Christian Testimony - April 2018

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 We have fun telling people about our dating experience on  

8th wedding anniversary for happy Christian couple who pose in front of rock walk and truck while smiling

Sarah and Ken will celebrate 8 glorious years together on April 5, 2018!

We were married in Branson, MO April 5th 2010, after meeting Nov. 2009 on I lived in Ohio, he in Northern CA, the first date in Omaha Neb. Feb. 14th, 2010.

8 years and 8 kids (fur kids) later after meeting on Christian, Ken and I will be celebrating 8 years of Marriage, April 5th.

Lots of adventures and challenges in the past 8 years and ones we would not ever trade. He is still a neat-aholic and I am a "trying to recover" slob-aholic but most important our marriage continues to be "Christ Centered" and getting better each year.

Thanks, for providing a great Christian site for two very unlikely people to meet and form a lifelong married relationship.

Sarah-dogmom396 {Ohio} & Ken-kennyg842 {California} April 2018

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 Stephen is the best man that God has prepared for me.  

California Christian single marries local match and smiles as they walk down the aisle just married

Could Stephen's smile be any bigger as he walks down the aisle holding Esther!

I joined Christian Cafe in 2016 December. I met my husband the next day and now we have been married for 5 months. We thank you so much for your ministry.

Never thought I'd meet such a sincere, faithful, godly man who also happened to share love of classical music (I'm a classical pianist).

I'm Korean living in LA and my husband is Chinese from Hong Kong living in LA. Never thought I'd meet non-Korean. God's plan for us is amazing. We both prayed about each other whether it is God's will or not for us to date. Then prayed again about marriage for 100 days.

We met December 2016
Got engaged May 2017
Got married November 2017

Thank you so much again and may God continue to use this ministry to glorify His name and let His will be done.

Esther-grace6066 {California} & Stephen-stephen439 {California} April 2018

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 Christian Cafe is the best dating site for single Christian men and women.  

They have a match for every one - the young, middle aged, and the old. They also have matches for the rich and the poor. Christian singles, you don't have to live a life of fornication or adultery - they are capable of finding the right person for you.

I found a Christian man here and promise to meet with him in elderly man who lives in Canada. I am planning to get married in December. May the Grace of God be with you and your team as you seek to comfort Christian people who are single to live a of happiness. May God continue to bless and keep you always.

I will always invite Christian singles to join your club.

Pauline-cornella505 {Jamaica} & Allen-al587 {Ontario} April 2018

[Editor's note: See November 2017 testimonial for Pauline's blessing on the site]

 Thanks for being here when I needed you!  

I found the man here on :)

Marge-margaretha152 {Manitoba} April 2018

 I'm getting married this coming June.  

I met my boyfriend on Christian Cafe way back two years ago. I'm grateful you were the instrument for me to meet him online.

Mary Joy- joy1028 {Philippines} April 2018

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