- Christian Testimony - September 2017
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 We are so thankful to the Lord for being an instrument of His.  

Lilian and Jesus have been greatly blessed through

We both found each other at the right time of our need in each of our callings for His kingdom. Both of us prayed for someone who had the mind of Christ about relationships, first to God, next family, then ministry. And in His Sovereignty He used your site. Both of us have the same passion for God and His call of doing the Great Commission. Thank you very much for your help in finding my God-given Partner. We were married last April 17, 2017 here in the Philippines. Next month we will have our first mission in Spain, where he lives. Thank you very much ChristianCafe! Truly, you guys are a blessing to us both. Praise and glory to the Almighty Father.

Lilian-liliancilacan145 {Philippines} & Jesus-singleseven688 {Spain} September 2017

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 Put God 1st in everything you do and you can never go wrong.  

Bob and Virginia put God 1st and are now happily married!

I met my wife through The 1st thing I want to say is I was on several Christian sites including [another Christian dating site] and I could not find a single Christian woman to talk to and that's a shame. Then I got on Christian Cafe and I spoke to several Christian women. My wife and I were praying the same prayer: we just wanted to meet someone to be a friend, but God had His own plan for us! We started talking in December 2016 and we got married on August the 3rd. She's from Costa Rica, and I am from Virginia, United States.

We just wanted to say thank you very much Christian Cafe. I would say to tell everyone who comes on your site if you put God 1st in everything you do, you can never go wrong. Bless you and thank you again. We have really appreciated Christian Cafe.

Bob-cowboybob185 {Virginia} & Virginia-ginger987 {Costa Rica} September 2017

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 I would like my Membership Permanently Cancelled ASAP!  

I would also like to extend my heartfelt gratitude for your modern-day, faith-based dating service. On July 28th I connected with kated236 on your site. We began a relationship that has grown into an engagement and coming marriage date November 18th, 2017. All I can say is "Thank You" from the bottom of my heart, and may all ownership & staff of this site be blessed in Yeshua's name!

George-GeorgeUSA250 {Utah} Katie-kated236 {Wisconsin} September 2017

 I am married, and I met my Husband here in your website.  

Thank you so much! God bless!

Reann-ann6057 {Philippines} September 2017

 I would like cancel my account!  

I met someone on Christian Cafe and I no longer need to meet another guy :) Thank you so much.

Caroline-carol8237 {Ontario} September 2017

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 I wanted to inform you that as of Sept 3, 2017 Cecil and I married.  

Thank you ever so much for your assistance in securing our meeting. Blessings to your enterprise. Sincerely in Christ.

Victoria-victoriarae974 {North Carolina} & Cecil-birdman868 {Oklahoma} September 2017

 Please take my profile down.  

I have met some one on here. Thank you.

Perry-bluetale521 {California} September 2017

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