Christian Testimony - June 2011

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 We want to share a story with you that resulted in love, romance and marriage, all as a direct result of  

A couple walk hand in hand in thought after marrying in Turks and Caicos

Cass and Melissa married in Turks and Caicos

A beautiful woman sits on a chair and presses against a handsome man, both looking very pleased

The happy couple!

A beautiful Christian couple smile on their wedding day while seated together

Aren't Cass and Melissa a beautiful couple!

A man kneels and kisses the hand of a beautiful woman at the beach

Cass is so thankful he met and married Cass!

We met on your website in March of 2010 and began corresponding via email and phone and met in person the following month.

We quickly realized that we had common life goals and felt that God brought us together to be helpmates, as husband and wife.

After corresponding long distance from Minneapolis to Seattle, we got engaged five months later in September of 2010.

We married the following year in beautiful Turks and Caicos in February of 2011 and are enjoying every bit of married life.

We are forever grateful for and the role it played in bringing us together!!

Melissa-heavensent660 {Minnesota} & Cass-cassholloway225 {Washington} June 2011
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 Exactly one year ago today, I got a wink that changed my world.  

Former singles from Colorado look thrilled to be together on their wedding day in the sunlight

Tara winked at Brad and it resulted in their marriage!

Just 8 months after that, I married her.

For whatever reason, I thought online dating would take the romance out of dating, but I've spent today, our one-year-wink anniversary, going back through our first emails to each other and realized how wonderful it is that I can actually trace back to the very first interaction I ever had with my wife - what she looked like, the words she said, and of course the wink from across the world that changed everything.

Brad-smilesalot231 {Colorado} & Tara-taralynne536 {Colorado} June 2011
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 My fiance and I met on your site...and it's just the most awesome little story of how the Lord can use whatever He desires to bring two people together.  

A man smiles while seated as a woman leans over him and hugs him

Don't Tricia and Benjy look great together!

A very contented looking couple stand facing each other ready to kiss

Tricia didn't think would work

An engagement ring is shown with a newly engaged couple kissing in the background

Tricia knows works now!

Midwest Christian singles meet and kiss after their engagement

Tricia knew she'd met her husband the day she saw Benjy

Benjy and Tricia kiss over coffee at Starbucks

Benjy and Tricia first met at Starbucks

Wedding invitation which shows a coffee cup, wedding date and the words The Perfect Blend

Tricia and Benjy will marry on July 8, 2011

A scan of their story of how they met via

Their story of how they met via

I admittedly am a very prideful person at times, and have always had a negative outlook on dating sites. My view of them was that they were only designed for "the desperate people" who couldn't find their own dates.

This being said, making a profile on your site alone was an act of God in my life.

It all began when my close friend Jamie and I were talking, and I was explaining to him my frustration with being single and never being able to find a real man who was ready for marriage. Young men in their 20's can be so fickle and I had had enough heartbreak.

This is when he suggested to me your website. And of course my response was, "Oh no way, that is only for desperate people" not realizing that he himself had found his wife on a year or so earlier.

After hearing his story, I was still pretty reluctant, so he suggested I pray about it and consider at least doing the free trial.

After a few days of prayer, I conceded and made a profile; still with full reservation about the entire situation. Nevertheless I began browsing around and talking with a few nice young men, and on day 3, I had began closer communication with someone. Things were looking up...until one day, on day 7 of 10 in my free trial, he admitted to "not being ready for the commitment" just as I had heard so many times in the past.

Thankfully he had the decency to tell me on day seven rather than year two, as some of my other boyfriends had done in the past. But nevertheless, I was left with nothing but frustration and loss of hope that I would ever find a real, mature, Godly, man who knew what he wanted, and knew he was ready to date with the intentions of marriage.

From this moment on, I had pretty much given up on the site, knowing I only had a few days left and feeling like all men were flakes. But I had made a resolve to continue being on the site for the duration of my trial. So I decided to make criteria on my communication from that point on.

I prayed, "Lord, if you want to use this site in my life, I am open to it, but I don't want any more wasted emotions on futile relationships. I want to have the assurance that he is interested in me and is serious about finding his wife." I went another 2 days with no real mutual interests.

Then finally, on day 9 of 10 in my free trial, I began talking with a nice young man. At the time, I thought his pictures were alright, and I thought his profile seemed, eh, ok. But once we began chatting, and I got to know him a little better, my interest grew.

I tried my hardest to be guarded, but once he unknowingly fulfilled my criteria, I dared to hope once more. Our first chat lasted nearly 7 hours, I believe. We were nearly always in communication unless we were asleep.

I found myself falling in love with this man.

Our first meeting was a day I will never forget. I knew instantly as he walked into Starbucks cafe, that I had found my husband. Now, several months later, we are engaged, and planning our wedding for July 8th, 2011.

I have never been happier, and could not have found a more perfect match for myself. God truly does work in mysterious ways, sometimes using the very thing we swear against, in all of our pride, to bring us the most beautiful blessing we could ever imagine. All we need to do is let Him.

So I just wanted to thank you for running a Christian site, allowing people like me and Benjy to find one another through the will and direction of the Lord. It truly has become the most wonderful blessing in my life.

Attached you will find some of our engagement photos, and also two photoshop pictures that we are having printed onto little favor bags for our wedding.

Tricia-tricialee913 {Wisconsin} & Benjy-bmsatori651 {Illinois} June 2011
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 "Cafe Baby"! Our bundle of joy.  

Mixed race Christian couple proudly show off their cute baby

Theresa and Paul with their bundle of joy

An elated man hugs his wife as she holds their young baby

Theresa, Paul with "Cafe Baby" Joshua Elijah

UPDATE.. I posted our story last January 2009 and April 2009, and I'm here again to tell you guys that we have our bundle of joy.

His name is Joshua Elijah and he was born January 27, 2011. He just turned 4 months and He is so adorable.

He is such a blessing. We are so proud of him. Thank you

Theresa-theresa387 {Philippines} & Paul-childofgod {Australia} June 2011

[Editor's note: See January 2009 testimonial for their engagement post and April 2009 testimonial for their wedding post.]

 I met my soul mate through  

A beautiful family sits on a porch outdoors

Irene and Kevin, nearing their 9th Anniversary, with 2 "Cafe Children". Aren't they a beautiful family!

I created a profile in October of 2001 and met my future husband. I lived in MA at the time.

I flew to PA Thanksgiving weekend to meet Kevin in person. We were talking about our wedding before the weekend was over.

God truly works in mysterious ways. Kevin is a pastor in the United Methodist church. We are serving in our third pastorate.

We have been married going on 9 years on June 22 and have two beautiful children, 4 and 7.

Thank you for providing such a wonderful site for Christians to come to!!

Irene {Massachusetts} & Pastor Kevin-centralpachristian643 {Pennsylvania} June 2011

 This was published in our local paper, (Headliner News, Ozark MO) as a surprise for my husband Ken for our anniversary.  

A happy Christian couple stand outdoors on their wedding day

Ken and Sarah married April 5, 2010. Don't they look happy together!

I thought you would like a copy since we would never would have met had we not gone on your site. It was truly had guided and we are singing His praises and's. Thank you.

Posted Wednesday, March 9, 2011 12:00 am: God the center of our new lives together I met Ken on on my birthday, Nov. 3, 2009. I lived in Ohio and he in California. I had been a widow for five years and was ready for a serious relationship.

My funny photo that I posted with Santa caught his eye as well my profile and we started e-mailing. After both of us did a careful background check, we exchanged personal e-mail addresses and we then later exchanged phone numbers.

After hours of talking about our faith, reading devotions and praying together, I didn't hesitate to say yes, when he called and ask me to meet him in Omaha, Neb., for Valentine's Day.

Omaha? Why Omaha? He explained he only had a few days off from work and it would be a neutral place for us both. I was so excited but feeling very shy at my old age of 52. I gave him a side hug when we met at the airport (he still kids me about that). He prayed for our relationship and the weekend when we got in the rental car and as we headed off to explore the city of Omaha. The weekend was God honoring in every way and our first date was spend exploring the many furniture stores in Omaha, going to dinner and talking face to face without a phone in our hand. We were each in our own hotel rooms by 8:30 p.m. and up early the next morning for church services and later when to lunch where he proposed.

I had already been planning to move out of Ohio and had been searching for homes in nearby states so it was without a second thought but with prayer, I flew back to Ohio and put the for-sale sign up on my home.

We both were ready for a fresh start in a new area and he had a friend in Ozark and had heard it was great place to live. So, we drove out, loved the Ozarks from the start, got married April 5, bought a home April 6.

Yes, there have been some adjustments. I had eight four-legged kids when we married, I am a slob and he is neat and organized. I am southern, he is a California native but we both love the Lord and with God as the head of our home and our marriage, there isn't anything we can't face and conquer together.

April 5 we celebrate our first anniversary and what a wonderful year of travel and excitement it has been. It is going by way too fast and our prayer is that God will give us many years together.

Ken-kennyg842 {California} & Sarah-dogmom396 {Ohio} June 2011

[Editor's note: See February 2010, November 2014, April 2016, April 2018, February 2019 and April 2021 for their other submissions!]

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 I never thought online dating would work for me.  

A beautiful Christian single woman looks smitten as a smiling man hugs her

Jill immediately fell for Mike's smile. Don't they look great together!

A couple kisses next to a building

The happy couple!

Illinois Christian singles hug while sitting on a bench, overjoyed at meeting each other

Hard to believe Jill didn't think wouldn't work!

I bit the bullet after doing a search online for Christian dating sites. For some reason stood out to me.

I had just moved to the area and really started thinking of finding someone to settle down with, not seeing any interest at the church I started going to.

I joined and 5 days later I was matched up with Mike. He lived close to me and I could see his love for God shine through him. After a few E-mails back and forth we decided to go on a first date.

It just so happened that I was leaving for Florida for vacation the next day, and we were really anxious to meet. He picked me up and as soon as I saw him through the door, I immediately fell for his smile.

At dinner we spent 2 hours talking before even ordering our meal. The date continued for another 3-4 hours after that. The next day I left for 10 days in Florida, and we talked every day.

We considered that a huge blessing from God, as a chance for us to get to know each other. When I got back we immediately rushed to see each other, which began our whirlwind romance.

6 weeks later we were engaged and now we are planning our wedding in September 2011. God works in such an amazing way, and he definitely put Mike and I in each other's path.

Jill-vintagejjane544 {Illinois} & Mike {Illinois} June 2011
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 I would like to thank you on behalf of my fiancee and I.  

We met on on December 30 and we hit it off right away.

I knew from the start that she was so right for me. We met again for lunch on December 31.

After talking for a while we realized we had a lot of friends in common, one of which is an ordained minister who is mentoring me in a pastoral ministry course I am taking. He will be performing our ceremony on August the 6th.

Sandra and I both live in NB about one hour away. When we are married in August we will be living in our new home about 1 km away from where I live now.

I know we will have a great and happy life together with our combined children: two 16 year old girls, a 9 year old girl, and an 18 year old son.

David-wilmkulaugh393 {New Brunswick} & Sandra-eyeshaveit137 {New Brunswick} June 2011

[Editor's note: See February 2011 testimonial to read David's announcement! See also September 2011 for their wedding submission and a photo of the happy couple.]

 Thank you for the use of the site.  

I met someone special on this site and will no longer need it. was the best site I have tried. Thank you.

Robin-jaelynne960 {Colorado} June 2011

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 I'm happy to tell you I'm engaged to be married to a wonderful Christian man that I met on last November.  

I had been on and off Christian Cafe for about five years and had met a number of nice men and dated a few. But I knew there was something special about Dale.

We e-mailed and then chatted on the phone for a few months and then started dating. Dale lives in London and I live in Burlington so we spent every weekend together going to church together, going shopping together, movies, visiting family and friends, sharing our lives as we got to know each other better.

Then on May 15th he got down on one knee and presented me with a diamond engagement ring and asked me to marry him. I said yes and now we are planning a Spring wedding in 2012.

I would tell others on Christian Cafe that it is never too late to find the right person that God has for you no matter what your age or circumstance. God will make a way if it is meant to be, never give up hope.

Laura-faithfullone653 {Ontario} & Dale {Ontario} June 2011

[Editor's note: See July 2012 testimonial for their wedding photos!]

 I should take the time to write a reply to you good folks and tell you that in July of 08' my lovely fella' William and myself, after courting on your wonderfully designed website, married here on our Central Coast of California!  

We often joked that we would make an excellent promotional video or online commercial for!!!

We were working professionals in our mid 50's who met on line through your website after trying several other "christian???" websites and were so impressed with the design and the integrity of the questions and the layout of

I was a National Consultant for The McGraw-Hill Companies and told countless friends about your site! I traveled extensively for my job publicly speaking about the importance of arts education.

My husband worked for a major ad agency that represented large companies designing television commercials. He wondered why you never advertised your services? We want to personally thank you for creating such a safe place for people to come together and not feel intimidated to share and meet.

We wrote for four months before exchanging phone numbers, and then when I passed through LAX one evening we had a cup of coffee and it went from there.....

God is so good indeed, and we both feel so richly blessed after being single for 8 years to have a second opportunity to share a relationship and walk through this adventure with someone , it makes it so much easier to weather!

Cheryl-banjodog143 {California} & William-whit907 {California} June 2011

 I was a member on and met quite a few wonderful people.  

I am also glad to say I met my wife on the Cafe. We became friends and after six months became married. Thanks for your service.

Denver-denver810 {Missouri} June 2011

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