Christian Testimony - February 2014

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 Thank you for your ministry to us and many other Christian couples.  

A tall man stretches while his arm rests on a woman who looks very pleased

David and Anita married Nov 2012

Two and a half years ago, two technologically challenged people, a widow and a widower, "Anita" and "Onlybygrace", entered our profiles on We have now been happily married for fifteen months. The short version is that a lovely princess jumped out of the palace tower into the arms of her prince, and they galloped off, the princess leaving the wintry north country for the mountains of Appalachia, to hike, kayak, and serve the Lord together in bluegrass country.

The longer version is that, protected by the anonymity which provides, we were drawn by the honesty and Christian testimony in each other's profiles, and a correspondence with your kind protections blossomed into trust, more extensive correspondence through our own emails, visits, phone calls, and a deep loving relationship that was swept along by the currents of our wedding, accompanied by the blasting beauty of pipe organ and bagpipes and the singing of "All Creatures of Our God and King", "Be Thou My Vision", and "Amazing Grace". Those songs summarize our praise to the Lord, our prayer for His guidance for the future for ourselves and other couples, and our thanks for God's grace which "taught our hearts to fear", "has brought us safe thus far", and will "safely lead us home."

It was a God-thing that brought us together. In Yiddish they say "bashert--it was meant to be"; but we are ever grateful for the Lord using as His instrument to introduce us and hold our hand in the first months of our courtship. May the Lord continue to bless you.

David-onlybygrace651 {Virginia} & Anita {New York} February 2014

 Perfect match!  

A White man and an Asian woman hold hands while showing off their engagement rings

Gemma and Dan proudly show off their rings :)

A man in glasses holds his new wife's hands on their wedding day. Both are dressed in white and all the tables have red and white covers

The glorious wedding day!

A couple dressed in white sit pensively at a wedding service

Dan met Gemma in 2010

A couple cuddle together in the heat under a sun-umbrella

Cuddled out of the sun

A man tells a story while the woman standing next to him recalls and smiles

Dan and Gemma share a laugh

A couple laugh while learning to skate together

A wonderful moment on skates

A beautiful Asian woman holds a cute newborn who is points at the camera

Gemma with "Cafe Baby" Philip

We met in 2010 on We have been happily married, praising the Lord for over 3 years. God has blessed us over and over. We thank God for the site and tell people about it when they ask how we met. We have a beautiful 1 year old boy, Philip.

We encourage everyone who is serious about Jesus to join. God bless and the believers who use it.

Dan-adan908 {California} & Gemma {Philippines} February 2014

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 I met my husband on and we have been married for 6 months.  

Marjorie-marjoriennis963 {Ontario} February 2014

 Another one of your previous members and i married on September 19, 2013 in Manila, Philippines.  

Thank you again for being there for us then. May GOD continue to bless your Christian dating site.

Michael-grandpaathome593 {Oklahoma} & Rufina-smile771 {Philippines} February 2014

 I would like to cancel my profile.  

I have found someone!

Yong-godwill297 {New Zealand} February 2014
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