- Christian Testimony - October 2017
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 It all started with a wink.  

Christine and George, full of joy after meeting

We met on Christian Cafe In the Spring of 2007. Christine could not keep her eyes off one particular photo of mine.

When we met in person we decided to meet at the halfway point between us, Goshen Indiana. Little Christine arrived in a big grey Dodge pick up truck. I arrived in my small Mazda protege, which I still own to this day.

The rest is history. We were engaged Summer 2010, and married Spring 2012. Thank you!

George {Ohio} & Christine-ctrayford294 {Wisconsin} October 2017

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 10 years later, and with two "Cafe Babies"!  

Proud parents Christina and Jessey with their "Cafe Babies"

I met my husband on Christian Cafe and we celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary in June!

Christina-joyjoyjoyjoy415 {Indiana} & Jessey-chestertonfan741 {Ohio} October 2017

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 I am no longer single!  

I met my fiancee on here and we are getting married!

Rowan-rowan521 {England} October 2017

 This is our tenth anniversary after connecting on Christian Cafe.  

Our 10th wedding anniversary is in March.

Richard is a wonderful person who has CP and is wheel chair bound. That doesn't hold him back. We appreciate the fact that you approved him to be on this site. He was turned down by others. We are not sure if CP was the reason he was turned down but again that's another story.

We are having a wonderful life together. We are so thankful for Christian Cafe.

Della-dellamay266 {Tennessee} & Richard-mark9231 {Texas} October 2017

 I met someone through Christian Cafe and got engaged this past weekend!  

Thanks for all help during my time on Christian Cafe.

Pauline-jesussaves447 {New Brunswick} October 2017

 Christian Cafe seemed to genuinely be a Christian dating site with thoughtful questions for your profile.  

I pray for your success; I have recommended your site to my single Christian friends.

John-bahf869 {California} October 2017

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