Christian Testimony - October 2008

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 Craig and I would like to thank you for creating such a promising environment for Christian singles to meet.  

American Christian single meets Welsh match at restaurant

Nicole and Craig's first meeting changed their lives

Comfortable dinner date for new couple

No other hand has ever fit so comfortably for Nicole and Craig

Pretty woman leans in and kisses cheek of pleased man

Nicole just KNEW Craig was her soulmate!

We met back in March of this year through and Craig came to visit me in August for two weeks.

But the really fun and interesting part is that we live almost 4000 miles apart! We really had to trust God and each other to decide to go through with it.

Friends from church would say, "But what if he gets here and you don't like each other? What if he's strange or he has quirks that are different or his mannerisms just don't mesh well with you?"

I just had to reply, "We'll just have to see." When really I wanted to say, "That's not going to happen."

It only took us a few months to decide we wanted to see each other. Well, that and a handful of outrageous phone bills including one on my part that was over $1,000!

Forgive me for sounding cliche, but it was just right. We knew.

I live in Lebanon, MO and he lives in Llanelli, Wales, so his trip was a tiring 22 hours of subways, coaches, and flights. I'm sure you all are used to the corniness, so I won't spare you!

I drove to STL to pick him up in the evening on August 16, 2008. I can honestly say that day changed our lives.

Our every focus at this time in our lives is to be with each other. The very second I saw him at the end of the corridor, I KNEW it was Craig. I had to look away because I was so nervous. He knew exactly who I was too, and made a beeline for me.

It's such a poetic moment that I know we'll never forget. We can both agree that no other hand has ever fit so comfortably before. It was overwhelming to say the least.

We spent two amazing weeks together and then he had to go back home. He stayed with a very good friend of mine from church named Jesus who I believe is anointed by God in wisdom. He can very well discern spirits, and I trust his judgement wholly.

In a text from Jesus (in his broken English, bless him) he wrote, "...dont let hem go. Is great men whit big heart. Uou never fine other person like hem." And naturally my family and my church family were so excited to meet him and approved, as I knew they would!!

After an emotional departure, we both set toward home. We both agreed that we only want to experience that feeling of separation a few more times before we make some big decisions.

The only factor that stands between us is distance. I am now trying to save up to visit Llanelli in April (pray that I get the time off!) and Craig is going to visit again before my trip for a month for the new year!

I had just gotten out of a poor relationship right before Craig and I met that really taught me some more maturity about relationships. We are ecstatic and moved to feel such support from our loved ones, and I believe that it's God speaking and telling us, "Hey you two, this is it."

The thing is, we both know we could fall in love with anyone, (like we'd want to now!) but the matter is that we have CHOSEN each other. We want to be together. Sure, we have felt all the highs of a new relationship and that "in love" feeling, but we know that the best is yet to come.

And we have chosen, by our freewill, to make this journey into one life together. We have a big nasty wave of legal battles ahead of us, but we know that God will bless us and lead us through. If God ever wanted to teach us to bear the fruit of long-suffering, let me tell you-we are living it.

We have already made sacrifices to see this work: Craig has put some of his old Star Wars figures on eBay, has endlessly searched for the best rates among European mobile companies.

I started a new job in the last month that allows me to work a split shift so that I have my afternoons free to speak to him, (because of the time difference) and I am trying to sell my clarinet as well as some old formal dresses in order to raise money for my trip.

We are eager to see where God will take us in ministry and we know that we will be a powerful and inseparable pair.

And it all started with you, Christian Cafe. So thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Craig and I would have never known such a beautiful and wholesome love if it were not for your services.

Please enjoy these photos from our meeting, and we'll be sure to keep you posted in the coming months as well as the inevitable!

Nicole-nashlee374 {Missouri} & Craig-aldaya729 {Wales} October 2008

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 I would like to thank for bringing Heather into my life.  

Missouri Christians hugging after meeting

Brian and Heather share the same interests, morals, values and personalities

Selfie for newly engaged Christians

Brian and Heather will marry in beautiful Jamaica!

Cute couple at ball game

A very happy Brian and Heather, engaged!

We just happened to be online at the same time on June 15th at 10:00 PM, and we ended up IM'ing each other until 5 o'clock in the morning!

I called my mother that day and told her, "I have found the woman I am going to marry." After a few days, we started talking on the phone and that is when we realized that our interests, morals, values, personalities were all the same.

In fact, we both owned a chipmunk. I thought I was the only crazy person who had a chipmunk as a pet, haha. We weren't just on the same page, we were reading the same book!

We will be getting married in February 2009 on the sandy beaches of Jamaica, which has been Heather's lifelong dream.

We will be moving to Japan next May in an effort to stop the dolphin genocide in Taiji. Who would have thought that we would both have a heart for animals?

Heather and I are both still shocked in disbelief, because of the incredible way this has all come about, and we thank for making this possible.

Brian-briankoe432 {Missouri} & Heather- heatherrose967 {Missouri} October 2008

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 Military life will be a change for me but God has called us all to be in His army so there will not be much to get used to.  

New York Christian marries army man and hugs him closely

Don't Casey and Sara make a great couple!

Casey and I were married on Sept 27, 2008.

We starting talking a year ago in Oct. 2007. Got engaged in Feb. 2008 after dating and meeting for about three months of dating, chatting, emails and phone conversations.

God has really blessed us with each other. Thank you for your ministry and we both are looking forward to serving God together. God Bless and we both pray many more testimonies of Christians finding each other are to come.

Casey-superman524 {California} and Sara-sdomago640 {New York} October 2008

  I was at the end of my free trial and decided to purchase an additional month of service.  

A very happy bride stands smiling with her new husband while holding beautiful flowers

Alena's investment paid off: she met Brad!

I'm 31 years old and I joined about four months ago.

I had been talking with a couple of different people, but nothing seemed to "click". I debated for a while whether or not to purchase more time and decided to go ahead and give it another shot and purchase at least another month.

Well, about three days into my paid month, an amazingly sweet and God-loving man contacted me. Well, to make a long story short, this gentleman who lived halfway across the country (Missouri), and I hit it off right away.

We prayed daily about our increasing friendship and love for each other, and I am happy to say we were married on October 4, 2008.

I now live in Missouri by the way. So, we just wanted to thank you for providing a way for good, Christian people to meet and build a Godly relationship that maybe they wouldn't have had it not been for your website.

God, through the use of, brought to me the love of my life. May God continue to bless your website and use it to bring Godly, healthy love and companionship into more people's lives.

Alena-alena339 {California} & Brad-forgiven869 {Missouri} October 2008

 I think is the best website ever.  

Spanish Christian hugs his beautiful Albanian wife

A very happy Alma hugs her one and only, Patrick

Beautiful wedding setting as newly married couple hug

Patrick can't believe his good fortune at having married Alma!

Christian couple just married smile together

Patrick and Alma are living their fairy tale life

A radiant bride smiles at her husband who holds her hand

Alma makes it official! is very well protected and very flexible to all people, and it takes you just a few minutes to get in it.

I was very lucky to get to know that this website existed, because it led me to the man of my dreams, my One and Only, Patrick.

We got to know each other on in October 2007. We met in Albania (where I lived) in December 2007, and spent Christmas and New Year's together.

We kept writing each other every day and called each other every day. Patrick came back to Albania in May 2008 and we got engaged. He was living in Spain when we were dating, so he had to do several trips back and forth to see me. From there we decided that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives with each other.

So, we got married in August 10th 2008. And now we are very Happy to be living with each other for the rest of our lives.

Again we would like to thank you for making our dream come true, for giving us a chance to live happily ever after as in the fairy tales. We knew since the very first moment that we were going to get married, because we are the "one" to each other.

All thanks to you. God bless you for your wonderful work.

Patrick-patrickst718 {Spain} & Alma-rachela665 {Albania} October 2008

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 A Cafe Success Story!  

Christian pilot hugging  Alberta sweetheart

Danny has found his happiness, Shelley!

Shelley and I met on 2 years ago.

Shelley was living in Canmore, AB, and I was living in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC when we met, although I was there temporarily on pilot training. We never would have met other than on the Cafe (unless God did something else wild)!!!

We were married in Vancouver, BC on April 11th. We are uber happy together.

We wonder practically every day why people stay in bad relationships or get married and then be miserable - we want to always work together and we are doing it.

I'm a pilot in the airforce, and Shelley is incredibly supportive of my career, and I think she'll agree I support her art and drywall taping all the way too.

Shelley is opening a store in our town here to sell her art and antiques, etc. too. I wish I had more time to write a narrative! Pilot training is very busy.

Danny & Shelley, Moose Jaw, SK
"Celui qui trouve une femme trouve le bonheur; c'est une grace qu'il obtient de l'Eternel." - Prov. 18:22

Shelley-kanaderin407 {Alberta} & Danny-dvanderbyl322 {Quebec} October 2008

[Editor's note: See March 2021 to read much more about their romantic engagement!]

 Thank you so much for helping us meet.  

England single Christians match and marry

Phil and Carolyn hit it off right away-and are now married!

I've been working in mission for some years, and returned to the UK last year for a year's home leave.

I went on last July, and enjoyed meeting people, until I met my now-wife in November.

We hit it off very quickly, and got engaged in April, married in August 2008 and now we're preparing to go overseas together next summer. You do a great job keep it up!

Phil-nomadlearner558 {England} & Carolyn-geecar368 {England} October 2008

 Who ever would have thought that one week on would change our lives forever?  

Winnipeg Christian finds his miracle wife as they pose by a river

Kristian has been married for 4 great months!

Bride drags off her groom

Using was the best move of Kristian's life!

Without I would never have found the woman I was meant to marry.

Well over three years ago I signed on not expecting any miracles. My wife-to-be had done the same thing the day before.

We met online Feb 16th 2005 and chatted for a few weeks through and we met in person Feb 25th. Three years came and went and our love only grew stronger.

Life tragedies and terrible sickness only made our relationship stronger - if we could get through these things together, then we were right for each other - and brought us together electronically.

We were married on June 7th of this year, 3 years and 3 months and 2 weeks after we met. Now it has been 4 great months of married life and I owe it all to

When people ask how we met they are always surprised, because we actually had an extremely positive experience meeting each other using an online source. I couldn't be happier, best move of my life!

Kristian-artificer586 {Winnipeg} October 2008

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 I met a young lady and things are progressing.  

As I now have a Lady it is unethical for me to stay on the site. Thank your for the ministry you offered.

Philip-frphil742 {Western Australia} & Linda-lynadri211 {Western Australia} October 2008

[Editor's note: See November 2010 for a wedding picture and Linda's testimonial!]

 I met my husband on your web site and now we are doing ministering together.  

Ronald lives in the Cayman Island and I live in Ohio. I visit the island quite often so when I saw him on your site it was good to know that he lived in a place where I enjoyed vacationing.

We began to write each other and after a year we were married. We are both prayer partners and ministers working for the Lord together.

I would like to take this time to say thank you and God bless this web site. God does move, even on the internet!!!!!

Terrie-terrie180 {Ohio} & Ronald {Cayman Islands} October 2008

 I met Rosemarie after maybe six weeks on the "cafe".  

We talked on the phone twice for about five minutes or less. About three weeks later we both knew what was going to happen.

Three more weeks of letting it "simmer" and I sent her an email with a photo of her diamond ring and asked her via email to marry me! She of course said YES as I knew she would!

We are both THRILLED with each other!!! I will be flying from Chicago to the Philippines this Spring to bring her home!

Nate- natesdesk546 {Wisconsin} & Rosemarie- rosemarie637 {Philippines} October 2008

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 We got married on September 4th. We eloped to Scotland.  

We're extremely happy. We're so perfect for each other. We feel it was God who brought us together through your site.

Alisa-chandni360 {Ontario} October 2008

[Editor's note: See April 2008 for Alisa's first submission, before she married.]

 Thought I'd let you know that through your site I found my wife!  

I met her on July 25, 2007 and married her January 13th (About 5 months after I met her). I thank you for the service you provided.

Tim-poctim357 {Ontario} October 2008

 I met a wonderful lady on  

And had an uncommon dilemma of asking the Lord to reveal his perfect will. I feel that I know I met the 'perfect' one for me.

We met as I travelled on business to Florida, and met after my conference. It has been a beautiful thing. We are located in different states , but our friendship is very healthy and growing by leaps and bounds.

Ron-proverbslvr419 {New Jersey} October 2008

 Michael and I were married on 9/20/8 in the presence of family, friends and most importantly God.  

I had been on for about 4 months. I liked the honesty in his profile and sent him a short note. He IM'd me and the rest is history.

From day one we sensed that we were each a blessing from God. Our wedding song was "Only God Could Love You More" and it is so true. Words can not express the peace and joy God has given us.

Oh and we are both 52 years old. (He's still the old one though!) Remember "with God" all things are possible.

Michael-lostone527 {Michigan} & Debbie-daffodil646 {Minnesota} October 2008

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