- Christian Testimony - February 2019
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 Almost 15 years ago.  

Regina and Jon looking joyful on their wedding day

Regina and Jon still going strong after 15 years!

We connected on ChristianCafe on June 10, 2003. We married on July 17, 2004.

Still going strong and very thankful to God for leading us both to ChristianCafe. Thank You!

Regina {Arkansas} & Jon-jonlovesgod915 {California} February 2019

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 Lindsey and Greg married and going strong  

Greg and Lindsey with 3 "Cafe Babies" and another on the way!

Just wanted to give you all a happy update from our family! This is Lindsey and Greg from 2011, married 8 years! We have 3 "Cafe babies" and one more on the way! Lindsey is still a flight attendant and Greg is working full time in ministry. And yes, love is still very much in the air. :)

We love telling how we met to friends, family, church friends, and fellow believers in Christ and we encourage Christians to pray for their future spouse as they seek the Lord with all their heart.

We thank and praise God for bringing us together at!!

Lindsey-lindsey571 {Georgia} & Greg-studioblue518 {North Carolina} February 2019

[Editor's note: See October 2011 testimonial for their wedding announcement.]

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 Two very shy and unlikely people met on, despite the warnings and shock by well meaning friends and family :)  

Sarah and Ken met over 9 years ago!

9 years ago, Ken and I had our meeting in Omaha Neb., where he ask me to marry him on Valentine's Day weekend. He flew in from Northern CA and I flew in from Ohio for first in person meeting. We had chatted on the phone for a few months and "just knew".

Nine years married April 5th. Sure we have had our challenges and struggles but wouldn't trade the experience and Journey for anything.

Thank you God and

Sarah-dogmom396 {Ohio} & Ken-kennyg842 {California} February 2019

[Editor's note: See February 2010, June 2011, November 2014, April 2016 and April 2018 for their other submissions!]

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 Congratulations for 20 years Anniversary Christian Cafe!  

God Bless your site and continue to serving dating singles I pray more fruitful years to come.

Belinda-belinda932 {Philippines} February 2019 is a great site!.  

Adriaan-holland518 {Alberta} February 2019

 I have found my soul mate.  

Thank you ChristianCafe.

Tina-tinayangin456 {Papua New Guinea} February 2019

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 I super love your dating service! I met someone special through  

It was totally worth it. :)

Thea-tirzah463 {Israel} February 2019

 I love the values of  

I also love the layout of the website. It is user friendly and for the most part your members are serious-minded Christians. And I don't get any SPAM MAIL on my account like I did with [another dating site].

Wendy-shopgirl468 {British Columbia} February 2019

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