 {Norway} & Matt-mattpuritmil920 {Manitoba} January 2018

[Editor's note: See November 2016 for their marriage testimonial!]

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 We're going on 12 years and we never looked back!  

12 years for Christian couple

Robert, Kate and their "Cafe Baby", who's now nearly 10!

We met on ChristianCafe in Feb. 2006. We married July 30, 2006. We were both in our early 40's. We have one child, Victoria, born March 2008.

God used to bring us together and we couldn't be a better match!

Robert-robert413 {Louisiana} & Kate January 2018

 "Cafe Baby" update!  

Pizza baby shirt

Eric shows off the slice from his and Jael's "Cafe Baby", due in just 4 months!

We wrote to you about our getting married back in October of 2016. We wanted to update you and let you know that in 4 months we are expecting the arrival of our very first baby. A baby boy!

He is a miracle baby that has survived some complications and has done so much in bringing family closer. We are excited for the amazing God-given privilege to be the parents of a little boy. We are grateful for which allowed us to meet and begin our beautiful life together. Thanks!

Jael-comitted556 {Ontario} & Eric-happyfellow566 {Ontario} January 2018

[Editor's note: See October 2016 for their marriage testimonial!]

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 Cancel my subscription!  

I found my boyfriend here at and we are going strong for 6 months. Thank you so much for helping Christian singles find partners.

Marie-mscheley401 {Philippines} & Brett January 2018

 We were both living in the same city on the same street but had never met!  

I met my husband on Christian Cafe 11 years ago. We circulated in parallel universes but we never met until Christian Cafe. We emailed for a few weeks, met in person shortly thereafter. We met, married and had a baby within 1 1/2 years and are still together 10 years and some change later.

Diane-sparklie807 {British Columbia} January 2018

 Just want to say I've enjoyed your site.  

Debbie-same723 {Maine} January 2018

 I want to express my gratefulness for the enjoyment of my experience on Christian Cafe.  

The main reason I enjoy Christian Cafe so much is because of the high quality of the Theology forum. This forum is the only reason I subscribe to Christian Cafe. The Theology forum is really great. Thank you so much for making Christian learning possible in this forum. I want to know what God's Word has to say on a variety of topics. Thank you all again so much for providing a Biblical Theology forum.

Aaron-wordbeliever317 {California} January 2018

 I have great news!  

I will be married to Rayma by whom I was connected on I will send you our wedding picture after March 3 when we will be married. It is a perfect match ordained by God. He is Super Good!!!

Thank you for your ministry.

Asit-bijoy800 {Tennessee} & Rae-rae264 {Nevada} January 2018

[Editor's note: See March 2016 testimonial for Anton's first impression of the site!]

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