Christian Testimony - August 2011

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 Well, our story was a little funny.  

A beautiful Christian single from Idaho sits on the grass and leans into a man's arms

Heidi didn't believe she could find love on but she's now married to Kevin!

My husband had been using for some time. I'd used it a couple years past but wasn't on anymore.

I was single and not looking very hard but there was one week in my life in November of 2009 when 5 or 6 people all told me within a week that I should try internet dating.

Finally, in a desire to quiet them all, I did the 10 day free trial on My thoughts were, 'I'm going to do this and be done so that the next person to say, "You should try the online dating" would hear from me that I just did it, and it doesn't work for me!'

I used because I had liked it in the past and they had the longest free trial. Well, I met Kevin on about 4 days into my free trial. We met in person January 2 of 2010 and we married a year later on January 13, 2011.

He is the kindest man I've ever met and we are so incredibly blessed to have been brought together by God! He is good and His loving kindness continues forever!

Heidi-heidi236 {Idaho} & Kevin-pepe648 {Colorado} August 2011

 I met my now wife last year while a member of  

A heart shaped filter frames this selfie of newly married Christians showing off their rings

God brought Dan his heart's desire, Gemma

A groom and bride, both in white stand together at their wedding ceremony

Dan and Gemma were married last year

God used the site to bring me my hearts desire.

Gemma is a sweet Born again girl who puts God first. Thank you Christian Cafe. God's blessing to all.

Dan & Gemma August 2011

 I joined in the middle of March 2011 after my mother suggested I try a christian dating website to find a good christian man.  

Former NJ Christian single sits on the grass on her wedding day as her husband holds her

Good thing Geisiane's mother suggested she try!

An ecstatic bride shows off her ring while sitting under a tree as her husband looks very pleased

The happy couple!

Newlyweds hold up a sign for Christian singles which reads You Should Be Here!

Geisiane and Eric were married in August

A beautiful Christian woman with a big smile sits indoors next to her husband

Geisiane and Eric would not have met without

I never expected to find such a great man so quickly.

When i got a email from Eric saying hi, we hit it off right away. We had our first date 2 weeks later and had the most amazing time.

We truly feel that Christian Cafe was a blessing from God in our lives because we never would've met without it.

5 months from the day we met, we were happily married.

Geisiane-geisi396 {New Jersey} & Eric August 2011
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 We got married!  

New Jersey Christian singles smile and hug outdoors next beautiful flowers

The happy couple!

Honeymoon dinner on the beach after sunset

Alyssa and Bill enjoyed a wonderful honeymoon

A Christian couple pose while rafting at the beach

Engaged in some water fun!

Recently married Christian couple kiss as they enter the reception room

Sealed with a kiss!

Alyssa feeds Bill some wedding cake

Alyssa feeds Bill some wedding cake

Alyssa and Bill stand proudly together at church after marrying

Alyssa and Bill on their wedding day

Bill & I want to thank you for your service. God used it to bring us together.

Attached are some pics from our wedding and honeymoon. God Bless!

Alyssa-zionsinger258 {New Jersey} & Bill-engb946 {New Jersey} August 2011

[Editor's note: See December 2010 testimonial to hear how they met! See December 2012 testimonial for news of their "Cafe Baby"!]

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 I have been using this site for a while and I have met some good people and made some good friends.  

I have a lot of respect for this dating site.

The entire time I have used, I have never met or talked to anyone on here who was not a Christian or at least interested in meeting a Christian.

I always tell other Christians that if they are looking for a site where there are mostly Christians and less fakes, try I have tried many dating sites, all the main ones, and I have found that is the most solid when it comes to real Christians.

There are many Christians using the other sites, but those sites attract everything and at all levels. There are some serious Christians on the others as well as many who call themselves Christian but don't show any signs of being one.

I just know out of all the sites have experienced, has shown stability and quality as a Christian site. The site itself is laid out well and organized and easy to navigate. I appreciate for keeping this site technically strong and updated with the latest technology while also monitoring its integrity.

Mike-luvrboy908 {Texas} August 2011

 Last April I received an offer of a free 10-day trial on  

Although I was skeptical, I submitted a profile with photographs.

Within a week I was contacted by a nice-sounding man, and we started corresponding. We met in person and have fallen in love and plan to be married within 2 weeks. He is a wonderful Christian man, and we are very happy together.

Carolyn-ladyltc377 {Georgia} August 2011

 I wanted to express my thanks to you and your team for having a great website.  

I met Charles on last year and we will be celebrating our marriage on November 4, 2011.

Continue to keep up the good work.

Deidre-dee486 {Ontario} & Charles August 2011

 Had a female friend bug me about not dating. Said she would pray I'd find a girlfriend.  

A couple of days later, I was at a Bible study when a different female friend bugged me about not dating. Said she would pray I'd find a girlfriend.

I was out at Tim Horton's just after that with a third friend who decided right there in Tim's to pray I'd find a girlfriend.

So with all this prayer support behind me, I did the Biblical thing and went the other way. After a couple of miserable days I broke down and said 'fine, I'll google christian Cafe' knowing there would be no one that would match me.

I found Ontario in the sample search and wouldn't you know it, the first female profile I open to has the same interests and spiritual level I have. I looked up many others but no one came even close.

Still not convinced, I thought 'fine, but I haven't got membership money in the budget, would have to give me some free days and I have been archived for months and I want the days in the morning'. Figured this would stop this silly idea of me having a girlfriend.

I woke up the next day and went through the emails. Guess what showed up? There were 5 days sitting there promoting the summer specials. Sometimes you just can't hide from God.

I reactivated the account, sent a request to chat, met that night and chatted well past the time available before work.

Can't say how, but it does seem that God truly does bless you and yours at Thanks for the service.

The format is great, forum is fun (I love the Ask A Female section). Most of the people are easy enough to get along with. Christ seems to be in the lives of most who are on.

Thanks for all the connections and the building of Christ's body you make possible.

Kevin-reknew242 {Ontario} August 2011

 I have found the love of my life through your on-line services.  

We are getting married this month of August.

Janna-jyahna206 {Philippines} & Randy-randy139 {Ontario} August 2011

[Editor's note: See February 2013 testimonial for an update]

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