- Christian Testimony - August 2017
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 We just celebrated our 10th anniversary on August 2nd, 2017.  

It has been an amazing 10 years of marriage for Gina and David

We met on Christian Cafe in Feb 2007 and married Aug 2007. It has been an amazing 10 years! We thank Christian Cafe for bringing us together!

Gina {North Carolina} & David {North Carolina} August 2017

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 He was not what I expected to be a good match for me, but God used to help me find someone whose strengths and weaknesses compliment mine.  

Emilee met her "God match", Scotty, within minutes of joining

Within minutes of posting my profile I received a message from the man who is now the love of my life! I am a better person for knowing him!

We are getting married October 21st. Looking forward to sharing our lives together thanks to you!

I had such a great experience on ChristianCafe I just had to share!

What I liked about your site is that you provide the general guidelines in how to describe yourself, but you don't match people up. It is exactly like a cafe for singles to meet and get to know each other.

Emilee-luinien830 {Arizona} & Scotty-thesi117 {Ohio} August 2017

[Editor's note: See January 2018 for their marriage testimonial!]

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 I met and married my wife from 15 years ago.  

We are one of 5 couples in my church that met and married using!

Earl-espsaved798 {Massachusetts} and Leslie {Massachusetts} August 2017

 Thank you for your service. I met my fiancee here.  

Thank you for helping Sukma and me getting together to work on our engagement and marriage.

Randy-randy551 {Utah} & Sukma-caronina569 {Indonesia} August 2017

 Please remove me!  

I have found the Christian woman I've been praying for on Christian Cafe. Thank You and God bless.

Ken-hammertime845 {New Jersey} August 2017

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 You really have changed both our lives.  

Thanks to, I met the man of my dreams 5 years ago. We are about to celebrate our third wedding anniversary next month. Thank you.

niabenaur249 {Wales} August 2017

 I am still married to Rob, the awesome husband I met on the Christian Cafe back in 2002 or 2003.  

btlwmr966 August 2017

 I love your site very, very much it's the best!  

Sheila-kenyngirl714 {Kenya} August 2017

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 Delete my account!  

I am happy to announce that I met my fiancee on Christian Cafe

Chris-wlfpckr450 {North Carolina} August 2017

 I found what I was looking for, thank God.  

I'm a Canadian of German origin and she is from Indonesia, of Chinese origin. I visited her in May, and she is now coming to visit me and my family 10 days from now. Wedding is planned for the future!

Johann-hanz845 {Alberta} August 2017

 Please take my profile down!  

I have met some one on here, thank you!

Perry-bluetale521 {California} August 2017

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