Christian Testimony - March 2014

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 Josh and I met on in September 2012.  

ex-single from Australia hugs former single from New Zealand next to the ocean

Maria and Josh were married in Nov 2013

Beautiful Australian woman leans lovingly into her husband who supports her

Maria and Josh on their wedding day

Beautiful sunlight shines behind a wedding party

A wonderful picture of their wedding party

Young Christians exchanging vows while facing each other and holding hands

Maria and Josh at their wedding ceremony

Josh lived in New Zealand and I was in Australia. Josh emailed me and I responded about a week later. That day was the start of something that will last our whole life time. We couldn't stop talking!! Every second, every hour of every day. After about a month of chatting we decided to chat outside I knew then that he was perfect for me.

He then decided to come meet me and my family in December 2012 and it was love at first sight. He met my family and they LOVED him. It felt like he knew them all his life. In Feb 2013 I went to New Zealand to meet his family and of course by no surprise we all got along so well and I didn't want to leave. I loved his family!!

We decided then that it was the Lord's will we be together and Josh made plans to move to Australia. He put his leave in, sold all his things and by April 2013 he was moved to Adelaide. We planned our Engagement for June 2013, and had it at home with my family.

We were married in November 2013 and went on our honeymoon to New Zealand and Raratonga.

One of our photos was taken in New Zealand on our honeymoon. We are now living in Adelaide, Australia and plan to one day move to New Zealand when we decide to start having children. Thank you

Maria-maria1050 {Australia} & Josh {New Zealand} March 2014

 I just wanted to email a huge thank you to you guys for helping me meet my husband!  

A NZ woman looks radiant at sun shines through her hair and she smiles and holds hands with her Australian husband

Erin and Aaron were married in September 2013

Aaron and I met on in 2011 and after a year of conversation and many 'online' dates he finally decided to fly over from Australia to meet me in New Zealand. We hit it off straight away and got engaged after 6 months.

Aaron eventually moved here to live with me in New Zealand. We were married 6 months ago here in New Zealand and we couldn't be happier! We both love God and believe that he has brought us together!

Erin-butterfly6659 {New Zealand} & Aaron {Australia} March 2014
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 I just wanted to say thanks because I found my future husband on!!  

A dashing man in sunglasses is kissed lovingly by a woman in a white football hat

Carolina was successfully matched!

I pray you can help as many as you can... as you did with us.

Carolina-carito722 {Colombia} March 2014

 I sent a testimony after Kevin and I were engaged in the summer of 2012.  

A lovestruck woman smiles and sits next to a handsome man in a suit

Trina and Kevin married in Oct 2012. "Cafe Baby" Faith arrived in November 2013

Proud parents holds their baby daughter at ice level at a hockey game

Trina, Kevin and Faith at a hockey game

Cute photo of baby girl lying in a baseball glove

Faith in a baseball glove

I thought I would send a testimony with a wedding picture and an update about the child that God blessed us with in case you could use it. I would like to encourage others who are waiting and are struggling. God used to bring my husband and I together and has blessed us so richly.

Waiting is difficult and nothing was more difficult than the wait to find the right man to marry. I struggled with being frustrated so many times through the years, but I knew that no matter what, I needed to wait for God's best for me.

In 2010 I felt God promised me that He was going to redeem the years I thought were stolen and wasted. I joined in 2011 and after a few weeks Kevin wrote me.

We met in April 2011, got engaged June 15, 2012 and were married October 12, 2012. The Lord has been very good to us, and has blessed us so much.

On November 21, 2013 we were blessed with a beautiful addition to our family, Faith.

I just want to encourage all others waiting on the Lord that He can do it for you in a moment also. I was 39 years old when we were married and was 40 when I gave birth. I don't regret waiting for the best quality match I could have.

It is definitely worth the wait!

Trina-keyboardchick118 {Illinois} & Kevin-hawkeye900 {Iowa} March 2014

[Editor's note: See July 2012 testimonial for Trina's engagement announcement]

 Thank you for your site, because it allowed me to meet my current husband and child's father.  

Baby taking selfie

1 month old "Cafe Baby" has blessed her parents

We have been married a little under a year, and we have a one month old baby. I was at a stage where I almost gave up on love and made what seemed impossible possible.

We just want to say thanks for being the medium that God was able to work through.

Niyoca-tamara166 {Jamaica} & maximus962 {St. Vincent} March 2014
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 I was just telling one of my employees about your site today as that is where I "found" my incredible husband!  

We have been married 4 years now and I have never been so happy, blessed and ALIVE! He was God's "Perfect Man" for me! Anyways, we submitted "our story" and photo about a year or so after getting married. I was overwhelmed at your past reviews with the years and months! I know it doesn't work for everyone...which I found out...but Dave and I were honest and he turned out to be so much more amazing and wonderful than even his profile was! Thank you for your time and help!!

And if the reader of this post is single here is some advice for you...

I want to encourage you not to be sad or depressed today, instead have hope! Use today to think about and dream about your future spouse and PRAY for that individual daily! Pray that the person will have a great day and dream of you too...or that they feel His presence in their life today...etc.

Vicky-vickylynn874 {California} & David-dave1346 {California} March 2014

[Editor's note: See July 2011 testimonial for Vicky's marriage announcement]

 Congratulations on Fifteen Years of providing Quality Christian Singles with the very best safest place on the internet to meet other quality Christian singles around the world!  

A meeting place established and operated on solid scriptural principles in true Agape Love! I also want to thank you, the Cafe staff and the members who have prayed for me over the years.

I have met and made more Christian friends on Christian Cafe than all of other singles sites combined. Thank You! God bless you all!

David-wantreallove648 {California} March 2014

[Editor's note: See July 2013 and February 2018 for more praise from David]

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