Christian Testimony - September 2015

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 Celebrating our 5th Anniversary!  

A very happy interracial Christian couple smile proudly while bride holds a beautiful bouquet of flowers

Noemia and Lane on their wedding day

A White man holds his smiling wife as they celebrate an anniversary outdoors

5th anniversary for the happy couple

We sent a testimonial November 2009 announcing our engagement. Now we are sending a testimonial celebrating our 5th anniversary. We have attached a Wedding Picture (September 25, 2010) and a Fifth Anniversary Picture (September 25, 2015).

Noemia-mnvs746 {Brazil} & Lane-savingmyself837 {Florida} September 2015

[Editor's note: See November 2009 for their engagement announcement.]

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 I joined Christian Cafe on August 15, 2013. I met my husband in October of that same year.  

He had posted a prayer and I sent him one of those 'I prayed for you' letters. He emailed me back and we spent a lot of time getting to know each other through the forums (your members can read our stories on the forums), emailing, and talking by phone.

Two months later we met and he proposed to me on the same day of our meeting. We married the following month and have been joyously married for almost two years.

I wanted to let your members know that does work. By God's grace I have met the true love of my life that He designed for me and I know that He can do the same for your sincere members who are looking for their life's partner.
Thank you

Nicky-arabella373 {South Carolina} & possiblist495 {Texas} September 2015

 I met my wife via 16 years ago.  

We are still married 16 years later. Thanks.

Timothy-soldiersax633 September 2015

 You may delete my account.  

I met someone on and we are happily married now. We are grateful God used this site to bring us together. We lived 3 hours apart and would never have met otherwise.

Robin-cardshark132 {Ohio} September 2015

 It's the most successful life changing experience.  

God bless

Pierre-peter999 September 2015

 I have been blessed and will no longer be needing these services.  

I met my now fiancee, Jen, on in July of 2014. We will be getting married this November, 2015. God is so good!

Danny-positude757 {California} and Jen September 2015
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