Christian Testimony - November 2010

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 7 Years on & He found me!  

Christian newlyweds

Peter and Linda, laughing on their wedding day

BC Beach wedding for a Christian couple

Linda's father gives her away to Peter

Christian couple laugh comfortably and hug after marrying

More laughs from Linda and Peter!

I met Peter in person this spring, January 2010. He found my profile in the fall of 2009. He had a membership and I had a free 3-day trial, so our messages kept missing each other.

I have had memberships on the Cafe on & off since 2003. I am an island girl (geographically remote), and I was waiting for the Father's peace: I didn't want to 'rush' into a relationship/marriage for the sake of relationship.

It was worth the wait.

When I met Peter in person and it felt like God was coaching him for the keys to my heart. His heart is to pursue God. And I kept noticing how often we valued the same life choices, and how many 'coincidences' resonated with both of us.

Because I had been single so long, and had so much input over the years from close friends who are Christians in ministry...including marriage enrichment...I had lots of resources to prepare me to ask the right questions of Peter, and to really dialogue important things with him.

And because of his own life experiences, he was extremely committed to communication and honesty too!

Our families had provinces to commute across in order to attend the wedding so we had the choice of this summer or next in order for those nieces/nephews in school to be able to be at the wedding. All twelve!!!

So with the blessing of family and friends, Peter & I were married this August 2010, with the input and chaperoning of about 15 or 20 couples! ...or more. Accountability and chaperoning are very good things! And lots of premarital counsel, and input. And lots of God.

Most of our courting was long-distance because he works in another province. I met all of his family (siblings, parents etc.) before the wedding, while we were courting, and he met all of mine... including even some aunts/uncles! And we were very transparent with each other; both strengths & weaknesses, with lots of hours of communicating our values, hearts, dreams, goals, hurts etc. No fronts. ...Long-distance phone bills though!

I would recommend lots of counsel, premarital counsel, all the books from Christian relationship site: They even have great 'Weekends to Remember' for dating, engaged, newly & long-term married couples. Their recommended books give Peter and I great starting points for conversation and negotiation.

*All of us have baggage, so it's really helpful to unzip the baggage and understand it and do lots of communication so that hurts don't accumulate, and when they happen, you have healthy tools to heal them.

Thank you, for your resource, and integrity. Blessings for each of you on your journey too. Wait for God's peace, and His timing.

Linda-Louise257 {British Columbia} & Peter-peter772 {Saskatchewan} November 2010

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 We met on Christian Cafe in August of 2008, and began dating June of 2009.  

A beautiful American Christian woman hugged by her Canadian Christian husband near a tree

Ryan and Liz are so thankful they met on

Christian newlyweds gaze into each other's eyes by the Great Lakes

Don't Ryan and Liz make a great couple!

We are now happily married and living in Simcoe, Ontario. All thanks to Christian Cafe!!

We cannot thank you enough for providing a service that led to our marriage.. We are so thankful and blessed the Lord used your site to bring us together.

Here are a couple of photos of our wedding on May, 22nd 2010.

Ryan-twobelowpar867 {Ontario} & Liz-ruhligel385 {Michigan} November 2010

 We would like to praise God for  

A proud Black Christian man smiles while holding his new Asian bride

Linford and Diane are happily married

A Norwegian Christian marries a Filipina woman in this selfie

Don't Linford and Diane make a happy couple!

We met on in September 2008. I was living in Norway and Diane was in the Philippines. We began communicating on and later decided to meet.

Our first meeting was not until April, 2009. Since then, we both have kept praying to the Lord to strengthen our relationship and He blessed our prayers.

Now we are happily married. Our "BIG DAY" was on September 24, 2010 in the city of Cebu, exactly after two years of communicating, meeting, discussing and planning.

All praises be to God first and then

Linford-faithhopelove621{Norway} & Diane-celeste285 {Philippines} November 2010

[Editor's note: See October 2021 testimonial for an update 11 years later!]

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 My wife and I were members of are now married and have an 8 month old little girl named Hannah and another "in the oven".  

American marries a Christian woman from Kazakhstan who looks radiant at their reception table

A happy Jason and Gulmira on their wedding day in Kazakhstan

Sleeping mother and her new baby for a Christian couple

What a sweet picture of Gulmira and her "Cafe Baby", Hannah

I met her on your site. You have a wonderful site. It is the best.

I tried [another singles site] and about three or four others. But hands down, is the most reasonably priced, user friendly and open site for Christians to meet.

Here are two pictures of us. One is us at our wedding in Kazakhstan and the other is of Hannah when she was first born.

Jason-jasonhhh176 {North Carolina} & Gulmira {Kazakhstan} November 2010

 I have been a member here off and on since 2002.  

A New Mexico Christian woman stands next to her love and smiles proudly

Dee and Richard are to be married, after meeting on

I will leave in a couple of days to wed a local fellow.

I have loved the friendships I have developed here and will cherish those for years to come! My favorite spot has been the prayer page! What a blessing that has been to share prayers and fellowship!

I have even met a couple of gents while here. It is a safe friendly place to share and care! I wish each of you a true blessing through Jesus Christ our Saviour as I imbark on my new marriage with the man GOD has chosen for me!

May we be a true blessing to Him as we walk together!

Dee-ladyofhis363 {New Mexico} & Richard November 2010
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 I had enjoyed my experience with for around 5 months 'til August 2008  

Former Australian Christian singles hug and smile broadly after marrying

Linda and Phil beaming with joy on their wedding day

I had worked out how to communicate with those people who I felt I had something in common with. I made a few friends along the way but nothing was really going anywhere.

One Sunday evening I sat at my computer and logged on to, by this stage having figured out how to filter by newest with those preference I felt most important, and Phil's profile came up on my screen.

His photo was lousy, showing a nephew quite prominently in the foreground and a bald Phil in the background, smiling. It wasn't really a photo to write home about!

Much later I figured that Phil just hadn't been around cameras much at all and it was just amazing that he actually had this one photo. What sparked my interest, apart from the fact that we had a matching expression of faith, was that each of the questions Phil answered were annotated with a different Psalm. I immediately thought "That's different".

That evening, I was on my way to Bible study and didn't have time to write much of anything, so I just wrote something like "Hi Phil, I'm just on my way to Bible study. Have a look at my profile and if you like what you see, write to me.", or something equally as brief. Anyway by Tuesday, Phil wrote me some poetry!'

We both live(d) in Western Australia, but Phil a Thousand miles away up in the Pilbara and me down in Perth. As God so directs paths, Phil was in the process of moving, though he didn't quite know where. His idea was to buy a block in his home town, some 200km West of Perth, and he had a flight booked to go check the land and if suitable, to make an offer on it. This transpired 10 days after me first viewing his profile.

He suggested that we meet up and left the details to me. I immediately panicked thinking I wasn't quite ready for that - hardly knowing him at all from the brief, though daily contact that we had up until that day.

Anyway Phil put me at ease when he gave me a few people to call as references (His mum, who lives locally to me, his sister, also in Perth and another good friend of his). He also invited me to bring friends if it made me feel better.

At that point I thought that if we meet in a cafe far from my home but at a place I felt comfortable and knew well and if Phil and I didn't really click, then there would be nothing lost.

Well, meet we did and this changed both our lives from that point forward. It wasn't just one click but multiple clicks on many fronts. We both love ginger, both love healthy living, our faith expression though from different historical backgrounds is very much identical.

We fit together physically and we always enjoy each other's company. The Lord has truly been gracious to us in bringing us together.

After four months of knowing one another, Phil proposed to me and I accepted.

We were married 14th November 2009 at Southern River Free Reformed Church, Southern River and now a short 10 minute stroll away from his mum.

Linda-lynadri211 {Western Australia} & Phil-frphil742 {Western Australia} November 2010

[Editor's note: See October 2008 testimonial for Phil's original submission!]

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 Thank you so much for allowing My "wife to be" (Jen) and I to meet each other.  

Newly engaged Texas Christian woman shows off her engagement ring while her Texas fiance holds her hand and smiles proudly

Nate and Jen show off Jen's engagement ring

The debate of whether or not Soul Mates exist has just ended. It IS REAL.

God made us for each other and no one else! We met in December of 2009 and got engaged on Oct 20th! The private wedding location is set to be in Lake Tahoe in November and we are so blessed to know that God has shown us, in countless ways, that HE desires us to be together.

For example, Jen is in the Army and was stationed at Ft. Hood when we met. While I live in Nashville, we had no idea where she would be stationed next and tried to imagine how hard it would be if the Army sent her to a base even further away from Nashville. WELL this last March the Army decided to move her to Ft. Campbell only 1 hour from me!!! Praise God!

When we met in person for the first time over 4th of July Weekend we just KNEW that we were made for each other and the rest is history.

Thank you again and again and we hope that our story can inspire others to realize that God has someone made just for them if they are willing to wait for His best!

Nate-godsdesire716 {Tennessee} & Jen-jennyfaye294 {Texas} November 2010

 Aaron and I had both been on and off and other sites over the past several years without success.  

After 37 years, single Christian woman finds love as she hugs a smiling man from Indiana

A very happy Jewell hugs an equally pleased Aaron

Corn stalks flank a couple who walk away hand in hand

What a beautiful setting for Jewell and Aaron

I have never been married and had been looking for the one God had for me for 37 years.

Three years prior, Aaron had been through the pain of a divorce and had completely committed to God that he would only marry a Christian woman with whom he would be equally yoked.

We had both taken a break from for awhile, but around my birthday in 2009 I felt strongly drawn by the Lord to get back on again, and Aaron had felt led by the Lord to get back on shortly before that.

I joined on November 1, 2009, and set up a search based on the criteria I was looking for and Aaron's profile came up in the search results. Being the traditional girl I am , I didn't want to contact him first, but he looked at who had viewed his profile later that evening and told me later he "about broke the back browser button" when he saw my picture.

Even though Aaron wanted to contact me right away because we had so much in common, he was hesitant to do so since he was in Indiana and I was almost 800 miles away in Texas.

He finally decided to contact me anyway 2 days later on November 3, 2009, thinking it couldn't hurt and if it was God's plan for us to be a couple, He would provide the means for us to travel as long as necessary to get to know each other. We immediately hit it off when we started emailing and both wrote each other extremely long pages of emails back and forth for several weeks before our first phone call, November 21, which lasted 3 hours and resumed later that evening. We connected from the moment we started talking on the phone, and from that day on, we talked with each other via phone an average of 4 hours a day, and even up to 10 hours total in one day more than once!

We met in person for the first time on December 10, 2009, when Aaron flew for hours and then drove for hours (he says he would have traveled further to get to me if he had to!) to come to Texas to take me on our very first date, and although there was a lot of quietness, awkwardness, and nervousness, we still had a major connection and really in a lot of ways had already fallen in love with each other as we had gotten to know each other's hearts, thoughts, fears, dreams and so much about each other from communicating openly through our many extensive emails and long phone conversations.

We spent the next 9 and 1/2 months traveling back and forth every few weeks between Indiana and Texas to see each other, get to know each other, and to meet each other's families and friends.

On the weeks we couldn't see each other, we talked on the phone constantly and used Skype a lot, especially for virtual dates every Friday night where we would each get takeout food and sit and talk, or occasionally watch a movie together over the computer. We enjoyed seeing each other as much as we could but eventually it got to the point where we were shedding so many tears every time we had to part ways and it was getting too hard to be 800 miles apart.

About 7 and 1/2 months after we first connected on, Aaron flew to Texas and surprised me and proposed to me on July 23, 2010. I moved from Texas to Indiana two months later in September, 2010 and we are SOOOO thrilled to only be 5 minutes apart from each other now, instead of 800 miles apart!

I'm originally a Midwestern girl (I grew up in Iowa) and am loving being back in the Midwest and being with the love of my life.

We are getting married in January 2011, and we are so thankful to for being the place God used to bring us together.

Because of, we not only found someone with the same foundation of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that affects every area of our lives, but we have found someone who is everything we were each looking for and we can't wait to share the rest of our lives with each other!

Jewell-preciousgem339 {Texas} Aaron-arod927 {Indiana} November 2010

[Editor's note: See March 2011 testimonial for their wedding testimonial!]

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 My husband and I are so thankful to because thanks to your site we are now married.  

Couple snuggling on wedding day

Pamela and Jorge full of love on their wedding day

A Wedding kiss for newly married Christian couple

Pamela and Jorge make their marriage official :)

A couple smile excitedly outdoors just after marrying

Beautiful wedding setting

a joyful Christian couple play tag around a tree

Lots of laughter on Pamela and Jorge's wedding day!

An American Christian single marries a Dominican Christian woman who stands beside him in a field

The happy couple

Down on one knee

Jorge is wholeheartedly devoted to Pamela

Finally married, a couple walks hand in hand at their outdoor wedding

Pamela and Jorge, just married

It was like a movie story the way we met and connected.

It was awesome and on the plan of God. My husband and I met in November 2007 on the free trial your that webpage offers.

I'm from Dominican Republic and my husband is from Nebraska. He's Mexican although he was raised in the US from the age of 3. We talked for 3 months and the thing that connected us was talking about God and sharing His word.

After 3 months we decided we should meet, and he flew from Nebraska to the Dominican Republic in February 2008. We had an awesome time together and we decided to become a couple formally.

After that he kept on flying to my country and on August 2009 we did a trip to Cancun, Mexico with our families, where we got engaged. It was a blessing.

We decided we would get married on August 18, 2010 but I didn't have any papers to travel to the United States, so we submitted an application to the American consulate.

Meanwhile we took a marriage course at my church which my husband took part in online and when he traveled to see me he would go to the classes. It was crazy having my laptop on the middle of the class at church.

By faith we put the date of our wedding and for faith God heard our prayers: I got an interview with the American Consulate in July 2010 - really, really close to the wedding date. My husband traveled to my country to go with me to the interview. We said by faith that I was going to leave with him. I got my passport on Friday and my husband had his flight back on Saturday. God is so good and works by faith, I got my passport on Friday and we found a flight for me.

We left together the next day to Omaha, Nebraska. We planned our wedding in a month and part of my family and a friend traveled from the Dominican Republic and Boston to join us.

We had blessed relationship under the light of God. And now we have a beautiful marriage and we are happy to thank you guys for the awesome job that your website is doing to the lives of people that are lonely and only need a person to share their live with and share God's ministry together.

Thanks so much, please let us know when you put our pictures online and our testimonial so that we can show it to our friends, I always recommend your website to all my friends that are single, and my sister is meeting this month a guy that she met through God bless you for this Ministry.

"Buscad primero el reino de Dios y su Justicia y las demas cosas vendran por anadidura"

Pamela-pammylove259 {Dominican Republic} & Jorge-spirit463 {Nebraska} November 2010

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 I just wanted to take a minute to tell you our story and thank you for your site.  

A couple of years ago, I went through a heartbreaking divorce. I thought it was the end and I could never make it any further.

I joined and met the most wonderful lady! She is truly my soul mate and I am so thankful that God let us find each other on your site.

We are engaged to be married in two weeks. Life is truly worth living again now that I have my sweetheart to share it with. She encourages me and points me to God when I am discouraged and she is a real blessing in my life.

We never would have met had it not been for Christian Cafe. Thank you again and God bless.

Kevin-kblattel716 {Georgia} & Lisa {Georgia} November 2010

 I finally found the wonderful man that we have been searching for!  

We have been dating as of May. He is from NY.

I enjoyed very much and will recommend it to others. Praise God for this Christian site, as God has provided for me a gift of a God-fearing, sweet man.

God has had his hand on this relationship from the beginning, and we have grown together in the Lord, and by His will, after counseling, we will plan a wedding next Oct. 22, 2011!

I want to thank all of you for your prayers, and encouragement! For all the friends I have met on here, I pray for you God's guidance, and may He hold you in the palm of his hand. I want to remember all of you, and may God provide you with a blessed helpmate, to serve together until He comes in Glory!

Christine-trusthislove409 {New York} & Douglas-lovebug123 {New York} November 2010

 Thanks for your services. I once registered here but it was during a free three day after it, that my loving husband found me.  

We chatted for a year, and then came here to the USA from my homeland Philippines this Sept 13 and were legally married on the 22nd of the same month.

Now, we are happily together as husband and wife. So, Bob and I want to really extend our deepest thanks to the services of your good and blessed office,!

maharlika843 {Philippines} November 2010

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 If it wasn't for I wouldn't have met my beautiful Amber.  

It's only been a month but things couldn't be better. I would suggest to anyone because it really works and it's based on God, which is very important.

So I give you my thanks, I feel like I owe you so much more for giving me the woman of my dreams. Thanks! : )

Christopher-irishheart414 {Ohio} November 2010

 I have been meaning to write a testimonial for the longest time on your site to say it has been a God-send and hope to the hopeless when it comes to finding true love.  

I met a local man who is a half hour from where I live and is very involved in his church.

He is Methodist and I am Catholic although I was baptized Lutheran and went to an Evangelical and Nazarene Church growing up. Church was always important and I wanted to find someone who had family values and involved in his Church.

I have been on and off your site taking advantage of the 10 Day Free Trial and one day on December 6, 2009, I decided to give you guys another chance even though I got burned very bad in the last relationship and was skeptical.

However, I did meet a few men who were of high quality but they disappeared or the attraction wasn't there. I said to God I either want to win the lottery or You will make my next relationship work out.

Let me just say He answered BIG time.

I browsed local men about 15-30 miles away and I came across runningedge977 who happened to be Nate. I wrote to him seeing if I'd get a response and I did very quickly.

We emailed back and forth and within a couple days. We were talking for a couple weeks and everything clicked - I loved his voice. He is like me in so many ways personality-wise.

I wanted to see him because I have been there and done that with never meeting and growing attraction and did not want to prolong things. So on December 27, 2009 on my dad's birthday, we had our first date when he came over to see me and put everything together name, voice and face. We hit it off well and knew very quickly God was in our relationship and would go to each other's church when we could as it is important to do in a relationship with someone. Our love was growing and blooming like a rose. We knew where we wanted the relationship to go.

Then on October 16, 2010 Nate and I took a day trip a couple hours away. The weather was just perfect for the fall as we were walking around the lake and took some pictures as people go there to get married.

Little did I realize what was in store that night as I took some pictures of him standing next to the Reserved for Groom parking sign and had him take a picture of me at the Reserved for Bride sign. We went on a dinner cruise and after that was over I thought we were just going to leave and he said he had something for me.

So we walked to the edge of the lake where we walked earlier in the day and he got down on one knee with a ring and proposed.

We are planning our wedding and will be Happily United in the Holy Sacrament of Marriage on October 1, 2011.

Both of us cannot express enough how grateful we are to when the desire for marriage was there but just to have Faith that it would happen in His timing and that He would never plant a desire in our hearts that He wouldn't fulfill.

My advice, and I am sure Nate would agree, is to pray constantly to God for a spouse and have Him guide you to that person or take a risk like I did with initiating contact on here. Be like the woman who begged the judge for a just verdict. I wanted to also wanted to add another piece of advice to our testimonial that members should Thank God every day for bringing the right person into their life and each time they spend together. Involve God in the relationship. Be like the one leper that came back to give thanks.

Mia-paangel614 {Pennsylvania} & Nate-runningedge977 {Pennsylvania} November 2010

[Editor's note: See July 2011 testimonial for Nate's update!]

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 I have enjoyed the site so much.  

You guys offer a great service.

Henrietta-missionary460 {Ontario} November 2010

 I actually met someone on!  

We are now married and have a baby girl!

I would say we are definitely a success story. God really blessed me with a wonderful husband and I couldn't be happier.

I was married before and have 5 children from that marriage and my husband accepts and loves them and they love him.

Mary-maryshivers290 {South Carolina} & Powell-maxwelllee667 {Montana} November 2010

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 Thank you to whoever is responsible for catching those that are not truly on this site with pure motives.  

It is refreshing to see that this site takes great concern for those of us on here that are serious.

God bless and thank you again for you diligent work.

Kim {California} November 2010

 I'm new in the last 2yrs to computers, since being widowed, & tried another site that sent me to, which I found to be much friendlier to use.  

In August you offered Nora a 5 day free pass which she used to search & find me. We are head over-heels in love, to be wed in December.

Thank you, guys. God is good through!

Chris-ibeeme103 {California} & Nora-silvabfly746 {California} November 2010

[Editor's note: See February 2011 testimonial for their wedding testimonial.]

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