Christian Testimony - January 2014

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 When my husband and I look back over the past 2 years, we can't believe we met online.  

A very happy couple pose together on porch and smile

The happy couple

A passionate kiss between two formerly single Maryland Christians on their wedding day

Meghan and Woodrow make it official!

A couple are married under a cross and surrounded by plants and flowers in a church

Meghan and Woodrow married on October 13, 2013

We both had been in past relationships and joined not really thinking that we would meet and fall in love with someone. He had been on for a few years and had a previous relationship which didn't work out. I was on around 3 months looking for someone special. I also had a previous relationship with someone on ChristianCafe but that relationship didn't work either.

After the breakup I figured I would give it one more try. On June 2, 2012, I was messaged by a genuine, Christian man. I could tell that this man genuinely wanted to get to know me and was serious about a relationship. We exchanged messages the following week and on June 9th, we had our first date.

From there the rest as they say is history and we were inseparable. On December 24, 2012, he got down on one knee and proposed in front of family and this began almost a year of wedding planning.

The day finally came to get married and on October 13th, 2013, we exchanged vows in front of our friends and family.

We have truly found our soulmates and we can't thank God enough for the gift of marriage He has blessed us with. Thank you so much for the great website you run.

- From another happily married couple matched on

Meghan-nutmeghan444 {Maryland} & Woodrow-blessedman110 {Maryland} January 2014

 I first signed on at in 2005. Money was tight so I had to use the free time you folks gave me.  

An interracial couple look at each other triumphantly while laughing

David and Sally married on December 22, 2012

I referred a lot of friends to sign up, so I would get more free time. I met a lot of people on there, but one in particular that caught my attention. After years of getting to know each other (7 in fact), I married Sally December 22, 2012.

I would not have thought dating sites worked.... I was wrong! Anyway, thanks for the website..... now you know it helped at least two people find a partner for life.

P.S. I am 50, wife is 40

David-zarteg614 {Ontario} & Sally-shine293 {Ontario} January 2014
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 I have wanted to thank for affording me the opportunity to meet and marry the man of my dreams!  

Senior Christian singles now married and dressed in white smile together

Brenda and Alan celebrate 2 years of blissful marriage

At the age of 58 I met Alan on the site, both of us hailing from Minnesota. I had been on various sites before, including without success.

Upon my return from Arizona spending the winter with my adult children, something prompted me to get on once again. I was feeling very content in my life, even with chronic illnesses plaguing me. I lived with pain, fatigue and numerous other ailments.

When we connected online, we only wrote back and forth for a couple of weeks before taking it to a more personal basis on the phone. We didn't miss a day of chatting and I truly began to get excited.

My excitement was not unfounded. He drove 5.5 hours to meet me on the weekend. It was my turn to check out his living circumstances, which I did just a few weeks later.

To make a long story short, we both felt that sense of complete comfort with each other and knew God had brought us together for a lifetime.

We have been married for two years now and plan on living full time in a motorhome coming up this fall. We have two wonderful doggies, a comfortable home and have God at the center of our relationship.

Thank you for helping us find each other. Alan loves me and takes care of me regardless of my chronic illnesses. God's grace is good and never ending.

Brenda-ginger790 {Minnesota} & Alan-albenji457 {Minnesota} January 2014

 Thank you for providing such a wonderful site! God has really worked wonders through  

A couple pray together on their wedding day, hand in hand

God is central

A man carries his wife with ease on their anniversary

First anniversary!

A cute toddler is held by her father, while mother holds a newborn

Two "Cafe babies"!

Very much in love and contented together, former singles from England smile together on a sunlit boat ride

Joseph and Veronica have been married over 4 years

I had been on the site for over a year without finding anyone that I could really connect to when I emailed Veronica in January 2008. She was only on a free trial and had been on for less than a week, but we hit it off straight away. Living 100 miles apart, we chatted with each other for 3 months before meeting, and this gave us time to develop our friendship and see how God was preparing us to be ready for a relationship.

We met in April 2008, (after finding out we had mutual Christian friends who agreed to introduce us!), and courted long-distance. This involved a lot of driving to see each other every Saturday, then driving home.

God worked on our hearts to bind us closer together, and when I got down on one knee in the moonlight in January 2009, Veronica said YES! We got married in August 2009, and still wake up every morning amazed at God's grace.

He has since blessed us with two wonderful children - Lydia and Elijah - and a joyful and busy home. We have been able to bless other Christians we know by directing them to your site: at least two other friends of ours have met their spouse through!

As a pastor now I would have no hesitation in recommending to the wise and discerning Christian. God is able to bring together couples through many such interesting means!

Joseph-christianjoe248 {England} & Veronica-vee452 {England} January 2014
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 Thank you to we were married last Saturday  

after over 7 1/2 years of dating, as a result of meeting on We are the 3rd couple that I know of to be happily married from your site!

Sarah-myfuture707 {Arizona} January 2014

 I was a member of [another singles site] and find much more to my liking.  

You're obviously conscientious and I thank you for this. Quality depends on the employee; the customer depends on quality; and we depend on our customers.

Tony-tony4753 {Pennsylvania} January 2014

[Editor's note: See July 2014 to read about Tony's match!]

 We've been married going on 7 years.  

Thank you very much.

Gary-killerlove342 {Texas} & Pam-skippy683 January 2014
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