Christian Testimony - July 2014

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 I have been recommending to friends for years.  

A White man laughs heartily with his Asian wife as they take a picture

Dean and his love share a laugh

And now I have met my match through your site! Thank you very much.

Dean-dean941 {Nebraska} July 2014

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 My husband and I met on 12 years ago.  

We recently celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary! We have created a beautiful family with 3 children. God has blessed us.

Heidi {British Columbia} & Kevin {British Columbia} July 2014

 I would like to thank you so much for the opportunity be a member of  

I will not be seeking any additional membership because I have found a delightful Christian lady in my life. My deepest thank you for everything.

Tony- tony4753 {Pennsylvania} July 2014

[Editor's note: See January 2014 to read about Tony's first impression of!]

 You can remove me.  

I found someone on and we got married.

William-bekind392 {Florida} July 2014

 David and I met March 1, 2010.  

Almost love at first instant message on We know God orchestrated our meeting and we are grateful to your site to have used this avenue. We dated until July 11, 2010 at which time David proposed, and we have been happily married since January 1, 2011.

We are a young retired couple and had the blessing to move to the state of Washington and are currently restoring a 100 year old farmhouse. God is in the center of our marriage and we hope many others have this blessing in their lives with

Sherryl-joyinthelord224 {California} & David-samsdad820 {California} July 2014

 Please take my profile off!  

I have found someone. And also I would just like to say is great.

Robert-robs920 {Virginia} July 2014

 I am getting married next month to a lady I met on  

God moves in unexpected ways but He is wonderful.

Ian-aslansfriend192 {Wales} July 2014

[Editor's note: See August 2014 for photos of the happy couple!]

 I found my match.  

Mark-loveme359 {Arizona} July 2014

 Thank you sincerely for helping to connect two followers of Jesus Christ  

who longed for a soulmate. My Fiancee and I are getting married in two weeks and it began with earnest prayer to our Father Who loves His children.

Well over a year into our relationship and it was a door through that got us to connect. Thank you again for connecting believers in Jesucristo!

James-shimshon230 {Pennsylvania} July 2014
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