Christian Testimony - December 2009

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 I was very skeptical about Internet dating, but wow, I would recommend to anybody who's really looking for love.  

Christian single finds love online and pose together in South Africa

Mbali's joy can't be contained: look at that smile!

Birthday present for Christian single. A man hugs a very happy woman

Mbali met her match on her birthday!

This is a thank you note to the Cafe staff: the work you guys are doing is marvelous.

I joined on 18/08/2009. On 14/09/09, Hopefulkt149 winked @ me and we started talking the following day. 5 days later, 18/09/09, we met.

What a birthday present! Been together since then.

There are so many similarities between us. May the Lord richly bless you guys.

Mbali-unamandla787 {South Africa} & Hopefulkt149 {South Africa} December 2009

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 After meeting on and getting married in March 2008 we are now the happy parents of a baby boy!  

New baby for Christian couple laughs at parents while lying down

What a bright smile from Julian and Natascha's "Cafe Baby"

He was born in October 2009. God is good! "What is impossible with men is possible with God". Luke 18:27.

Julian-kirkst535, {England} & stascha917- Natascha {Scotland} December 2009

[Editor's note: See April 2008 for their wedding testimonial.]

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 My sister was a widow for several years after her husband of 30 years died of cancer.  

Christian advice turns to romance for these senior Christians who look very happy to be together on their wedding day

An elated Liz and Ray on their wedding day

I told her to make a bio and put it on and she would probably meet someone very nice.

She asked me to look for her. I did and found a widower that was married for 47 years before his wife died of cancer. He lived in Virginia.

I called her and told her to contact him. After the shock that he lived in Virginia, she did; and everything else is now history.

They are happily married for about 1 1/2 years. The Virginian Pilot wrote an article about them in the Gracious Living section the end of November 2009.

Marguerite-bogo936 {California} on behalf of Liz-msdeerie668 {California} & Ray-oldblueeyes185 {Virginia} December 2009

[Editor's note: See December 2007 for Liz's initial post about Ray!]

 Thank you for bringing us together.  

Blessed Christian singles from South Africa look very contented on their wedding day

Arlene and Christopher full of smiles on their wedding day!

We feel truly blessed and believe it was ordained by God.

Christopher-churchgoer296 {South Africa} & Arlene-hisgirl380 {South Africa}December 2009

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 In July of 1999 I had registered with  

After all these years I do not remember my username or Carol's. I was from NY and she was from Virginia,

I moved to Virginia and we were married in Sept 2000. We had a good life together and I loved her as any husband should. In July of 2008 M'Lady Carol became sick; it was diagnosed as uterine cancer.

Carol was a trooper. She underwent chemotherapy and a lot of pain. She went from 260 pounds to 120; the cancer took its toll on her body.

In April we were told that the cancer was in remission but this did not last long ... In Sept the Love of my Life - M'Lady Carol, celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary in the hospital.

We would soon receive the news that the cancer was back and there was nothing that could be done. Carol was brought home and spent her remaining days with visits from her family, her cats and me, her loving husband.

It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do - watch the love of my life slip slowly away. Nov 17, Tuesday evening, Carol went home to the Lord.

I miss her so much! But she is no longer in pain, and I give praise to God for the years we had together. I know I will see her again and there will be no more tears, just a joy that will last forever. For now though I feel alone.

I know He is carrying me and the lone foot prints in the sand are His.

I want to thank you and your staff for continuing to have a fine Christian place for people to meet. It was because of you I had such a good and loving wife to share my life with. We both thought we would grow old together, but He has other plans for her.

A good and faithful servant.

Allen, a former member December 2009

 I met a wonderful man on after being on the site only about 2 weeks.  

We have been building a great God based relationship and will be getting married this summer.

Renee-happybunny832 {Maryland} December 2009

 I'm pleased to say I have met someone here on  

Thank you and keep up the great work. I pray that you will continue to be led by the Holy Spirit and that you will prosper.

Jocelyn-Jocelyne540 {Ontario} December 2009

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 Love the Christian graphics, beautiful!  

Keep it up and well done!

Christine-chrisef452 {New South Wales, Australia} December 2009

 My husband and I met on in 2000, married in 2001 and we are still going strong.  

He is my soul mate. I just wanted to thank you for it,!

Darlene & Richard {no usernames provided} December 2009

 Thank you for introducing my wife and me.  

What a blessing your service has been for us.

I was living in Indiana, while she was living in Maryland. We first corresponded in mid-October 2006 and were married in October 2007 in Sri Lanka, her home country.

The long-distance aspect was a challenge, which was surmountable largely because Sri Lanka has a modified arranged marriage culture and I was aware of the principles of the courtship movement.

We now have a beautiful eight month old baby girl.

Brian-jpitts383 {Indiana} & Dilkushi-angelee924 {Maryland} December 2009

 Thank you with all my heart for the time I have been blessed with here.  

I would feel so lonely, and lost without the few friends I have made, and continue to make.

I pray you all have a wonderful and very blessed Christmas holiday, and a safe and Happy New year 2010! May God shed his glorious light on you! Love always.

Patsy-chatypatsy474 {California} December 2009

[Editor's note: See November 2009 for more praise from Patsy.]

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