Christian Testimony - October 2016

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 I would like to say "thank you" for bringing my husband into my life. We have been married three years and met each other through  

Former Virginia single looking lovingly into eyes of her husband

Victoria looking lovingly into Joe's eyes at their wedding

3 level wedding cake on table with pink roses

What a beautifully decorated wedding cake!

Laughing couple look relaxed and happy

Don't they look happy together!

Huge family photo on grass at wedding

The wedding party

A couple kiss in a small intimate wedding ceremony with lit candles in background

The marriage kiss

After a bad relationship experience, I was afraid to date, much less relocate, decreasing my chances of meeting anyone. In 2011, I took a dare from a co-worker to meet and date someone from a dating website. I took the dare and met the man of my dreams on your site.

Two years after we met, we were married. Joe and I know that God has brought us together and do not have a doubt. May God Bless Your Site Always.

Victoria-chamy470 {Virginia} & Joe October 2016

 Please share our story, we want God to be glorified through our story!  

Eric and Jael - picture perfect on their wedding day

Eric and Jael pose as husband and wife in a beautiful setting

In 2013, I met my now husband through online dating. We dated for about 3 years. 2 of which I was severely sick. He truly honored and supported me through sick and of course as I lost everything in a blink of an eye, through the thin!

Within those 3 years we both watched each other mature into the likeness of Christ as I went from being bed-ridden for the very first year of our relationship to slowly learning to walk again.

A now diagnosed Chron's Disease patient, I am more than blessed with a wonderful husband who I had the gift of watching grow in his Character and mature as a man of God.

On October 8th, 2016, we made a beautiful covenant of marriage with God, and use our story to show God's mercy and divine love through showing that pain has a face of Grace.

We believe God has used as a mean to bring us together and we are grateful for that!

Jael-comitted556 {Ontario} & Eric-happyfellow566 {Ontario} October 2016

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 Through Christian Cafe I met a widow in 2012.  

We were married on September 29, 2012. Wow! What a find! God has really blessed us.

Joe-joe2975 {Illinois} October 2016

 I want to cancel my membership.  

I found a woman!

Daniel-bornagain512 {Germany} October 2016

 Just want to say 'Thank you'.  

I really enjoy the times I've been on, and really appreciate the opportunities I've had. I pray that Jesus continues to enable your business to thrive.

Max-montanadylan314 {Tennessee} October 2016

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