Christian Testimony - November 2005

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 To God be the Glory, through His Only Son Jesus in which He used  

A man laughs as his wife tries to hold up their toddler

Joseph, Grazyna and "Cafe Baby" Jasper

A woman waves as her husband leans down and cuddles with their toddler

A happy Grazyna and Joseph, glad to have been matched on

My Wife and I met here in 2003, January the 3rd, and met face to face in Nigeria in 2004, January the 2nd.

In one whole year many things have happened, there is so much story to tell.

As the one time Boxer will say to himself through the Holy Spirit, so do we say in one voice: We can do all things through Christ by whose Grace we are here today, Amen.

We are now married. The marriage was in every way under threat by the Devil but you know what, it's worth knowing that as long as Jesus is in it all, your wedding day will never pass you both by.

We got married in February 2004 and not long after my wife got pregnant and here is the fruit of what God has in stock for those who say Jesus is Alive, here is the Blessing of Jesus to us, our son born 28th. of October 2004.

We are planning to write a book about us, to encourage others who don't believe in the Love from above. They should stop that now, and face the fact, As the Bible says: "THE FEAR OF GOD IS THE BEGINNING OF WISDOM." Let the Holy spirit lead us all in His world and let His light shine on us all, Amen.

From Joseph, Nigerian, I met my wife while in Senegal, and went back to Nigeria for marriage, and Grazyna, My Sweet Wife, that I met through, Polish citizen, and Jasper, our little son who turned one year on 28th October 2005.

Joseph {Nigeria} & Grazyna {Poland} November 2005

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 I prayed and decided to give online dating one last shot.  

A woman lovingly holds her husband as they smile together

Jennifer gave another chance and now she's with Paul!

I had had a few good and a few not so good experiences with online dating and had decided not to pursue any more relationships online when Christian Cafe sent me an email offering an extra week for free.

It was on September 22, 2004 when Paul sent me a note. I was really intrigued by this man and decided to respond.

We met a few weeks later when he drove to my home town and a year later we were married, the 22nd of October 2005!

We are so blessed and thankful for Christian Cafe which played an instrumental part in our journey. The Lord has blessed us tremendously with a love far more than we could have ever imagined. When people ask how we met, we rejoice in sharing about this blessed Christian Singles community!

Mahalo (Thank you in Hawaiian) for your ministry! Aloha, Jenn.

Jenn is like a shining light to me.

I was so happy to have found someone who was very prompt in writing back and who put a lot of substance into her letters to me on Christian Cafe. She was very honest and forthright from the beginning and I could tell her heart was sincerely sold out to Jesus.

We found that although we lived a couple of hundred miles apart, our schedules were such that we could see each other several times each month. I am very proud of her, and like Jenn, I had also just about given up hope of meeting someone special online. The same day she started back on Christian Cafe, I also came back, and there hasn't been a day since that we haven't talked to each other.

I thank God for bringing us together as He did on Christian Cafe.

Jennifer-pinkngirly318 {Tennessee} & Paul-inthelight894 {Illinois} November 2005

 This letter is long overdue but better late than never.  

A very happy couple cuddle and hold hands

Della had nearly given up hope, until God changed that, through Don

Don (now age 55) and I (now age 53) became acquainted through the Cafe the last week in August 2003. I had purchased a 1 year membership in February 2003. I had communicated with 3 or 4 men through the site and had 1 man from New York that I met and dated for 4 months.

By August 2003 I was hurt, frustrated and not as trusting of being found by my Boaz. And then, by the providence of God, the last week of my membership I Quick Messaged a Rev. by the user name of "watchmanofgod". We begin to talk about ministry and life. He didn't like the "Southern Country" living and I didn't particularly like "Northern City" winters (even though I have lived in New Jersey off and on a total of 16 years).

He had said we were just friends sharing the Word since he didn't like bugs and animals and I didn't like snow and traffic. We planned to meet in Sept 2003 while I was in New Jersey but my schedule didn't allow the time. He began to talking to me in "relationship mode" like more than a friend. But in Dec 2003, no real explanation given, he decided we should stop communicating with each other. So I said fine. He stopped calling and emailing. I was hurt but determined I wasn't going to try to make something work that wasn't working.

Then one night in February 2004 he called to apologize for his behavior, asked for forgiveness, said he wanted me in his life and to give him another chance. I forgave him but wasn't in a hurry to move too fast.

I was due to minister in New Jersey at a women's conference in mid-May 2004, so we set a time to meet but my schedule was too tight to fit him in so we cancelled out. We were to meet July 4th weekend (my next trip that direction), but he injured his back and went into the VA hospital that weekend.

Finally we realized it was God's plan for us to not meet until we knew where our relationship was headed. After much discussion and prayers, we decided in August 2004 that we would set a date to meet and get married right away. (After all we had been talking with each other 3 or 4 times a day off and on since Sept 2003.)

Well on Sept. 12, 2004 I flew in to Philadelphia airport. We got the marriage license on that Monday and got married that Saturday Sept 18, 2004.

We have had to make adjustments in the way we do things. We do Bible study and prayers in the morning and before bedtime. Our relationship is different from any we have ever had before, mainly because we both love the Lord. We are currently living in Alabama (he's almost used to the bugs and animals). We do not have the finances to go on a honeymoon as yet but we are praying that God makes that possible soon.

I had almost given up hope. I thank God for blessing me with my Boaz and I thank for being an instrument in bringing us together.

Della-mygodshall473 {Alabama} & Don-watchmanofgod {Pennsylvania} November 2005

[Editor's note: See October 2012 testimonial for an update on their marriage 7 years later and June 2014 testimonial for Della's final update]

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 The Bride and Groom met at the altar March 2005.  

A married couple hold up their marriage license

Josie and Blen have the proof: they're married :)

A woman laughs while resting by tall flowers while a man hugs her

The beautiful couple in a wonderful Autumn setting

Niagara Falls in the background for this loving couple

Another wonderful pose for Josie and Blen, at Niagara Falls

Everything went exactly as planned. We couldn't have been happier.

The Lord is good!

I picked up Blen at the Airport and immediately knew my love was real the moment I saw him. We were so nervous but we kept looking at each other with all the love and happiness shining in our eyes.

It was very late so we had a very light dinner at a local restaurant and kissed for the first time. My heart told me he was the one.

I dropped him off at his hotel after he presented me with my beautiful engagement ring which I wore for 1 entire day before he placed the wedding band next to it.

I picked Blen up early the next day as planned; we had breakfast at Le Madeleine a nice French restaurant in the DFW area, then we proceeded to obtain the marriage license.

After some initial problems that Blen quickly fixed we were set up to marry the next day, Friday, March 11, 2005.

We held hands all day and kissed again in a beautiful park near a pond full of wild ducks. We retired early that day and were up early the next day.

I picked Blen up at his hotel and we were off to court to meet my family and a few close friends.

We got married by court early that morning and he surprised me by writing some beautiful vows to love me and be faithful forever. Our wedding bands are beautiful. Blen picked 3 kinds of gold interwoven into one thick band. I love it!

After a small lunch with family and friends we were off for a week at a nearby cabin in East Texas. It was a dream come true. We really were so in love.

Our greatest fear was that we would not be physically attracted to each other, but we were immediately attracted to each other, and still are.

Everything came so natural as if we had known each other for a long time, but what is more important is that we connect on a very spiritual level. We agree on so many things we learn through our Bible readings and we love Christian music.

Blen has a beautiful voice and I love listening to him sing to me all the Steven Curtis Chapman songs when he is in a romantic mood. He also plays the guitar.

I am now in the Toronto, Canada area. I have been here since April 2005. We are still getting to know each other better, but our love grows stronger and stronger with each day that goes by.

With everything new that we learn about each other, we fall deeper and deeper in love. Blen is truly the godly man that I prayed for, loving and kind, with a great sense of humor; hard working, and so intelligent. What I admire most about him is his dedication to the Lord and his integrity; the fact that he always tries to live the Word of God, by actively practicing what the Word of God instructs.

I honestly do not know what I did to deserve him. He shows his love towards me in so many ways! He works very hard, but spends all his free time with me (one reason why I am the one writing). Attached are some pictures of the day we got married and a couple of other times we have been to Niagara Falls since we live only 2 hours away and visit quite often.

Our plan has changed to have a formal wedding on March 11, 2007, but God will tell. I still feel like this is a dream, a dream that I don't ever want to wake up from.

Thank you! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Those were the best spent $$$ I ever spent. God Bless you all on this website and may you find the love of your life as we did.

Josie-josie427 {Texas} & Blen-verysimplyme677 {Ontario} November 2005

[Editor's note: See March 2005 testimonial for their wedding announcement]

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 Another success story along with an October marriage; that seems to be a popular month!  

Bridesmaids and groomsmen surround a beaming newly married Christian couple

Jeff tried again and again to reach Diane - and they're now married!

I had been on in 2003 and tried other services and had come back after a friend of mine met his wife on here.

I met Diane in the Cafe in January 2005 and almost didn't write her back because of our messages missing each other, I really sensed a leading from the Spirit to write her again and we started messaging immediately.

After meeting in the first part of June (even though during that time I lost my Dad to Pneumonia), we both knew we were right for each other and started seeing each other on opposite weekends. There were a lot of crazy circumstances going on, but this confirmed to the both of us that God was totally into this marriage and that the enemy was going to attempt to thwart it.

We planned an October wedding and had a fantastic reception for our friends and family. We really look forward to our ministering to each other as well as to our friends and whoever God brings our way.

Today, most of our single friends have joined and we receive regular reports of their progress.

Thanks for creating an incredibly easy to use website and for allowing God to use you as His tool to bring so many people together.

Jeff & Diane November 2005

 Without Christian Cafe we would have never met.  

Newly engaged Christian couple hold tight in Peru

Randy took the patient route and is now engaged to Rosary!

Rosary and I want to thank you very much for bringing us together.

We first met in in January 2005. Although Rosary didn't answer my first or second messages she did answer the third.

Rosary is from Peru and I live in upstate New York. She liked my profile but was very cautious about answering any messages. Finally after many short messages back and forth we started to communicate a lot more. We both wanted assurances about our faith and testimonies. We are both active in our churches and teach Sunday School classes.

In February we started talking daily and have been for 10 months. On November 10 I went to Peru to visit with Rosary and her family for 10 days and on November 19 we became engaged. Now I start the process of getting a Visa for her. We hope to have our wedding in the summer of 2006 when she is able to travel to the United States.

Thank you very much!

Randy {New York} & Rosary {Peru} November 2005

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 Karen had no romantic intentions for me, just wanted information.  

SC Christian singles smile and hug after meeting

A simple message from Karen to Wade...and now they're engaged!

I met Karen on in April 2005.

Actually she wrote to me asking about missions to Mexico since I had posted that I was a missionary and had worked several years in Mexico, and she was wanting information for planning a work team trip to Mexico in the summer.

Well, we started communicating that way and, since she also lives in South Carolina, a little more than an hour away, we met at her church a couple weeks later and went out for lunch with her friends afterwards. We got engaged in July and will be getting married December 16! Karen is in the process of joining Wycliffe Bible Translators, of which I am a member, and we hope to serve together in Mexico in the future.

Thanks for the help in getting us together! Have a great day in Jesus!

Wade-missionaryguy789 {South Carolina} & Karen {South Carolina} November 2005

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 He will never leave you or forsake you.  

Hello from Oregon! I joined earlier this year, lonely, as a widow having no one under the age of 65 who shared my plight at my church.

I needed someone to talk to, someone who shared my circumstances and understood the need to continue on in life and not do it alone. My 23 year marriage was the most fulfilling entity of my life, leaving such a void.

One early February morning as I was searching from my very slow dial-up connection, a profile came through of a man to whom I felt such a draw, but the picture was taking forever to load. I read and re-read the profile and was so excited before the picture came up.

I wrote.

He wrote.

We wrote for awhile.

He called.

He called again. He was traveling to Oregon for business and asked me to dinner. We met at 5 p.m. and closed the restaurant!

Many miles were traveled in the following months, and many phone cards burned up. On Mother's Day he came to take me to church, with a ring!

We married on June 4th. He sold his house, took a new job and became an Oregonian, just to be with me!

God was ever faithful, yet again, and proved to us that He would not leave us or forsake us and He would supply all our needs according to His riches in glory. Wow!

Thank you for the service you provide to us who need you.

Cyndi-cyndilou903 {Oregon} & Todd November 2005

 You've contributed to getting us together initially and we took it from there! Another success for all!  

Approximately 19 months ago I corresponded with scantek404 and we met for a Saturday lunch about midway between Cleveland and Columbus.

After a number of subsequent "dates" I proposed, she accepted, and we were married on June 28, 2005 on the island of Maui, Hawaii.

We've moved to our new home in the Columbus area; I've sold my home in suburban Cleveland; and scantek404 is renting her former home in a neighboring community.

Thanks for providing the site.

helper372 {Ohio} & scantek404 {Ohio} November 2005

 Thanks to you and praise be to God, I have found a lifetime partner on your site.  

We got engaged on the 10th of October and we are getting married on the 15th of July 2006. Thanks for all your help.

God bless you and please keep up the good work.

Judith-pattimsi227 {United Kingdom} November 2005
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Already a member? Sign in here. has been great.  

I really wasn't sure about it, however within 2 days after becoming a member I received numerous people contacting me, a 47 year old man.

I never initiated any contacts. Anyway, within 2 days I came into contact with the sweetest and most sincere woman ever. She had been a member for 2 weeks. We connected from the start. We will be messaging for the next 2 months and then plan to meet. The more we chat the better we feel about each other. has helped me meet somebody I never would have and am very thankful. worked for us.

Allen-lonelyeagle483 November 2005

 We enjoyed the integrity of Christian Cafe and the ease of use.  

albertarnold325 and happy514 would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to meet each other.

We will be married this December 2005.

Keep providing a Christian format for singles to meet.

Albert-albertarnold325 & happy514 November 2005
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