Christian Testimony - November 2017

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 Brazil Meets Texas!  

Texas Christian single seated with his Brazilian fiancee, both of them smiling and holding hands

Cleide introduced herself to Steve and now they're engaged!

Older single man seated in bar with a single woman who is holding his hand

Cleide didn't believe Christian Cafe could work but look at her now!

Former Christian singles hugging and smiling at the camera and looking very happy

Cleide and Steve are very happy together

I must confess that I would never go into a dating site, never before did I believe that this could work. But friends added me to the site and paid for it. And today I thank God for using them to change my life. During my time on Christian Cafe I met wonderful people and made sincere friendships. But most importantly, I met Steve, a handsome, kind and patient man. After two months we met in Colombia and were engaged. We should be married early next year. God is so good! God has blessed us every day. We are very happy!

Thank you Christian Cafe for introducing me to such a wonderful man! 5 friends of mine have already joined Christian Cafe after hearing my story and they are also happy with the site. One of them has already met a man from New Zealand. He arrived in Brazil last night to meet her.

Congratulations - you do an incredible job. God continues to use Christian Cafe to be the bridge to many special encounters. God bless you always.

Cleide-keke620 {Brazil} & Steve-romansman864 {Texas} November 2017

[Editor's note: See June 2019 testimonial for an update!]

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 Some praise for you.  

It was a pleasure to be on this clean and advertisement-free date site which also provided plenty of options for search and possible contacts!

May you continue to bless other users and continue to prosper with all Godliness towards your family friends and the support of individual members in the body of Christ as God give everyone His grace!

Henry-foxtrotdance439 {British Columbia} November 2017

 Thank you for making my marriage possible!  

Through your dating site I met my husband in 2006 and we married in 2009.

Ofelia-ofelia226 {Romania} November 2017

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 I would love to have my profile completely deleted.  

I found someone thanks to you guys! I appreciate it lots!

Abby-amorist308 {Colorado} November 2017

 May the good God of heaven bless you and your staff as you honestly try to help others find Christian soulmates.  

I am glad that I joined a site where both manager and staff are very honest.

May the good God of heaven continue to bless Christian Cafe as you help others to live a decent Christian life.

Pauline-cornella505 {Jamaica} November 2017

[Editor's note: See April 2018 testimonial to read about her match!]

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