Christian Testimony - December 2012

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 It took 25 months from the time our 'innocent' conversation on started until our wedding day, September 29th, 2012.  

Former Canadian Christian singles burst out laughing while linking arms

Steven and Mary couldn't be happier!

A beautiful woman stands in front of flowers with her arm linked with a handsome man in a suit

Steven and Mary married 25 months after meeting on

Bubble fly around a newly wed couple in the sunshine

Steven beams with his new bride, Mary

A man tenderly puts his arm around a kind looking woman as she cuts a cake

Steven and Mary cutting the wedding cake

A sharply dressed couple walk into a decorated room

Don't Steve and Mary look great!

Beautiful flowers are on display while a couple stand arm in arm in front

Beautiful flowers frame Steven and Mary

But, by God's grace alone, Marion and I were finally wed. It wasn't a large wedding but it was exciting, light-hearted and fun.

The weather was comfortable, the background historical (we were married at the Queenston Chapel, in Queenston, Ontario, where General Sir Isaac Brock fought and died during the battle there almost exactly 200 years before, during the War of 1812), and the love evident. Not just from Mary and I, but from all of our guests, many of whom made new friends as a result.

The pastor, Jeremy of The Well, was an old childhood friend of mine and the son of the minister whose church I attended before moving to Alberta. He did a great job and it was fitting, in a year of endings and new beginnings, that he would perform the most important service in our lives.

Beyond that, I don't know what to say. We are blessed, Mary and I, to be together at last (no more flights apart!). What comes of our lives together, we do not know. What we do know is that we have taken the greatest act of faith any Christians can; putting their hearts and bodies into the care of another before God.

It's been an amazing start, to an amazing journey, that began so innocently just over two years ago. Were it not for, and God leading us both to each other through it, we'd not know the joy (and yes, the challenges) that we now share, together.

It, therefore, is truly a miracle of God, to write you today, and share with you photos of this wonderful time in our lives. Two years ago, Mary and I were not even sure where we things would 'go.' I was a homesick kid in Alberta, doubting he'd ever find love or even return to his native Ontario. Marion was just another nice Christian lady, who was simply hoping to meet a nice fellow some day, maybe talk and see what happens.

Then a reply, a simple reply, to a simple prayer, led to an exchange of letters, a meeting seven months later, and the already written in my first posted letter (;->).

Thank you, again, for all the good work and ministry has and continues to do. It's a wonderful and very affordable site. No fancy questionnaires, no convoluted compatibility tests, no 'likes/dislikes' etc.

It's a CAFE, where honest Christians can meet, talk, share and pray. That's all we did. Talked, shared, and prayed. Now we are married.

All glory to God through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Thank you, again, and AMEN. IN Christ.

Steven-ulysses885 {Alberta} & Mary-cleo463 {Ontario} December 2012

[Editor's note: See December 2011 testimonial for their engagement announcement and August 2016 for an update.]

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 Cafe Baby!  

A baby awakens quietly while facing the camera

Hannah Rose, Alyssa and Bill's "Cafe Baby"

An adorable baby in pink sleeps with her blankie

Isn't Hannah Rose just adorable!

Parents dote over their daughter who stares at her Dad

Alyssa and Bill lovingly hold precious Hannah Rose

My husband and I met on in Sept. 2010. We were married in June 2011. We are happy to announce the birth of our first child, Hannah Rose!

Alyssa-zionsinger258 {New Jersey} & Bill-engb946 {New Jersey} December 2012

[Editor's note: See December 2010 testimonial for their engagement announcement and August 2011 for their wedding announcement.]

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 On Sept 19, 2012, Matt and Linda were married!  

Nothing but smiles for a recently married couple posing inside a church

Matt and Linda are all smiles on their wedding day!

A man and woman laugh as her puts a ring on her finger

The ring fits!

A pastor holds the hands of the bride and groom as he prays over them

Prayer for Matt and Linda

A pastor shyly looks away as a newly married couple wholeheartedly embrace

Married at last!

A man giggles while his wife looks at him and laughs

Could Matt's smile be any bigger!

Newlyweds getting ready to drive away in a Just Married car

Matt and Linda just married!

She was from NJ and I lived in PA and we lived 1.5 hours from each other. We started dating and met each other at the Hong Kong Palace in Hackettstown and the rest is history.

I told her I didn't want to look any more and date anyone else because she was the one for me! We dated about 15 times and I even proposed to her in January, but she said no it was too soon.

We eloped on Sept 19, 2012 and were married at Finch Hill Baptist Church with the reverend and his wife as witnesses. She took all the great pics I have attached...

We wanted to thank you for your site cause we never would've met and gotten married without the aide of your great site. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for their own true love.

We are so very much in love and our marriage will last for a lifetime.

Thanks so much for your great site and we know it will lead a lot more people to get married in the future!

Matt-mattmin536 {Pennsylvania} & Linda-lbateman204 {New Jersey} December 2012
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 I met DustyTraveler on last April and we just got married November 24th!  

I was the last person he contacted and he was my first contact. We are very happy. Thank you!

Sharon-hopeeternal785 {Illinois} & Randy-dustytraveler209 {Illinois} December 2012

 On September 14, 2012 Gary and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary.  

Two months later, my Memoir was published and available on Amazon. There is mention of in the book and already people are asking us about The Christian Cafe.

I want to take this time to thank you for your wonderful dating site and invite you to visit Amazon and check out the great reviews already. We are truly blessed to have become one of your success stories!

Thank you and God Bless.

Bobbi-bobbi727 {formerly of Maryland} & Gary-preachur340 {Indiana} December 2012

[Editor's note: See April 2011 testimonial for their previous submission and some photos of the happy couple.]

 I am happy to write to about myself and my Beloved wife!  

We met each other about three months ago. After writing to each other for some time, then by talking over the phone we finally got to see each other.

We did spend some time together and decided that we were meant to be together for as long as the Lord would give us time to live, if it be months or years.

We have now been married for six weeks , living together in Cranbrook, BC. We are very happy , and thank and all that prayed for us.

Thank you every one, and may God bless everybody.

Alex-handyman834 {Alberta} & Barbara-beckyalways859 {British Columbia} December 2012
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