- Christian Testimony - March 2018
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 Of the many messages I received, one man made chatting so comfortable.  

Dariuz travelled for 40 hours to meet Rita!

We first met on the site and after a while proceeded to video calls. After 7 months of connecting through video call he decided to meet me in Indonesia. Unfortunately this meant he had to endure 40 hours of travel! The power of love is amazing. He will do anything though to be with me, his love.

Now, we are waiting for God's will for our life together. May God bless our love.

Do not be afraid to find your true love.

Rita-ritajohari499 {Indonesia} & Dariusz-dariusz134 {Norway} March 2018

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 We are happy, and deeply in love and know we were brought together by God through  

I wanted to thank you for being the tool used by God to find my future husband. He is literally exactly what I was looking for and need. We are so happy and can't wait to get married. I was on less than a full year and talked to several people before meeting my perfect match.

Yolanda-yolado254 {Illinois} March 2018

 Last year I met a wonderful Colombian woman from your site.  

We had communicated for 7 months online until I traveled to meet her in Colombia. Three months after I returned to my home, it was evident marriage is right for us!

Jabin-godhasplans647 {Minnesota} March 2018

 Cancel my membership!  

I have found someone to marry, about 2 months ago!!

Jim- jimforgod931 {Alaska} March 2018

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 Please remove my profile!  

I have gotten married :)

Martha-ginnie625 {South Carolina} March 2018

 Thank you for giving us the opportunity to meet!  

In October I met Bill and we began to chat. In January I went to Australia to see him in person. We were married March 3rd.

Marisa-goodmorning721 {Brazil} & Bill-scotland396 {Queensland, Australia} March 2018

 I've met someone here on Christian Cafe.  

Marina-mary9665 {Mozambique} March 2018

 Your website was such a blessing to us, and I'm so glad that it is still going strong.  

I first became familiar with your website in 2002. I tried the week trial, and it was during this time I met my husband-to-be. He was also trying the week trial, and things blossomed for us from there.

I never thought the husband God had for me was in another country (Nigeria), but he was. God use your website to bring my husband and I together, and I really appreciate that.

I'm writing a book about what God did in my marriage, and I am going to mention your website. Thanks again for being such a blessing to Christians like us. May God continue to bless your ministry in Jesus' name. Amen.

Katina from USA March 2018

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