Christian Testimony - October 2005

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 At first I did not think there was any way I would date someone so far away.  

Man has his dream date with Christian woman. Niagara Falls, Ontario

Brian no longer 'wonders if' - he's now engaged to the lovely Belinda

Belinda and I first met online in the Cafe in January 2004.

She lived in the Toronto, Canada area, and I live in Bellingham, Washington. But despite the distance I offered to be her penpal.

Belinda travels and has a lot of friends in this part of the world, so she was open to dating people from this area, and she was a bit disappointed with my answer, but agreed to be friends.

She had read my profile thoroughly, and liked a lot of what I wrote. And that is one thing I like about Christian Cafe, I was able to write a lot about who I am, what my hopes and dreams are, and show a bit of my personality and humor through my profile. A personality test just does not let you do that.

Since Belinda travels a lot, we met a few times in 2004. The first time was in Anacortes, Washington, where she was staying with friends. That also happens to be the town I was born in.

We went to the famous Deception Pass Bridge and Mt. Erie, and then had lunch. The next day she visited me in Bellingham, where we went to church and I showed her around town.

She then visited again in July. She and a friend of hers, Lori, rented a cabin in Glacier, not far from Mt. Baker. We went on a hike to overlook the Coleman Glacier. I fell in a stream near the top and banged my knee up.

Belinda is a nurse and tended to me, but at first I did not think I could go on. I decided later I could, and joined her and Lori up at the viewpoint, and she appreciated the effort I made.

We then hiked down, and she bought me dinner at one of the nicer restaurants in town. She also baked me some cookies. I was impressed with her generosity and wondered if things may be "happening".

The next day we went to a Seattle Mariners game with my church group, and Belinda bought me a birthday package with scoreboard recognition. After we parted company, I was driving home and the same thought occurred in my mind "I wonder". I just thought that maybe something was going on.

The next weekend Belinda went to a singles retreat in British Columbia, just to my north. I was unable to attend.

While she was there, she met someone that I graduated from high school with, someone I had not seen in 20 years. At first she wanted to give this woman my phone number and email address, so that maybe we could meet. But then she started feeling jealous, and realized that she had feelings (smile).

After exploring the possibility of dating, Belinda and I decided to officially become a dating couple two months later.

When we met again, it was just after Christmas, and she and I and two of her friends rented a house in Leavenworth, Washington, the famous town on the A&E channel called "Holiday Town, U.S.A.".

And it was so romantic, there was snow, the town is a Bavarian style town nestled in the Cascade Mountains, the residents light up the town beautifully, and it snowed softly every day.

There was Christmas music played from the town square, and kids were sledding everywhere, it was everything that I had wanted. In fact, this was the 'ideal date" that I had written about in my profile.

On January 1st, I proposed to Belinda, and we are getting married this November. Thank you!

Brian {Washington State} & Belinda {Ontario, Canada} October 2005

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 I felt God calling me to try out and within a few days Steve wrote to me.  

Man gets first prize - a beautiful woman

Heather married Steve, the Godly man she'd been seeking

Steve and I wanted to thank you for bringing us together. I had prayed for many years for a Godly man to come into my life.

Steve and I wrote to each other for one week and then met for the first time on November 8, 2003. We immediately fell in love and began to see each other every weekend, since we lived 1 hour away. Steve was attending the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, and I also lived in Maryland and was attending a local college, Towson University.

On Christmas Day 2005, we got engaged! Then on September 24th 2005 we were married.

We now live in Florida, where Steve is attending flight school to become a pilot. We are very happy and give God all the glory!

Heather {Maryland} & Steve {Maryland} October 2005

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 We met on about two years ago 2003 and we got married this September 2005.  

Huge wedding party all well dressed

Tony and Elba Married September 2005

We give glory to the Lord for using you as a point of contact for us. Thank you again, and may the Lord keep on using your ministry.

Tony & Elba October 2005

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 There is a saying..."better late than never" and it is with this philosophy that I bring you our thank you letter.  

A woman leans back and laughs while looking at her husband by the ocean

Sam was patient and cautious and he's now married to Natasha!

Several years ago I had my profile on and I saw Natasha'a profile from Russia.

I sent her a Cafe message and was very amazed and surprised when she wrote back after a week or two. I wrote to about this message to help verify her identity, and Christian Cafe staff cautioned me about scammers from Russia but couldn't see any reason to believe Natasha was part of a scam.

I decided to give her the cautious benefit of the doubt based on this helpful information. We corresponded for 6 months, then I went over and spent time in Russia. I was actually in the offices of the Agency she was with, and verified its authenticity.

We're happy to announce that Natasha and I were married on the 26th of January, 2004, Australia Day. After several years we are still together.

So the Lord works in mysterious ways. I was lucky and found an honest, beautiful Christian woman, and I owe this to the Lord and!


Sam-warrior915 {Australia} & Natasha {Russia} October 2005

[Editor's note: Sam was not simply "lucky", he was prudent. He listened to the Cafe's caution, he corresponded for 6 months, then he went to Russia and stayed there until he had thoroughly checked Natasha and her Agency.]

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 From to married!  

A California Christian woman with a beautiful smile leans in to cuddle with her husband on her wedding day

God's hand was in matching Cindy and Eric!

We met on in early December 2004.

It was pure chance that we found each other considering I was only planning to be on the site for a few days. Without I don't know if we would have met since I was up in Huntington Beach and Eric was down in Oceanside. It was definitely a meeting that God intended.

I knew Eric was different as soon as we started communicating.

Once we finally met it was like we knew each other forever. It was so right with us. We had both our family's blessings and were recently married in September and just found out we have a baby on the way!

Thank you!

Cindy-smilesalways487 {California} & Eric {California} October 2005

[Editor's note: We look forward to posting Baby's photo later. We love "Cafe Babies!"]

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 Besides being my husband he is my friend, my confidant and of course My Life.  

A man wraps his arms around a beautiful smiling woman

Mike is everything to Rosemery!

My husband and I met first time November 2004.

After chatting for a bit on the site he decided to call me. We talked for 20 minutes and I couldn't believe he was calling from the other part of the Continent.

After one month of constant chatting and weekly phone calls he decided to come from Canada to Peru to meet me. When I saw him, he took my breath away, he was more attractive than I thought and as nice and kind as I thought. I felt very special about him during our first adventure trip. After he returned to Canada we continued being friends but I knew I had feelings for him.

The next week after he left my country we decided I would visit him, so I went to Canada in March 2005 and had such a nice time with his family that I almost didn't miss home. When I came back to my country I knew I could start a long-distance relationship with this wonderful guy. Three months later he proposed to me, and we married one month after (July 2005).

Only one month for preparing a ceremony is not enough but thanks to the Lord everything went smooth and nice. We married in July and have 3 months of a wonderful marriage, and if I were given the opportunity to change something I wouldn't change a thing. Everything was in God's plans and everything went so well.

Without it would have been impossible that this Christian marriage would have happened, the Lord bless you and continue making more couples get together and be happy.

Rosemery-ross152 {Peru} & Mike-astroboy October 2005

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 Yet another successful, God written love story!  

A successful man looks very proud as he stands next to his beautiful bride

Mike and Lindy are currently expecting a new daughter, "Abigail Hope"!

Isn't it amazing how we can decide exactly how we want events to unfold and then God re-writes them and we are totally blown away by it? This is the case for my new husband and me.

Mike and I met on your website in September 2003. Despite all my intentions to simply "chat" with others out there in cyberland and not actually develop any friendships or relationships, I failed when Mike sent me a Quick Message.

He had such a natural way of melting me to the core and I found myself slowly letting go of me and clinging more to him. Mike is a Godly man and I fell in love with his ability to read me, to know me and to love me at the most difficult of times.

His passion for people, his ability to write and touch hearts, his strength as a man of God, his courage to confront the difficult things, I could go on and on, these are things things I adore about him. And to think I met him on the Internet!

God broke all boundaries when we met. Mike was living in Kentucky, USA & I was from Sydney, Australia. Mike cared more about the people he worked for and served than the money he was earning.

I was a single mummy of two little girls on a basic wage. Mike had many issues with letting go and trusting someone else, I had more than enough issues of my own. Together, we let these things sit before God and trusted that He'd remove them as He felt it was time. Together, we witnessed God moving in an amazingly powerful way. We learnt to depend on each other, to pray for each other, to motivate each other to reach the goals we'd personally set.

In March 2004, Mike arranged to come to Sydney to officially meet me for my birthday. He'd planned to stay with my parents and the week went brilliantly. In September 2004, I flew to Kentucky and stayed with his family for a week when he proposed to me by telling me a story about a game he played as a child - he being the knight that had to fight to rescue the princess. The princess he said, he'd finally found and would fight for every day. I was to become his princess!

Mike basically moved to Sydney just before Christmas last year and we flew back to the States in March this year to get married before our family and friends, in the church that Mike pastored. Our theme was fairytales - and the fairytale God had written for us. The story still goes on and we're expecting another little girl, Abigail Hope, around the 2nd of Feb 2006. My tummy is growing as I type this!

And so to you, thank you for assisting God to blow me away again! He has a way of twisting my plans and in this particular case, you helped! Again, thank you!

Lindy {Australia} & Mike {Kentucky} October 2005

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 Happy Ever After.  

A woman smiles bashfully as a British Christian man smiles at her lovingly

Dom and Eve, head over heels in love

A couple enjoying a lunch date at an outdoor Cafe in New York

Dom found the woman of his dreams, Eve!

We are writing to share our joy with you and let you know that having met at the Cafe in July 2003 we very soon fell madly in love, and are now very happily married!

Eve was in New York in the States, Dom (that's me) was in Devon in Great Britain. And although at first I thought it was unrealistic to think of trying to start a romance with Eve across the ocean, I realised that I couldn't base my search for the woman of my dreams on mere convenience, and no matter what the problems might seem to be I had to dare to reach out to the woman I wanted to be with. And that was this wonderful woman I saw in her profile.

I wrote, Eve responded pleasantly, we wrote some more, and then whoosh, we fell head over heels for each other and realised we were made for each other and had been brought together by God! It was great! We wrote and phoned each other for a long time, getting to know each other really well (e-mailed each other daily), and then I visited Eve in Brooklyn in the Autumn of 2004 when we got engaged!

We got married February 2nd 2005 in New York. Now we live in Devon, England. We are so very happy together, and it gets better every day. We're soulmates.

We searched for each other for a long time, and God was able to bring us together even over the ocean. Thank You for your wonderful website! God is good, and God is able.

Dom {England} & Eve {New York} October 2005

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 How grateful my wife and I are for!  

A woman won't let go of a man's hands as they both smile

Mark's fortune was found in Marcia

We met in the Cafe in June 2003 and after talking for about two weeks by Internet we progressed to phone calls every day and then to multiple calls everyday.

I spent a fortune on phone cards but she is worth every penny and more. She is truly the girl of my dreams, much more than I could have asked for. We were married on 03 October 2005.

I am from Ohio and Marcia is from Sao Paulo, Brazil, so it was a long distance relationship for some time. I finally went to Brazil in February 2005 and Marcia visited Ohio in May 2005. We are a great match and God has used your site to place us together even though we are from different countries.

Thank you for your work in providing a meeting place for Christian singles across the world.

Mark {Ohio} & Marcia {Brazil} October 2005

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 We thank God that he gave you the vision for, that actually changed the life of both of us completely.  

A bride holds up her beautiful flowers as her husband holds her hand

Isabell and Yaron were brought together in an unusual love story!

A woman laughs as she stands next to her man

Isabell and Yaron have many things in common

Large family for the happily married Christian couple

A huge wedding party to celebrate a new wonderful life together!

Yaron: We wanted to thank all the people who work for, for your great and important service to the children of God.

My name is Yaron and I live in Israel. I became a believer 12 years ago at the age of 16. Since the time I became a believer I wanted that God would give me a girlfriend that later would be my wife. It took 12 years till God answered my prayers and I thank God for giving me the patience to wait.

I come from a very small church and there are no girls of my age. I did not like to go and visit other churches in order to look for a wife. I felt this was pretending to come for a meeting and actually you look for something else. With the Cafe site I did not need to pretend or to play games. I registered on November 2003 for half a year.

In January 2004, I saw Isabell on the site and I sent her a message. We were writing e-mails for 3 months and then I went to visit her in Germany for one week. After this week we continued to write and also speak on the phone till she came on August 2004 for 2 weeks to Israel. In November 2004, some weeks after my dad died, I went again for 10 days to visit her. In February 2005 Isabell came for 3 months to Israel and on first of April we got engaged.

In September 2005 we married in Germany and after the wedding we had our honeymoon in Switzerland. Now we are back in Israel. We thank God that he gave us each other and we want to serve Him together here in Israel.

Isabell: I joined in January 2004. Yaron wrote me a short message which I answered. I liked his profile and I appreciated his emails, because he was real. On the other hand it made me fear because he's living in Israel and I always knew if something between us would develop, I would have to go there. But I prayed if it's OK with God to continue writing him and I felt that I have permission.

There were many common opinions and attitudes. For example, both of us don't have TV, we have nearly the same profession, we became believers at the same age, we have both red hair, one of our parents had cancer. (There is more.)

I was happy when Yaron finally came in April, after writing 3 months and I hoped that the good impression I had from him would change, because of the consequences it would have for me. But the opposite happened. I tried to make him meet all my friends, my assembly, to visit places and not only to be alone with him. We came to know each other better and I realised that his love and his fear of God is strong, that our thinking is similar and that he really fell in love with me. I visited him and his family in August, the hottest month in Israel, but I stood the heat quite well. Some months later his dad died and I asked God if I should really continue this relationship, because I lost my mother one year before and I did not want to share this difficult time with him and to say good bye some months later. I prayed and read the Bible. God always gave green light, never said no. Before I thought that God could give me a husband that I did not like in the beginning, but I realised that God does not force me to love someone, he gives me the free decision.

And he gave me time to observe, to examine, to think and to pray. I also spoke a lot with friends, family and elders from my assembly. This was very important and I want to tell the people in that it is very important to ask other believers for advice before starting a relationship (on the Internet or elsewhere) because we need to examine ourselves, we need objective advice, and we have to give God the opportunity to stop us if we are on the wrong way.

Finally I said Yes to Yaron and the life in Israel. And I'm sure that it's the right decision, even if I lost a lot, but I won him. He's the man I love. God surprises us in many details; we discovered a lot of similarities between us (our latest discovery: even the code for our bank account is nearly the same).

I'm sure that God wants me to love Yaron and to serve Him and the people here in this country. And He waited till I have the age of 28 when my need for a partner became stronger and till I have a certain maturity. My waiting was not in vain. God gave me a wonderful husband. I live in a country where very few people believe in Jesus. We pray that God will show us a common task.

Thanks to the people of You helped to bring us together. May God use you to start more unusual love-stories, as He did with us.

Yaron-yaron729 {Israel} & Isabell {Germany} October 2005

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 I met the lady of my dreams thanks to you guys.  

I just want to thank all of you for your support and for the time that I spent at the Cafe.

She lives in Caracas, Venezuela and I live in Miami.

Once again thanks.

Gilbert-gf435 {Florida} October 2005

 It has been over 4 years now since I met my spouse on Christian Cafe.  

All I can say is the Lord was in every bit of it. We have never been so happy or experienced what we do together in our whole lives. We thank you for giving us the means to meet each other. It has been a life changing experience.

Heath & Rebecca October 2005

 How amazing it is to find such a connection, where time and distance do not exist.  

I have met many people on this site near and far. Some I stayed connected with, and some I haven't. Even though I met several men, none have I had a deep connection with till recently, a connection where you seem to know a person a long time.

Thanks to Christian Cafe and to God above all else, I have met someone who has become friend and confidant, and at times even a strength to me. For him I am thankful. : )

My prayer is that His Will be accomplished within this newfound friendship.

I can't tell you how thankful I am for this site connecting Carey and me. Truly His hand is in this. I pray for His wisdom as we walk by faith. We are HIS.

Blessings to all who work to keep this site running. God has used you to bring us together.

Leah-totally-his514 & Carey October 2005
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 She is the love of my life.  

I apologize for being so late in writing.

About two years ago I met a woman through your site and six months later we married.

We were living in the Baltimore, Maryland area and have since moved to Charlotte, North Carolina as the housing is a lot cheaper and the people seem friendlier.

Thanks again and may God richly bless you all.

William {Maryland} October 2005

 My husband and I wanted to testify to the benefits of  

We met on your site September 20th 2003 and were married June 12th, 2004.

We can't praise God enough for putting us in each other's paths. We were both committed to trusting God for our life partner and hadn't expected to use the web to meet each other. We are very different people but have most of the same goals.

I've questioned whether we would have gotten together were it not for the extensive profile and questionnaire on your site. This enabled us to learn so very much about each other before getting involved. We knew early on in the relationship that this was God's hand in our lives.

Thank you so much for your web site. I even encouraged a friend and she has met her fiance on your site as well. May God prosper you.

Joan & Bobby October 2005
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