Christian Testimony - May 2011

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 Lindsay and I met on this site the beginning of July 2010.  

Pennsylvania Christian singles stand arm in arm with big smiles after successfully matching

Jeremy knew Lindsay was the one. They were married May 21, 2011

But, to start, my mother had pushed and prodded me to try a website that she had heard about called "Christian Cafe" and eventually I gave in.

The questions through were purposeful and intentional, I could easily figure out the kind of woman God had in store for me.

When I found Lindsay I instantly knew that she was and is the one I was looking for. Since July we dated for approximately 3 months. Then I proposed to her on October 20th.

We are engaged to be married May 21st. She is the love of my life.

I have always been indecisive, rushing into things with out being patient and waiting on God's timing. Since I started with God used it to bring about patience and, in turn, the right timing.

I enclosed a picture of us. God Bless!

Jeremy-jlukeharks179 {Pennsylvania} & Lindsay-lindzerpinzer273 {Pennsylvania} May 2011

 My husband Adam and I met on in December 2008.  

An overhead views of a smiling couple hugging on a path outdoors

Don't Wende and Adam look great together!

A man laughs as he puts his arms around his wife who shows off her baby bump

Wende and Adam are expecting their first "Cafe Baby"

A gorgeous view of the ocean with a romantic couple standing next to each other at a lookout, on their wedding day

What a beautiful setting for Wende and Adam on their wedding day!

He was working and living in Cannon Beach, OR and I was in Tacoma, WA.

We met face to face on January 13th, 2009 and fell quickly in love. We knew pretty much from the first few dates that God had given us to each other for a lifetime.

We dated "long distance", as we lived about 3 hours apart, for 6 months until Adam took a leap of faith and moved to Tacoma to be closer to me. God provided a place for him to live and work, and 3 months later we became engaged.

We were married on March 6, 2010. Both of us being in our mid-thirties, we waited for God's best and we feel we have found it in each other.

After 4 months of marriage we were elated to find out that we were pregnant with our first baby. She is due this coming week and we are so thankful for all that God has done to redeem our lives and answer the many prayers we had for a mate and family.

We know how difficult it can be to date in our world right now, especially for Christians who want God's best. We want to encourage singles out there who are desiring this to trust God and know he has not forgotten your dreams or desires.

There were many times we thought we were never going to be blessed in marriage and at just the right time, after years of waiting, God did answer our prayers! He will for you too!

Hang in there!

Wende-overjoyed458 {Washington State} & Adam-diettrich653 {Oregon} May 2011
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 A marriage born in heaven!  

Overjoyed Christian seniors smile as they stand together

Cherie and James overjoyed on their wedding day

Cherie and James exchanging their vows

Cherie and James exchanging their vows

My husband and I met on over a year ago and became best friends, which developed into the love of a life time.

We are grateful for the opportunity to have met each other over the internet as we were from different states and may not have met otherwise.

We have been married a month and don't know where the time has flown. We thank God for second chances and for matches made in Heaven.

Attached are a couple photos of us at our wedding.

Cherie-graceabounds316 {Massachusetts} & James-visionarypoet405 {Maine} May 2011

 Thanks to your site I have met and am now engaged to the love of my life.  

Texas Christian singles meet and hug in the backyard

Kelli with the love of her life, Nicholas

A very happy former Texas Christian single cuddles on a bridge with her love

Kelli and Nicholas are now engaged

Don't Kelli and Nicholas look happy together in this outdoor shot!

Don't Kelli and Nicholas look happy together!

We would NEVER have met had this site not existed.

He was stationed in the Army, in Texas, and had plans on going elsewhere until we met. I'm a single mom living in Texas.

We corresponded for several months just as friends until finally meeting. We were able to build such a strong base of respect between us that once we met we fell in love rather quickly!

I just wanted to write and say thank you! God has used you to do great things in my life!

Kelli-kelbelle577 {Texas} & Nicholas-jesusfreak858 {Texas} May 2011

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 My husband and I met on and wanted to say thank you.  

Former NC Christian single and GA Christian single at their wedding ceremony

Vows on their wedding day

The whole family celebrate Danielle and Sam's wedding in the church

The whole family celebrate

Christian singles no more as a newlywed couple kiss

Married at last!

Big smiles from Danielle after marrying handsome Sam!

Big smiles from Danielle!

A groom can't take his eyes off his new Christian wife

Sam can't take his eyes off Danielle!

Devoted newly married Christian couple have only eyes for each other

Danielle can't take her eyes off Sam, either!

A relaxed and thankful Christian couple pose together in a church after marrying

The happy couple!

We both prayed very specific prayers about the person that we wanted God to bring into our lives.

God brought that and more to us in each other.

We are grateful that God used this site as a tool for us to meet each other. We met on in August of 2009. We started talking and we just knew we were meant to be together.

He was in Georgia and I was in North Carolina. He would drive to see me and my children and vice versa. He was active duty Army at the time.

We were married January 1, 2010. He is such a wonderful blessing and he says the same about me. He is my very best friend!

Thank you so much for being a tool from God so we could come together.

Danielle-danielle240 {North Carolina} & Sam-spidersam825 {Georgia} May 2011

[Editor's note: See June 2015 testimonial for a baby announcement!]

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 Good Friday was a very special day for Diana & I.  

A woman bursts out laughing as a former PA Christian single hugs her on their wedding day

Ray and Diana met 5 years ago and were married on October 10, 2010

1 Corinthians 13:13 says: And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

Love for me was Diana 5 years ago, when we first met. I tell you it was an awesome date and I have not looked back since we met on

We were married on 10-10-2010.

Thank you God is good.

Ray-emtknight926 {Pennsylvania} & Diana May 2011

 Thanks to friends who told us about and who were members of this website.  

What a cute couple Ingris and Jose make while seated and hugging!

What a cute couple Ingris and Jose make!

A woman grins wholeheartedly as a man hugs her while seated on a couch

More smiles from Ingris!

A woman prays over a couple at their wedding

A blessing for Ingris and Jose

A beautiful Christian woman looks overjoyed on her wedding day

Ingris, overjoyed on her wedding day

Jose puts the ring on Ingris' finger

Jose gives Ingris the ring

Married at last a couple kiss!


Laughs a plenty on the day Ingris and Jose were married!

Laughs a plenty on the day Ingris and Jose were married!

A couple feed birds in the square in Colombia

Enjoying life in Colombia!

Jose has a friend who was married through and I have a friend that's a member too, who told me about this site.

At the beginning only I wanted to see if I could find somebody to talk to, but I met Jose, who wrote to me and we started to talk. Then he wanted to come to meet me in Colombia.

I was so nervous and so was he, but when I saw him, I knew that God had the answer to my question, to my necessity: my single days were finished.

God has control of all things!!!! Of your life & your desires, He knows what is most important for you. He knows your thoughts and when you are patient, He gives you the answer.

On 17 April 2010 we were married through The Christian Community El Camino Barranquilla. We first met Feb. 14 2009 in Barranquilla, Colombia, and now we live together in Canada.

Thanks to and the Lord Jesus Christ. We wrote our testimony to give hope to those who are single and hoping to get married, and believe that nothing is impossible to those who believe.

Our story is real, with witnesses. Thanks to God today we live together in Kitchener, Canada. Happy because through we were able to meet.

Ingris-bendecida988 {Colombia} & Jose {Ontario} May 2011

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 I was a member and met my amazing wife through your service.  

A beautiful couple pose together after marrying

Don't Nathan and Victoria make a beautiful couple!

Victoria and Nathan beaming on their wedding day

Victoria and Nathan beaming on their wedding day

A wonderful wedding cake with the proud newlyweds standing behind

What a wonderful wedding cake!

Former Christian singles look completely at ease together and full of smiles

Nathan and Victoria instantly felt a connection

Nathan and Victoria outdoors in Colombia at Christmas

Nathan and Victoria in Colombia

Aww, aren't they cute?

Aww, aren't they cute?

The pastor prays over the marriage of these former Christian singles

Victoria and Nathan - now husband and wife!

Keep up the great work!! We met on in August 2009 and instantly we felt a connection.

From the start of our relationship we have put God first and we kept ourselves pure until our wedding night (and we have been blessed 10x over for our efforts!).

I have been to Colombia to visit her 5 times and the last time was when we were married January 9 2011.

Marriage is more amazing than we could have ever imagined .. . even in our wildest dreams. And we both thank God each day for his faithfulness and grace which put us in each other's path.

Nathan-bradley710 {Ontario} & Victoria-victoria675 {Colombia} May 2011

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 I met my husband on last May 2010 and we married February 5, 2011 here in the Philippines. Thank you and God bless you.  

Maria snuggles into her husband

Maria snuggles into her husband

Don't they look great together!

Don't they look great together!

Maria on her wedding day!

Maria on her wedding day!

A married couple sit and smile together


Maria-evdoce965 {Philippines} May 2011
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 Dear Sam, I was a member for six months before my membership was about to expire.  

I had four days left on a ten day trial, and Melinda had a ten day trial when she "winked" at me!

I thank the Lord every day since then for bringing her into my life!

It was on December 28, 2010 I met Melinda. It was because of your site that God brought us together.

We have been very busy since that day, but the bottom line is.....on March 26th, 2011 we were engaged to be married!

Our wedding will take place on August 13th this year! I'm sorry I didn't share this sooner, but at least you know now.

Just so you know, I had tried other sites, but was the most "spiritual" and God driven. The reason that Melinda tried your site was her sister in Toronto's best friend knows Sam and after she decided to try out your site she knew she made the right decision.

Thanks Sam, God used you in a very special way!

Hal-myeyeisonu547 {Ontario} & Melinda-blueeyes5598 {Ontario} May 2011

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