Christian Testimony - April 2011

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 My husband and I met on in January, 2010 and began corresponding.  

Russ holding on tight to Rebecca as they laugh together while seated

Russ holding on tight to Rebecca!

Christian singles now man look overjoyed together

Rebecca and Russ are overjoyed at being matched

I had been a widow for nearly four years and was searching for a man who was interested in ministry with which to share my life.

Russ, who was from Kentucky, came to see me at my home in Texas for the first time in March of that year and we began a long-distance courtship which included seeing each other as often as possible and going on several nice trips around the country.

It was wonderful as we had so much in common and could hardly believe how well we got along! It was as if we were meant for each other and we knew God had brought us together through!

Russ proposed to me in October and gave me a beautiful diamond engagement ring.

We were married on February 19, 2011 and honeymooned on a Caribbean cruise. We are so very happy and thank our Heavenly Father for bringing us together through the means of this wonderful dating site which really does include so many more real Christian men and women than many of the other sites we had tried.

We highly recommend to anyone interested in finding a godly mate and compatible life's partner!

Rebecca-lovetoplay108 {Texas} & Russ-fivesolas758 {Kentucky} April 2011

 Advice from a couple engaged via  

A woman laughs while hugging a man who can't believe his good fortune

Martin proposed to Lee-Ann the night after she closed the door on his thumb!

Martin: I would say to the people out there:

Dating online takes time and practice. Had I met Lee-Ann during my first "online endeavours", it could have failed. With time, you get a feeling of how to use such a service to attain your goals.

Expand your horizons (search using different criteria)

Keep searching, as the online experience has this for advantage over real-world: you can weed out a lot of people in a few days or weeks... you can actually find someone who is a very good fit for your life if you search and search... Lee-Ann is the woman God gave me, and I am excited about our upcoming wedding and our future life together. God is good.

We are thankful for the service that provides. What a blessing it has been to so many people - the idea of putting together a dating site for those seeking a spouse who profess to know the Lord. Thank you and praise God for His blessings!!

Lee-Ann: When I signed into my account on September 10, 2010 and opened up my inbox to read a message from "martin287", I totally wasn't expecting to "meet" the love of my life and the man I would be engaged to by the end of the year!!

It was a simple message, really generic, that I received that day but when I read through his profile I was filled with curiosity.

We had so many things in common, but it seemed that the most important aspect of his life - faith and walk with God - was totally in line with mine. We emailed back and forth everyday for the following week, then Martin asked for my phone number.

After 2.5 hours of chatting the first time on the phone, ending the conversation with Scripture reading and prayer - I knew that there was something special about this man.

We chatted on the phone every night for the following week and finally met in person on September 26. We ended our first date by attending a church service together - it couldn't have ended more beautifully!

Martin proposed on December 29 and we are praising God for our upcoming marriage in May of 2011.

Funny thing about Martin's thumb in the picture....the night before he proposed I accidentally closed the car door on his thumb. Praise God that I had some first aid training behind me and I was able to take care of him that evening. Even after that he still proposed!! LOL

Lee-Ann-angeleyes1001 {Ontario} & Martin-martin287 {Ontario} April 2011

 A thousand greetings to your site - Blessings!  

A Colombian Christian woman holds a beautiful wedding bouquet while standing next to her American husband

Angela and her wonderful man, Carl!

Angela and Carl laughing together at a lookout

Angela and Carl laughing together

A cute girl sits in between an attractive couple full of joy

Don't they make a great family!

More laughs as Carl hugs Angela

More laughs as Carl hugs Angela

Angela and Carl laughing in a nice restaurant

Angela and Carl - you guessed it - laughing!

All Glory and Honor be to God our Lord. God wanted to use "as a bridge for me to meet a wonderful man", Carl.

On March 23, 2010, I joined after taking a few days to complete, as God makes all things perfect.

I don't have enough words to express what this wonderful gift from God means to me and my daughter.

God bless you immensely and my desire is that you continue succeeding with His beautiful and wonderful website.

Angela-loren167 {Colombia} & Carl-carlos671 {Missouri} April 2011
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 I've completed a 76,000-word memoir, which I'm hoping to have published sometime this year entitled Gracie's Diary, A Memoir.  

Maryland Christian single smiles on her date with an Indiana Christian single

Bobbi and Gary at their first meeting

A new bride laughs and leans into her husband as they sit on the stairs

Bobbi and Gary were married 9 years ago

Christian grandparents huge their daughter on a cool day outdoors

Bobbi and Gary with their granddaughter

Bobbi and Gary on a hike sitting with their dog

Bobbi and Gary on a hike. Meet Gracie!

A decade has gone by since I met my husband Gary on ChristianCafe. Without this wonderful dating site that brought Gary and me together this book would have never been written.

Ten years on March 30 marks the night we met in person for the first time.

A brief excerpt from the book:

    When I accepted a free trial on that night, I wasn't expecting to find a husband, nor was I looking for one, especially one that lived in Indiana, 550 miles away from my Maryland home.

    But when I came across the profile he had posted, I couldn't resist. His picture resembled one of a movie star or maybe a model straight from the pages of GQ magazine, and I was compelled to send him a friendly 'hello' just to see if he'd respond. The next morning I had mail in my inbox; he wanted to be friends.

Gary and I will have been married 9 years now, in September. Every year we celebrate by going to Donna's of Berlin, Ohio where we enjoy the Chalet that we spent our honeymoon in (Amish country).

We will never forget and our beautiful experience here. We tell everyone we know, "This is the best Christian dating site we know!"

Bobbi-bobbi727 {Maryland} & Gary-preachur340 {Indiana} April 2011

[Editor's note: See December 2012 testimonial for their 10th wedding anniversary announcement!]

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 I'd like to thank you all because in June of last year I met Magda.  

A Brazilian man looks committed and serious as he weds a beautiful Christian woman from Poland

Rubens and Magda on their wedding day

A man holds his new wife and kisses her passionately beside a pool

Rubens makes their wedding official :)

A couple completely in love hug and smile

Don't Rubens and Magda look great together!

We dated for 4 months through and I decided to then visit her, in Bradford UK.

She is a beautiful woman from Poland. Our meeting started a beautiful love story. We got engaged in the UK and then journeyed to Poland, where I met her family.

I came back to Brazil in the beginning of November and in the last week of the same month she came to Brazil and we were married December 30th.

We're very happy and we know for sure that God has a special and beautiful plan for us.

Thank you guys for everything!!

Rubens-hisson238 {Brazil} & Magda {Poland} April 2011

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 Thank you for having this wonderful ministry.  

I have gained healing and maturity and friends from my time on here.

The Lord has blessed me here with all that, but I did find my true love and future mate elsewhere. We have set the date for our wedding and are making the plans for a beautiful wedding on July 23rd this year.

I will never forget the absolutely wonderful saints that I met on and I feel a special bonding with so many that I communicated with. In fact, I am keeping a friendship with a younger woman from Scotland that I met here...we will write through our personal e-mails.

We have kept each other in prayer all along and I believe it is because of her and others praying that I met my future husband. Thanks again for that opportunity.

P.S. I have told several others about your site and how I appreciated the way you set it up in order to honor our Lord...I feel it is designed to allow for our own words to express the relationship we have with Christ thus allowing a better understanding of our walk with Him. Thanks for that !!

Cindy-byfaith197 {New York} April 2011

 I want to thank you for bringing Araceli and me together.  

We met through about 2 months ago and we are already planning to visit each other.

I never thought I would meet someone who shared my love of God and had the personality I was after, but made my dream possible.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you. Godspeed in your work - you guys are doing an amazing job for Christians world wide.

Christian-fjell970 {Norway} & Araceli-loveforever598 {Colombia} April 2011

 My wonderful husband I met on  

At the time I lived in Florida. I loved my job & life, especially my growth and relationship with my Savior.

God is more than able to heal all wounds in us no matter what they are. He is so beyond our limited dreams.

Dana-oneluckynana289 {Florida} April 2011

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