Christian Testimony - April 2008

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If you have a experience you would like to share with other members, please write to us. is definitely being used by God to bring Christian singles together!  

A beautiful woman in a wedding dress with a long veil stands next to her husband and holds her bouquet

John and Jennifer are loving married life!

A very happy couple of former single Christians from Illinois pose together by a river after marrying

John and Jennifer are living testimony of God's work through Christian Cafe

We just wanted to write and thank you for what you do everyday. Our lives have changed so much in just two short years because God used to bring us together.

John and I met in person for the first time on February 11, 2006, after briefly communicating over email and phone.

For the next 13 months we enjoyed a wonderful dating journey which lead to our engagement on March 10, 2007. Over the course of the next seven months, we planned a wedding, I quit a job and moved an hour away to John's hometown.

We were joined in marriage on September 29, 2007, surrounded by family and friends.

We are loving married life and feel that God has blessed us beyond measure. Whenever we have the opportunity to share how we met we take it.

We love to encourage others who are single and in search of that special person God has set aside for them to try (It can also create a positive witnessing opportunity.)

We believe in what God is doing through The ChristianCafe website and are living testimony.

John-goobs346 {Illinois} & Jennifer-jennifer889 {Illinois} April 2008

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 I wanted to tell the good news of what your web site has done for my fiancee and I.  

American Christian singles hugs a beautiful Finnish Christian woman who holds his hands affectionately

Sirkku and Erick look forward to a wonderful life together

I met Sirkku on November 27th and had been praying that God lead me to the right woman. Sirkku was the direct answer to that prayer in all ways.

We soon hit it off after corresponding and found that in all ways we really enjoyed everything about the other person. We had many wonderful confirmations through prayer and others that God had His hand on our relationship.

After three weeks of intensive emailing I asked Sirkku if I could come and see her in Finland and see if what we felt for each other over the Internet would be the same feelings that we could have in person.

Then I was able to fly form the USA to Finland and when we met at the airport we both soon felt each other was more than we had asked God for. By the end of our 10 day visit I knew Sirkku was the one that God had ordained for my life and she felt the same!

We just became engaged and look forward to a wonderful life together. We wanted to thank for the wonderful web site they have for destiny and God's will to happen!

We also wanted to thank the Lord Jesus Christ for all He has done in our lives. We plan to be married at the end of July! Thanks!!

Erick-erickman753 {Montana} & Sirkku-emberiza596 {Finland} April 2008

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 To be honest, I never, EVER, thought I'd meet my future wife on an internet dating site, but the Lord had other plans.  

A couple laugh for joy at their wedding reception

Jay is no longer skeptical about - he's now married to Kari!

I met my wife here on in Aug 2006, and we were married in June 2007.

What started out with an email, led to a phone call, then a first date at my church, and now we have been married for eight wonderful months.

Praise God for His goodness and grace. I wish each of you here the best in your search. Never settle for less than God would have for you!

Jay- heavnbound573 {North Carolina} & Kari April 2008

 This year we celebrate 4 years together - thanks to God and  

England man takes selfie with a Brazilian woman

Adelma met her precious love, Felix back in 2003

A couple hug and smile while lying in the grass at sunset

What a beautiful setting for Adelma and Felix!

Adorable Christian couple hug while on a date at a restaurant

Adelma and Felix complement each other

A well dressed couple on a date stand together and smile

Adelma and Felix have shared many wonderful moments together

I met my precious love on October 2003. We started exchanging emails, chatting, many phone calls and we met each other in person in February 2004.

He met my family and I met his. Many trips to see each other to make the distance shorter and we have been together since that. We have shared lovely wonderful moments together and completing each other.

I would like to thank God in first place for sending me my blessing and using as an instrument. God be praised!!!!

Adelma-romanticprincess282 {Brazil} & Felix- Felixthecat628 {England} April 2008

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 We are getting married!!!!  

Virginia Christian single laughs and hugs a man from Georgia

Cathie and Bill want singles to know there is hope!

I met Bill on last summer and he just asked me to marry him a couple of weeks ago.

We are so excited and are telling everyone we know that there is hope out there because worked for us so it can work for them too.

Though he lives in Atlanta and I in Virginia, Bill decided to write and say hi because he is a Dr. and I am a nurse and he thought if nothing else we could have some fun conversations.

So glad he took the chance to contact me and so glad that God had His hand of grace on our relationship. Thanks so much for the part that all of you there played in putting together this next chapter of our lives. You're the best!!!!

Cathie-bella444 {Virginia} & Bill {Georgia} April 2008

 We were married on 3-28-08. Thank You So Much!!!!!!  

A woman unabashedly wraps her arms around a man, who looks overjoyed to be in love

With God's help, Glenna and Lou met and were married!

We are very happy and were not sure how this would all work out, since Killer Cook was in West Virginia and ATV Guy was in Florida.

With God's help it all came together. Killer is now retired and living with ATV Guy in sunny Florida. Again Thank You !!!!!!!!!

Glenna-killercook438 {West Virginia} & Lou-atvguy663 {Florida} April 2008

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 After a difficult marriage and divorce, I was lost. But God is so good!  

A couple tenderly hold hands and smile together at the altar

Vicki found new life in her gift from God: Duane!

Large wedding party poses with bride and groom at church

Vicki and Duane married in front of family and friends

Of course in my new found freedom I thought I could find my Mr. Right on my own and quickly found out that we as humans can make some very wrong decisions on our own.

Thus, I spent many long days and nights alone and feeling very lonely. After a while I finally gave in and told the Lord that if it were His will for me to be alone for the rest of my life then so be it, I was ready to accept His will.

One night about two weeks later I received an email introducing me to a website for Christian singles. I thought I would check it out and see what it was all about.

I started looking through the profiles and came across this one of a very handsome man from Santa Rosa, I started reading his profile and could not believe how compatible we were. We chatted online from 10 pm until 2 am. We ended up staying up until we needed to get off and go to work, which was 6:30 am!

I walked around on pure adrenaline that day, not really believing that I had connected so perfectly with someone! We had our first date a few days later and the rest is history!!!

Duane is my gift from God. A gift that I will forever be grateful for. He is gentle, kind, romantic, caring, loves me and more importantly loves the Lord!

He has a unique gift when it comes to working with the youth; it is awesome to watch him work with them. They truly love and respect him as he does them. With this gift for the youth comes a love for my daughter that is amazing.

Not only is he my gift but I believe that God is using him as a tool in the healing process for my daughter. She will now know what a true father is and know that she is loved for who she is.

When Duane proposed to me it was the most wonderful thing in the world! He had come up to visit for the weekend and without my knowing, he and my daughter had planned the whole thing out!

He acted as if he was going home on Sunday morning and we left for church. After service was over someone came and told me that my honey was in the foyer, I was puzzled, he was supposed to be gone~! To my surprise he was in the foyer all dressed up and waiting for me, with my daughter next to him video taping the whole thing!

So right there in the foyer of my church, in front of all my friends and family, he got down on his knee and asked me to be his wife! I can watch the video over and over and cry each time I watch it!

So...Dec. 1, 2007 I married my best friend, Duane. It was wonderful; everything was perfect that day and continues to be more perfect every day! God is so good! THANK YOU LORD FOR MY GIFT!

Vicki-brokenwing175 {California} & Duane {California} April 2008

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 Will and Susy met 2yrs ago, April 9th, on  

Newly engaged Christian singles smile together in beautiful mountain scenery

Susy and Will are very happy together!

We have become engaged April 1st, 2008. The wedding will be sometime this year. Thanks!!!!!

Susy- susybque939 {Arkansas} & Will April 2008

 From Tampa to West Palm Beach...  

Florida Christian singles so happy to be together, hold hands and smile

Larry and Paige thank God everyday!

We met and married and thank God everyday for the blessing of this union!

Larry {Florida} and Paige- paigealicious282 {Florida} April 2008

 I truly believe that God orchestrates our love stories.  

Groom whispers in his wife's ear as she smiles on their wedding day

Natalie and Kurtis now very much enjoy life together!

That might sound romantic but it's true. There is a lot of stigma, especially in Christian circles regarding Internet Dating.

My husband (then boyfriend) reminded me that the Internet or dating sites like are simply tools that God uses to bring people together.

I didn't want to meet someone where people typically do - the bar scene etc. I didn't have a lot of time to engage in extra curricular activities and I didn't go to a big church.

I was wondering how on earth I would meet someone to spend my life with.

I met my husband Kurtis on August 24th 2006 through We were inseparable from that day forth.

We have now been married for over a year and are very much enjoying our life together.

I wanted to write this testimonial because I think it is important for others to know that God is good and sometimes He works in ways we cannot see. He even uses the Internet.

Natalie-Wildflower269 {B.C.} & Kurtis April 2008

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 Just wanted to say how happy we are that we found each other through  

UK Christians marry and stand outside arm in arm

Julian and Natascha found God does immeasurably more than all we ask

ex-single Christians look very comfortable together on a cold day sight seeing

Julian found it was amazingly easy to talk to Natascha

and how clearly we see God's hand in how we met!

I contacted Julian in July 2007, and soon we were sending daily emails and started phoning two weeks later. It was amazing how easy it felt to talk to the other person - the first phone call lasted four hours! We 'clicked' immediately as we shared our faith, interests and attitudes in life.

Four weeks of daily phone calls followed before Julian had a week's holiday and made his way up the motorway to come and meet me in person. The lovely time we had together confirmed that we wanted to be with each other, and friendship was growing into more. We met every weekend after that and got engaged in November 2007. Our wedding was on March 15th 2008!

Ephesians 3:20 is right, God can indeed do "immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine"! We feel so blessed. In our experience a solid friendship before meeting in person can be invaluable; we knew each other well and had 'chemistry' on the phone that wasn't based on looks but on more important things. And we learnt that distance needn't be an obstacle - if it is right, then it can work. Thanks for all your help!

Julian-kirkst535 {England} & stascha917-Natascha {Scotland} April 2008

[Editor's note: See December 2009 for a "Cafe Baby" update!]

  Christian Cafe was a great hobby and psychology experiment for me  

A woman laughs and clings to a man who looks very happy

Tracey wouldn't trade her experience on for anything!

I never expected to meet my future husband there...but I met my husband at

I did learn a lot about what Christian men SAY they want (a woman who loves the Lord) and what they REALLY want (a supermodel). It was a little disheartening at first, but I made a lot of good friends, met some interesting men and learned better how to communicate, especially when it came to setting and enforcing my boundaries.

It was a lot of fun and I wouldn't trade the experience for anything. AZMusicman and AZSunshine were married in Scottsdale, Arizona on April 13, 2007 on a perfect Friday afternoon.

Tracey-AZSunshine {Arizona} & Azmusicman {Arizona} April 2008

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 I'm now Mrs. CelticWarrior781.  

On 16th February 2008, My husband, Douglas and I got married. We started our communication 14th October 2007. It was very quick, we just clicked, as Douglas would say.

Our initials were written on each other's hearts from the time we were a thought in our Father's heart. And it is just wonderful, God's choice; I'm so glad we waited for each other.

When I first went on, I would ask my Father in heaven to stop anyone coming through that He would not approve of and apply the Blood of Jesus on my computer and connections, all in the name of my Lord Jesus Christ.

So I was not a popular choice. God weeded every one out that didn't see Jesus as He had me see Him. But my warrior, like me, has had life changing experiences over and over again and we just want the Lord to use us for His Glory and to live in the joy of every minute of it. Yes the enemy will roar around us but He who is in us is greater, Hallelujha, praise the name of Jesus.

Doreen-doreen114 {Ireland} & Douglas-celticwarrior781 {Nevada} April 2008

 I have met WONDERFUL men AND women online, and am absolutely delighted with!  

Love quality of men who are contacting me, and also of the friends that I am making. I also love your "prayer" part, though have not used it yet.

I have never joined another singles site before, and I just think is marvelous. I'm glad you care about the people on our site.

Connie - worshipper968 {California} April 2008

 I will not need your services anymore.  

I found a gal from your site, Anne from NJ, to marry. Thank you much.

Lance-oldautos446 {California} & Anne-mockingbird632 {New Jersey} April 2008

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 I found my the love of my life on Christian in April 2002.  

Richard was in California, while I was in Uganda, Africa at the time we met. After we met on, we sought the Lord for His will for our relationship and later decided that we were meant to share our lives together.

We were engaged in Stockholm, Sweden (in December 2002), and later we exchanged our marriage vows in Ixtapa, Mexico (in August 2003). We moved to USA - were we renewed our wedding vows - in February 2004.

It has been six years since we met at and our love is still growing stronger and stronger. Richard and I have not stopped testifying about how God led us together on and how he confirmed His lead to us in so many ways.

Thank you so much for allowing us an opportunity to meet.

Christine-cbn441 and Richard {California} April 2008 helped me to see that there were other Christian singles out there seeking Christian spouses.  

If it were not for, I would have just accepted that there was no one out there in the same position that I was (divorced, Christian, seeking God approved mate). Thanks for renewing my hope.

Beth - serenity647 {North Carolina} April 2008

 Many thanks for the prayer page.  

It's a pleasure being able to pray for one another and strengthens my spiritual walk. Many thanks for the 1-on-1 chat too. It's a pleasure coming on this site, esp. the prayer, as it is powerful. Thank you very much. God bless.

Susan-paradise401 {England} April 2008

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 We are a success story for you.  

21 months ago we both did your free trial and we met our perfect match.

We have been happily married now for the past year. We have you to thank. God is Great and is an extension of this greatness. Blessings to you. We will pray that you continue to your ministry hooking up singles like us.

LeRoy-leroy594 April 2008

 I have happy news in letting you know that I am getting married in 3 weeks time from someone I met on  

So you have another happy couple thanks to your organisation. We are from Bundaberg and Sydney so there was no possible way we could have met if not for

We would love to be one of your "happy stories" that you feature on your site :)

Karen-kaps304 {Queensland, Australia} & Mark-asforme247 {New South Wales, Australia} April 2008

 I will no longer be answering emails because I have found my soulmate!  

He is the love of my life and I'm going to walk with him through eternity! Thanks to for sending me an email telling me he was my perfect match. They were right!

Kimberley-kimberly532 {California} & Steve-walkwithme208 {California} April 2008

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 Please delete my account and my profile , as I met someone through the Cafe and we are now engaged to be married!  

Dana-jan681 {Tennessee} April 2008

 I met a wonderful godly man on your site, and we are married now!  

Patti-calvaryforme164 {North Carolina} April 2008

 Many thanks for this website!!!!!!!!!  

I actually married someone I met off the Christian Cafe.

Sarah-meghan880 & Jonathan April 2008

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 Thank you for your website that can help Christian singles find a Christian partner.  

And I am one of them who found a wonderful Christian wife that God prepared for me. Her name is Paz and we married on July 30 2005.

She is lovely & a dedicated wife. I really thank God through your website we found each other & we are happy together.

God will bless you as you continue to help other Christian singles around the world to find their lifetime partners. Again thank you...thank you.

Charles-cdmanning668 & Paz April 2008

 I met my wife of 1.5 years on  


Josh-trusthim171 April 2008

 Met my wife on and we have been married 3 years now and have a wonderful 2 yr. old son.  

Praise God for Christian dating services - God never gets it wrong!

John April 2008

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 I got married March 13, 2008 to someone from  

Thanks for your singles site. My wife and I appreciated your help in helping us to meet. We contacted each other from email and phone and finally after four months we got married in the Philippines.

Graham {Australia} & Eveyln-miky883 {Philippines} April 2008

 My fiance and I met last spring (around April) via  

We are getting married this coming May 25th. And thanks for helping us (by God's grace) find each other.

<>Besides meeting via our story is a little unique in that we're both pastors, but currently in different denominations. We're inviting both congregations to our wedding and a potluck-style reception, so we'll have quite the party! :>)

Willemina- cupochai101 {Ontario} & Kelly- wordman886 {Ontario} April 2008

 Just want to let you know that my fiancee and I will be getting married June 7th.  

We both joined in July 2007. He put a search in the moment he finished his profile. I answered immediately, we met & set a date. Couldn't wait the entire week!

Two days later we went out and have been together ever since. I knew the minute I opened his note it was from God, that this was it! AND IT WAS!

We are in our fifties, we have children and two new grandchildren! God is so gracious! Thank you for being that connection for us!

Patti & Mike- mikes314 {Maryland} April 2008

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 After my divorce I didn't think I would ever find someone to love me again.  

I was wrong. I am happy to say thanks to you and God I have found the love of my life. I am now engaged to be married this July!!

Mark-mark771 & Marcy-marcy139 {Ohio} April 2008

 I believe in - found my wife there and married 2.5 years ago.  

What is humorous is that I referred three acquaintances--Steve, a realtor from Kirkland WA, and Cliff to, and they are all are married to women they met on the Cafe--so you guys are responsible for 4 marriages!

All of them were skeptical could work for them, too - but I kept prodding them and look at the results!!!!!!!!!!

Bill-bill818 {Washington} April 2008

 Just a note to let you know that "bud" is now married to "forestlady".  

We met on in winter 2006, married in summer 2007, and we're very very happy!

Had it not been for your site we probably would have missed each other. We're thankful to the Lord for His hand in bringing us together through!!!!

Clarence- bud891 {Alaska} & forestlady270 {Alaska} April 2008

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 I had given up on dating and marriage altogether and let my account expire.  

Then around Valentine's day I felt God convicting me that marriage is His idea and plan and so I checked my inbox and there was a message. I really liked what he said and his profile.

We started exchanging e-mails. We met for the first time during a ragging blizzard but the connection was warm. It is almost crazy how similar we are in so many areas.

We just started dating officially but it really seems God has brought us together through and is leading us. Even he had given dating and relationships up to God's hands just before.

We pray that God will continue to guide us as we get to know each other more and more, but I am so thankful that we were able to meet in the first place through

Alisa-chandni360 {Ontario} April 2008

[Editor's note: See October 2008 for Alisa's marriage update!]

 I live in B.C. I met someone on from Ontario.  

We're getting married in May 08. Thanks for the help.

Trevor- mindfull358 {B.C.} & desertlilacs331 {Ontario} April 2008

[Editor's note: See March 2009 for their wedding update and a photo!]

 God is so good and used to bring me my husband to be.  

I never thought I would look on the internet for a date but am so glad I did. We will be married next month, May 23.

Donna-sunshine8590 {Maryland} April 2008

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 Just wanted you to know that I met someone on and am now engaged!!  

Thank you for the site... it worked for me!

Heather-texasred560 {Texas} April 2008

 I have been married now for some time and need now to grow as a married wife ; )  

God bless your ministry! May it be upbuilding and richteous way to get to know new believers. May God also protect you and give much wisdom.

Paivi-Marjatta-desertspring120 {Finland} April 2008

 I just want to let you know that I met my wife on  

We got married on February 9th, 2008 and we're happily living in Ottawa, Ontario.

Paul- pianoman862 {Ontario} & Lorna-Amikbeaver647 {Ontario} April 2008

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 I live in Sudamerica and I thought it was impossible to find true love on the internet.  

I lost my faith in people but I had always a big faith in our Lord and I prayed at my work desk for a NICE PERSON WHO LOVES GOD WITH ALL HIS HEART.

I was 43 years old and never married. I wanted a special man with a kind heart. In July 2007 I received one beautiful letter and I answered. I never thought that person was the one special person who Lord sent to me.

We are evangelicals. Tonny lives in USA and travelled to Sudamerica to meet me. Tonny was in Sudamerica for 4 months and now is my husband. We married on 24th November, 2007 and are happy!

I FEEL SO HAPPY AND GIVE THANKS LORD FOR THAT. My husband was divorced and had prayed for a good woman to be happy and found me in

I give thanks to God and for this web site. Please do not ever close because the Lord will use you to unite persons of different continents and languages. Tonny speaks English and I, Spanish, but we are so happy to be married, and is not very important the languages because WE LOVE EACH OTHER.


Mireya-godismylord574 {Ecuador} & Anthony-antromo712 {Colorado} April 2008

 I met the love of my life on Christian Cafe three years ago.  

We got engaged in February and are getting married on August 23rd! I met Trisha on here in April of 2005.

We first met in person in May of 2005, and dated that summer. We quit dating that fall because she was going to school and wasn't quite ready for marriage, but we stayed friends.

In 2007 she finished school and got a job closer to where I live. The Lord led us back together again and we quickly became very close again. We are so excited to be married in August!!

Thank you so much, was a great blessing to us - you are the means the Lord used to bring Trisha and I together. We will be forever grateful !

Timothy-lordsman630 {Wisconsin} & Trisha April 2008

 Getting married!  

I met Kathy on in early October 2006. It was a difficult time in my life and I was hitting rock bottom. I was not serving God and felt like things were really going downhill. I was lonely in NYC and knew a Christian woman in my life would be the influence and companionship that I longed for.

I went on When I saw Kathy's profile I knew we were going to be together. I smiled at her and she smiled back. We started a conversation and met a few days later. We started talking and met again a week later. We starting dating November 2, 2006 and have been inseparable ever since. We are getting married May 3, 2008.

God placed Kathy in my life at the right time. Had we met earlier, when I was not ready to serve God, we would not have been compatible. We met when I was broken and ready to turn the reins over to God. Things were not easy for me in the beginning as the world maintained its influence over me.

Kathy's prayer, influence and love encouraged me and God delivered me from my old ways. I am a new creation. Had I not met Kathy I don't think I would have given my life back to God.

Another interesting twist in our story is that I moved to New York from Canada and Kathy moved to New York from the Philippines - from different corners of the world our paths crossed on!!

Jeremy-spooge274 {New York} & Kathy-kitkathykat815 {New York} April 2008

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