Christian Testimony - March 2019

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 We are another one of your success stories.  

Beautiful Christian couple taking selfie on vacation in front of old wooden door while smiling

The happy couple sightseeing

Happy Christian women laughs and gazes at husband while outdoors at market

Zamira and Marcus share a laugh

Peck on the cheek from wife with beach in background

Happily engaged!

Christian woman in high heel boots hugs husband in fashionable hat in front of wonderful stone building.

Marcus and Zamira are a perfect fit!

Winter selfie for smiling couple in coats, hats and scarves with beautiful white building behind

All bundled up but full of joy

Sunset photo for Christian couple on mountain top while facing each other

What a beautiful shot!

Young Albanian Christian woman smiling at camera while holding American husband


Happy American Christian holds his Albanian Christian wife in tender embrace as she smiles

Aww, isn't that sweet?!

I joined about one year ago and met Zamira. We started communicating in February 2018, which led to a great friendship that grew into an engagement in October that year. We'll be getting married in June 2019!

My fiance is from Albania and I'm from the United States.

Thank you,, for being a wonderful place for Christians to meet and develop life-changing relationships!

Marcus-marcus630 {Florida} & Zamira-ena940 {Albania} March 2019

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 Met on - Now wonderfully married!  

American Christian marries beautiful Ethiopian woman

David marries his beautiful bride, Berhane

Beautiful Christian couple pose with trees in background

Aren't they a wonderful couple!

Beach photo for couple wearing sunglasses

Berhane and David loving the beach together!

Sunglasses selfie for young interracial Christian couple

Sunny smiles and sunshine all around!

Honeymoon selfie for Christian couple in tropical setting

David and Berhane in a tropical paradise

Ballroom pose for couple holding hands

All dressed up for Date night!

Gorgeous bride gazing at husband for wedding dance

First dance after marrying!

Couples night out hug for Christians in beautiful hall

All dressed up for Date Night #2!

Newly Married Christian couple holding hands while walking down the aisle

Wonderful wedding shot!

No longer single Christians in embrace in front of blossom tree

What a beautiful couple!

Love at last for newly married Christian couple with city spread out behind them

Another great wedding photo!

Beautiful red dress for wife while on a date night with husband in dress shirt

Another Date Night!

We are praising the Lord for our marriage and very blessed to have met on the Christian Cafe. We are thankful for its service and the so many services this website offers. How wonderful is it that an Ethiopian woman from Miami is now married to the happiest man from Atlanta, Georgia!

David-bruno542 {Georgia} & Berhane-bebe395 {Florida} March 2019

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 I am not one to write testimonials, but praise God for His means, even those which we would never think about using! :)  

Norwegian beauty marries Englishman with harbour in background

Could Rowan look any happier?!

Big smiles for Scandinavian single who met English Christian single while out for city walk

Rowan hasn't stopped smiling since meeting Frida!

Coastal shot outdoors for bearded man and his beautiful wife

Rowan and Frida enjoying married life together

We have recently celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary on the 27th January after originally meeting through Christian Cafe!

We were in two different countries and would never have met otherwise, and now, by God guidance through Christian cafe and Grace to us both by answered prayer, we are happily married and now have a baby on the way!

Rowan-rowan521 {England } & Frida-godisgreat981 {Norway} March 2019

[Editor's note: See October 2017 testimonial for Rowan's engagement notice!]

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 Five months & going strong :)  

Illinois Christian single holding her Indiana Christian match, both smiling

Nancy and Michael are a great fit!

A tender moment captured

We met in January 2018, were engaged 3 months later and got married October 20, 2018!

Thank you Christian Cafe for bringing us together!

Nancy-nancymichelle357 {Illinois} & Michael-cleanmachine928 {Indiana} March 2019

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 It's been 7 wonderful years of our marriage!  

Groom only has eyes for his beautiful bride who glows in white wedding dress and bouquet

Jason and Lenah have enjoyed 7 wonderful years of marriage!

I met my husband through Christian Cafe in 2012 when I was in studying in Dublin, Ireland and he was in Calgary. And we had a beautiful wedding celebration in my home country, Botswana

Thank you, thank you, thank you Christian Cafe!

Lenah {Ireland} & Jason-sparky604 {Calgary} March 2019

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 My first visit was all I needed.  

I found a lady that stole my heart. Our relationship is growing because God has put us together through Christian Cafe and I believe wedding bells will be ringing before year's end, thank you.

Scott-sirscott940 {Florida} March 2019 is far superior to [another dating site] in quality and integrity, I find. Koodos.  

Jackie {California} March 2019

 I am grateful to Almighty God and to the entire Christian cafe family.  

I am glad to inform you that I have found my wife on Christian Cafe. To God be the glory! She is my perfect match.

I am grateful to God almighty and also to the owner of the great platform.

Thank you Christian Cafe and May God help other members in their searches.

Ojetayo-felixation754 {Azerbaijan} March 2019

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 Remove my profile!  

I met some one that I clicked with at once.

Thank you for the chance and opportunity to be a part of your family.

Matthew-mattsams976 {Texas} & Thelma March 2019

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