Christian Testimony - July 2011

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 We would like to thank for helping us meet.  

Ben and Katherine exchanging their vows

Ben and Katherine exchanging their vows

An elated Christian bride holds her husband's hand and walks down the aisle with him

The happy couple!

Katherine can hardly contain her joy as she stands next to her well dressed husband

Katherine can hardly contain her joy!

We both live in England. When we met, Ben was living in Huddersfield, and Katherine was living near Sheffield.

Katherine's brother David had previously met his wife Dawn through Christian Cafe. Their testimonial is on your website.

Katherine's sister-in-law Dawn had encouraged Katherine to join. After only five hours on the site, Dawn's sister had spotted Ben's profile as someone Katherine may like to meet. The rest is history, as they say.

We have attached three photos from our wedding.

Ben-benstevenson776 {England} & Katherine-tigger356 {England} July 2011
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 Our heartfelt gratitude to the whole staff of  

A couple embrace in front of a sign which says Silence

Eyela and Robert

You are all God's blessing. We just wanna say thank you so much for now.

God is great!!!

Eyela-smile290 {Singapore} & Robert-allforjesus779 {California} July 2011

[Editor's note: See September 2012 testimonial for their wedding photos and see October 2014 for photos of their daughter!

 I was a single mom of two and signed up at for a free trial.  

A well dressed couple stand and smile in front of a cruise ship

Vicky and David married after the 12th rose!

At first my experiences with other on line dating sites were discouraging. My free trial ended and I decided I was done with dating sites.

One night in the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep, I received a come back for "extended free trial" e-mail and decided to play around a little more at that January of 2009.

My attention was caught by a guy's picture and profile. What started with just a wink turned into an amazing friendship. He came up to meet me in [my town], which he thought was a fictitious town. Lol.

We had our first date where he brought me a single rose. He told me that day that when he got to 12 roses to be prepared for a proposal.

Our friendship grew and God led me to move to Fresno, CA to be closer to Dave (Ken). Over the months the roses came from being left on my car at work or on my kitchen counter and sometimes in pairs!

On the 10th rose, he left the remaining two roses in my office at work and followed me in with the ring.

We married on October 10, 2009. David is my soul mate and definitely the one God had for me. We have an amazing relationship and are each other's best friend and lovers.

We have been happily married now for one year and 9 months and look forward to a lifetime of enjoying each other.

We both had a positive experience with I recommend it to people who are single. I encourage people to be upfront and honest in your profiles. In doing so, you can meet a person compatible with you and live happily ever after too!

Vicky-vickylynn874 {California} & David-dave1346 {California} July 2011

[Editor's note: See March 2014 testimonial for an update

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 I wanted to first let you know that I met a wonderful woman on your site and we recently married.  

Christian couple very much in love stand together outdoors

Don and Claudia are very much in love

A beautiful Colombian Christian woman hugs her American husband at a tropical wedding

Don and Claudia are very happy to have found each other

Her name is Claudia and she is from Colombia. I wanted to thank you all for your services.

We are both very grateful obviously. Now we have the immigration process to go through.

Thanks again for all you do. We are very much in love and very happy to have found each other. It would not have happened if not for your efforts.

Don-donniendenver223 {Colorado} & Claudia-munequita350 {Colombia} July 2011

 My fiance and I met on and in 3 weeks' time we will be getting married.  

I have been on the site since 2007 on and off. I have met some really nice guys but those relationships never blossomed pass friendship.

I had gotten a 3 day free session and had gone online. After the 3 days I got an email to say I had email waiting . Usually I would have ignored it but somehow I felt like paying for 3 months to see who had emailed me.

It turned out to be the most life changing decision I have made for a long time.

Steve and I started corresponding September 15, 2010 and it so happened that Steve had studied for 3 years in my country so it was easy for us to connect. We basically hit it of right away and on October 5,2010, Steve proposed to me.

We both felt that Jesus was in this relationship and had brought us together. We met in January 2011 in his country and 2 months later he visited my family.

My family loves him and his family loves me. Jesus is so amazing and each time I remember Jeremiah 29:11: I know that the plans that the Lord has for us are always to give us hope and a great future.

Jesus is present even in our wedding plans and in our conversations, our pre-marital counselling. We are now quite excited as we married July 2 in my home country.

Karen-sharon938 {Cayman Islands} & Steve-tex434 {St. Vincent} July 2011
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 I LOVE your site!  

I spent a month on [another site] before I found out that even existed and I much prefer the layout and the functions of

Great job!!

lovetosing395 {Oklahoma} July 2011

 Although it has been some time since my fiance, Mia-paangel614, has written a testimonial, I felt that I should share as well.  

Finding the right words is difficult so I will simply say I would like to give my personal gratitude and appreciation for Christian Cafe and what they do.

Mia is definitely an answer to my prayers for finding the right person for me to be with. The wedding preparations for October 1st are all but finished and I could not ask for finer people to have as in-laws and an extended family than hers.

Looking back on the decision I made to propose and the whole mix of feelings that day, and thoughts of past relationships and moments in the past, I never could have imagined.

Since meeting Mia and the way it all has moved along, it has turned out to be all that I hoped for, a great blessing ! Without that wouldn't be possible, so again thank you to the whole staff and everyone involved and God bless!

Anyone out there looking to try, Christian Cafe is VERY worthwhile to check out, safe, and no strings or angle attached. Once again, God bless and take care.

Nate-runningedge977 {Pennsylvania} & Mia-paangel614 {Pennsylvania} July 2011

[Editor's note: See November 2010 testimonial for Mia's original submission

 Just wanted to express my gratitude for being so vigilant in picking up on the "scammer" trying to contact me.  

Having recently joined this site, and though I have been very careful in contacting others here, it is sincerely appreciated when I know I am being protected in advance. Thank you.

Janice-eternity185 {New Hampshire} July 2011
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