Christian Testimony - November 2009

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 I joined honestly seeking a Christian woman.  

Christian honeymoon at Niagara Falls on the Maid of the Mist

Keith and Gerry on honeymoon the Maid of the Mist, Niagara Falls

I had in my search parameter's a 100 mile radius.

Gerry winked at me so I checked out her profile. Tall , Blond, Christian - what more could I ask... 2773 miles away.

We talked for a week before I decided to fly out to see her. A week later she came to see me.

We got married two weeks ago. God is sooo good.

Keith-kwmm440 {Maryland} & Gerry-gerri621 {California} November 2009

 To our still single brothers & sisters  

Dreams come true for North Carolina singles who hug closely and smile in each other's arms

Anne & Shawn were married on July 17, 2009! Dreams really do still come true!

We are compelled to provide a glimpse of the amazing mercifully kind deeds of our Lord in our lives.

Shawn was single almost ten years and for Anne it was nearly fourteen. They both knew they would only marry someone completely committed to Christ.

As single parents they each suffered Biblically disappointing previous marriages. Still they held a glimmer of hope for the impossible - another chance from God for real love.

They wrestled with and accepted the possibility of remaining single for life. Neither wanted any compromise - they would have a Christ centered marriage with someone they were really in love with.

They both desired to maintain moral purity, knowing that only God's ways can bring the happiness for which we all yearn. They met over a year ago on and started communicating via email and occasionally by telephone. Basic friendship ensured.

It took a year before they got around to meeting in person - mainly because Shawn was preoccupied with finishing his final year of college. Anne believed that they would only be friends - that was all.

When they finally met it was only because Anne's son had a lacrosse tournament in the city where Shawn lived - about 2 1/2 hours away. They met as friends.

Anne will forever remember the way Shawn's mouth dropped near the floor when he first saw her in person. Immediately he sensed something unique. Anne reserved judgment, being cautiously open.

Anne explained clearly that she was not a game player and that were Shawn interested, he would need to take any initiative. After the months of reluctance, hesitation and "being stupid", Shawn began pursuing Anne in earnest.

A few months later they were married. After years of meeting others, disappointments and struggles with loneliness, they knew they were in love and the fears, doubts and reservations always present in other relationships were absent.

They are so in love and highly recommend the magnificent blessings that come with waiting until marriage for sexual intimacy.

Shawn-taylormade434 {North Carolina} & Anne-anne557 {North Carolina} November 2009

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 Today marks our 6 month wedding anniversary!  

California Christians marry

Kira and Todd exchanging their vows

Sealed with a wedding kiss

Kira and Todd, now married!

California singles marry and walk hand in hand at outdoor wedding

Kira and Todd smile after marrying

Marital bliss for Christian couple who hug closely and prepare to kiss

Don't Kira and Todd make a great couple!

We got married on 5/30/09 and are walking with the Lord living the abundant life!

God is so good and we are beyond blessed to be in a beautiful marriage covenant. This is truly what God intended for a man and a woman.

We are determined to always keep Christ in the center of our marriage and let Him lead.

Thank you Christian Cafe for being the go-between in which God used for us to find one another!

Kira-lilmisss384 {California} & Todd-shinysideup781 {California} November 2009

[Editor's note: See January 2009 for their engagement testimonial.]

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 My husband Steve and I met on back in December of 07 and we want to thank you for your site.  

Massachusetts Divorced Christians find love and are shown dancing closely on their wedding day

Mary Ellen and Steve do their happy dance at their wedding

We both had been married before and were looking for a particular type of Christian and your site made it possible for us to talk online and then meet.

We found out we both love the Lord, nature, being with friends & family and travel.

Steve proposed on Christmas of last year and we were married September 19th of this year!

We would not have made the connection if it wasn't for - thank you so much! God answered our prayers and you were the path that made it all happen.

Mary Ellen-maryellen408 {Massachusetts} & Steve-stevenhunter487 {Massachusetts} November 2009

 I can't thank God enough for the gift of my husband and for bringing him to me.  

BC Christian singles marry and are full of smiles while walking down the aisle

Annie and Phil full of joy on their wedding day

Joyful wedding day for BC couple with ocean in background

Annie and Phil have vowed to always be laughing themselves silly

We met in the summer of 2007 and married Oct 10th 2009.

~Our Story~

Our story begins in the spring of 2007 when Annie, newly single, took the advice of friends and decided it was time to test the dating waters.

Having grown up in the church, and wanting to find someone who shared her Christian values, she signed up with a Christian dating site and proceeded to go out on quite a few dates, recounting the often amusing stories to her girlfriends.

It is fortunate that Annie loves coffee because there were lots of coffee dates, some good and some that she politely had to get through, but all in good cause as she searched for Mr. Right.

On one of her dates, Annie was told about the dating site, and she joined under the log-in name of "English Angel". Returning home from work one day, she found that someone had "winked" at her and, being naturally curious to see who this person was, she checked out his site and found a man calling himself "Music Man", who, ironically was born just 10 minutes down the road from her birthplace in the English county of Surrey.

She liked what she read so she replied to his email, and thus started a daily correspondence that quickly moved from the dating site to their personal e-mail.

As soon as she came in from work, Annie would look to see if there was a message from Phil and she was rarely disappointed. It wasn't long before Phil suggested that if Annie was ever in Victoria they should meet for the inevitable "coffee date".

That opportunity came on Sunday September 16th 2007 in Victoria. It was the most fun Annie had had on coffee meetings so far.

Phil has a keen sense of humour and he soon had Annie laughing. She was also touched by his concern that she knew how to get back to the Highway from the coffee shop.

Annie thought that Phil was a very good looking guy, and Phil was instantly attracted to Annie's long hair, and her laughter brought a smile to his heart. Here was someone who appreciated his wacky Monty Python and Fawlty Towers sense of humour.

Phil must have liked Annie right from the start, because he emailed her without delay and asked her out again!

The next trip a few months later was to Tofino. They had a ton of fun on their trip - singing in the car, making up hilarious stories and laughing till their sides ached. They both knew during the trip that there was no going back - they had both fallen and fallen hard!

It was at Christmas too, that Phil first took Annie to worship at his church. To Annie, standing amongst a full congregation holding hands with Phil, and singing "Oh Come All Ye Faithful" at the top of her lungs to an orchestra on stage, was pure magic, and she knew that going to church had just taken on a whole new meaning!

Today, Tofino has become a very special place for them as it was there, just over a year later in April, that Phil proposed to Annie.

It doesn't get any more romantic than that. They are completely in love with each other and knowing that the trials they have already faced as a couple have only served to make them stronger.

They enjoy an easy companionship, want to support each other and to grow in their faith together, and they crave to make a difference in the world, leaving it a better place than they found it.

They also vow to always be laughing themselves silly...

Annie-englishangel250 {British Colombia} & Phil-musicman674 {British Colombia} November 2009

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 We are so thankful to for providing the best Christian dating site out there!  

American Christians wed and look very pleased to be together

Kathleen sought God first and Allen was added to her

Patient Christian finds love online. A man sits behind a woman on a sofa and holds her

Allen was well worth the wait for Kathleen!

For the past 2 years of being on my time was mostly spent praying for the needs of others on the prayer page.

I met so many wonderful people, both men and women; indeed they have blessed me and I have remained friends with them all!

During that time I was more dedicated to serving God through prayer than I was "looking" for a mate. I held on to the scripture "But seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these other things will be added unto you." (Matt 6:33)

I knew if I did my part, moving forward and trusting the Lord, God would do His part.

A few months later I was contacted by saying they had found a 100% match for me, (indicated by a cup and saucer). I logged on and saw that my match had "viewed" me so I wrote him.

He was an architect in California and I ran a business in Florida. He thought it would be impossible because "long distance doesn't work".

I believed that if we are truly trusting God in ALL areas of our life then who are we to say our mate is comfortably tucked away in our own back yard? Either we trust God, or we don't. Who could argue that?

So we continued to email. After weeks of corresponding we decided to talk on the phone. Our first conversation lasted 5 hours and the next day we talked for 13 hours!! Needless to say we had a lot in common! We continued talking on the phone daily and our friendship continued to grow, and within a month a business opportunity opened up for me in California!! (Do you see God's hand in that?!)

We met in person, enjoyed each other's company, continued courting, fell in love and a few months later Allen proposed to me. A short time later I moved out to California for good and we were married Oct. 17th!

Admittedly I never thought I would marry anyone I met online, but our ways are not God's ways. I sought HIM first and HIS righteousness, and then all these other things were added unto me!

Please allow me to encourage you to wait on the Lord. is an excellent forum to meet singles and friends, both men and women; it's really a wonderful family! We're so blessed that we waited on the Lord for the mate that HE chose rather than trying to make it happen ourselves. It was well worth the wait!

Kathleen-Kathleen865 {Florida} & Allen-Keitolife338 {California} November 2009

[Editor's note: See January 2012 for an update!]

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 God has been so good to us.  

Brazilian single Christian marries American who hugs her tightly in a mall

A very happy Noemia and Lane pose

A very happy man puts an engagement ring on a woman while standing near a beach

Lane gives Noemia an engagement ring

On February 01, 2009, I contacted Lane, and we started sharing messages and found out we matched.

Lane came to Brazil in October, we met in person, and found out we do love each other.

He asked me to marry him and I accepted. We are planning to get married next year. We thought it would be good writing to you and letting you know.

We are sending you two pictures of us. God bless you and what you are doing.

Noemia-mnvs746 {Brazil} & Lane-savingmyself837 {Florida} November 2009

[Editor's note: See September 2015 for their 5th wedding anniversary testimonial!]

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 If It hadn't been for the cafe I would have never been able to see that there is some kinda life for me.  

I have been talking to a couple of people who have entered my life and made a difference. I do love GOD and have become more closer to him.

I would recommend anyone to before any other site. You all are real and they are as phony as can be.

Once again I want to thank you for what you have done. You have really made a difference in my life and may GOD bless you for that.

Bobby-bammiller865 {Tennessee} November 2009

 I have been blessed to have the fellowship I needed, and all the prayers which seemed most important to me.  

It gave me someone always I could either talk to or pray for. God bless each of you who has played a part in my life here.

I have appreciated you all very much! I pray that God always be with you and guide you in everything you say and do for others.

Patsy-chatypatsy474 {California} November 2009

[Editor's note: See December 2009 for more praise from Patsy.]

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 Another success story!  

I met Alan through and we are now married. I just want to say a big thank you.

Katherine-katherine972 {England} November 2009

 I found my now wife here 2 years ago.  

We married last summer.

Frank-idahofrank367 {Idaho} November 2009

 I have found my "soul mate" thanks to  

We plan to be married on November 28. This union is an entire "God thing" and we are very, very happy in love.

Since I have found the one for me I wish to delete my profile from and I thank you for being here when I needed help finding "the one" for me.

LaJuana-aheartofsong762 {Arizona} & Robert-wapaho833 {Arizona} November 2009

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