Christian Testimony - June 2014

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If you have a experience you would like to share with other members, please write to us. resulted in a wonderful marriage.  

A gorgeous Asian woman holds a red bouquet of flowers while standing next to a good looking White man in military suit

Johnny and his wife are happily married in the Philippines

I was in America, and she was in the Philippines. I am now living in the Philippines with my wonderful wife. We are missionaries! Enjoy the pic, made it happen!

Johnny-legacyliver437 {Pennsylvania} June 2014

 I met my husband Dennis on this site.  

A man smiles while holding up a woman who is laughing very hard and leaning into him

Elida and Dennis will celebrate their 1st anniversary next month

We dated for eight months, and on July 13 we will celebrate one year of marriage. We are very happy. We love God above all things. thank you for this site.

Elida-elida489 {Utah, from Brazil originally} & Dennis-dennis249 {Utah} June 2014

[Editor's note: See July 2013 testimonial for Elida's marriage announcement.]

 My name is Della and this is my third and final update to our story.  

Beautiful Christian couple leaning into each other while looking very contented and in love

Della and Don. Don went to be with the Lord on May 14, 2014.

On May 14 2014 at 8:25 pm, Don Ellsworth Gardner, my "Boaz" went home to be with the Lord. He had been sick off and on for a long while, with heart disease and diabetes; but last year in June he went into acute kidney failure and his kidneys never fully recovered. On April 10th of this year he had a major heart attack, and with all that was going on with his kidneys and other health issues, he couldn't fight the battle of life any longer.

I am so grateful for because if it had not been for God's grace and your website I would never have met my "Boaz". I had prayed for God to send a husband to find me, and my prayer was answered, because he sent me a "watchmanofgod" to watch over me. This Philadelphia, city man, found and married this Alabama, country girl and our life together began.

I miss him dearly but I am thankful to have had my "Boaz" for that short time {would have been 10 years September 18th} than to not have met him at all. Farewell Don, "my Boaz", sleep well until we meet in heaven.

Della-mygodshall473 {Alabama} June 2014

[Editor's note: See November 2005 testimonial for their original announcement of their marriage, and October 2012 testimonial for their update at their 8th anniversary]

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 10 happy years and counting!  

Dan and I both had a trial membership back in the fall of 2003. I loved his picture at first site (he was feeding his little dog ice cream.) We emailed a bit, then decided to meet for breakfast. That was November of 2003. We are both Christian, and the questions on the survey led us each to believe that this just might be "the one God meant for me".

Footnote: His wife of 35 years had passed away in 2002, my (2nd) husband of 13 years had passed away in 2001.

We did not know each other at all before the breakfast at IHOP. We completely fell in love, made so much easier because we already knew so much about each other from the survey questions, and we were married June 5, 2004. In another week we will celebrate our 10th anniversary, and we are happier and more in love than one could ever imagine a couple of old guys like us could be. How old is that? Well, he's 71 years old, I'm 62.

We thank God every day for bringing us together. If it hadn't been for, we would probably have never met. But we each answered the "Where do you want this relationship to go?" question the same - wherever God leads it. For us, that was in front of a pastor, with our grown children standing up for us, and grandchildren crawling around on the floor chasing the dog. The wedding was at our home, so it was a rather casual family affair; it was the best wedding I've ever been to.

So, that's our tale of meeting on ChristianCafe,com. Even old people can fall in love, and have a wonderful life. Your site made it so much easier.

Carol-proudmom360 & Dan June 2014

 Please do not send me dating offers anymore: I found my true love on your website  

and we are doing very well! God gave me the most perfect woman I've ever known, and on top of that He made her so beautiful that I have never dated anyone like her before, so I am grateful for God's love for me and the passion this woman has for him as well.

I have plans to marry her. Thanks so much.

David-david7165 {California} June 2014

 I would like to thank you for the great work you do via  

God bless you so much. Well, I met my husband on your website and I have been greatly blessed in my marriage. Once again may the Lord bless you so much as you continue doing what He called you to do to help accomplish His purposes on earth.

Lucy-divine377 {France} & Brian-bantz362 {Arizona, USA} June 2014

 I met my wife on  

and we are now married and living in Loveland, CO.

George- beachwriter306 {Colorado} June 2014

 I appreciate your efforts and terrific customer service.  

I like the option of buying gift memberships for other members. This site is a perfect place to offer a gift to another person.

John-iamjayem855 {Ontario} June 2014
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