Christian Testimony - October 2010

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 I owe you an eternal debt of gratitude for making possible the vehicle that God used to connect me to my wonderful wife.  

A man stands next to his beautiful Christian Brazilian wife as if saying it was worth the long wait

John waited a half dozen years for Karen, but it was worth every day and every dime, many times over.

I am writing to tell you that I met my wife on, and our long-distance story is particularly special.

Back in late-November of 2008, I found a profile of a beautiful young lady from Sao Paulo, Brazil, on

At that point, I had been a continuous member of for six years straight (and a member on-and-off for six more years before that). This young lady had only been on for a few days... she was on a one-week free trial.

After exchanging a few emails, and talking on the phone, within one month of communication, I was ready to fly from my home in Orlando, Florida... down to Brazil... to meet Karen.

In January 2009, I flew down and spent four days with Karen, meeting her family, and enjoying every minute with her. Upon returning the the USA, I immediately obtained an immigration lawyer, and about 9 months later, with a K-1 fiance visa secured, Karen landed at the airport in Orlando.

Three months later, we were married on February 2, 2010. My wife is 26, and I am 41, and we are a perfect match ... she is the best wife I could ever hope for.

I am the world's largest dealer of rare and antique Bibles and my wife was an English-As-A-Second-Language teacher in Brazil. I have attached a photo of us.

For those of you who have been on for years, and are growing discouraged, I have two words of advice:

  1. Hang in there, and set up your account so that your search parameters are automatically searched and emailed to you three times per week... and then review every one of your potential matches within 24 hours of when they are emailed to you... as most of these people are "only there for the free trial"... so you've got to catch them immediately... to persuade them to stay a while. It took me over 6 years of dedicated proactive searching on it worked... be proactive and persistent.
  2. Expand your geographic search parameters to include all of the USA, and also all of the other countries whose predominate ethnicity is physically attractive to you. (For some, like me, that means Latin-American countries... for others, it might mean Asian or European countries, etc.) Don't limit your life mate possibilities to only people who live within driving distance of you...that's eliminating over 95% of your BEST potential matches.

Karen and I would like to thank for being the vehicle that the Lord has used to bring us together. May God continue to bless the work of your business & ministry, as you bring His people together.

[To Sam, co-owner of], I see you also have great taste in women, realizing as I do, that the world's most beautiful, feminine, loyal, loving women come from Brazil. I read that you recently had your second set of twins. Congratulations. Thank you again, Sam... it may have taken me over a half-dozen years on but it was worth every day and every dime, many times over.

John-john612 {Florida} & Karen-lika717 {Brazil} October 2010

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 I saw Kevin's profile online and sent him a message.  

Florida Christian singles meet and marry

Melissa and Kevin lived 4 hours apart but are now married!

When he responded, we began corresponding back and forth every day.

I was attracted to his love for God and his passion for writing. Both of us shared a love for Christian writing and found that we had much in common.

It has been a joy to be married to my best friend for a little over a year now. Although both of us lived in Florida, we were almost 4 hours apart. Thanks to the services of we were able to meet online and establish a wonderful friendship that eventually became a thrilling romance.

The character of his heart makes me love him more and more each day. I am thankful that God blessed me with such a godly, kind, handsome, and romantic husband.

Melissa-shelovesgod609 {Florida} & Kevin-kevin897 {Florida} October 2010

 Erik and I met Sept 2008 on  

New Zealand Christian single meets American soulmate as their smile in this selfie

Don't Katrina and Erik look happy together!

New Zealand wedding for this couple who smile while leaning in close on their wedding day

A joyful Katrina and Erik, on their wedding day

Erik was a member and I was on a 10 day free trial. Erik found me and we started talking. I was a New Zealander living in Australia at the time and Erik an American from New Jersey.

Erik came to meet me in Australia in March 2009 so we finally got to meet in person, then I went to meet his family in May 2009 then we got engaged Christmas 2009 and married March 2010 in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Erik was great with filling out a lot of the info and questions and essays, etc., on his profile, as did I, so we both knew pretty much straight away that we were compatible and it meant we could get onto other things quickly knowing this was probably heading towards marriage.

It's really amazing how God brought us together from opposite sides of the world and the chances of Erik finding me in that 10 day window just really testify that God does use Internet to bring people together.

We are very happy together and so thankful for the part had to play in introducing us. Thanks!

Katrina-treenz910 {Queensland, Australia} & Erik-fire372 {New Jersey, USA} October 2010

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 We met on the dating service August 4 of this year.  

Indiana Christian singles connect at a restaurant while seated and looking comfortable together

Big smiles for Betsy and Doug

I have been on for nearly two years, and have met several fellas which were all great, BUT this one really takes the cake, or should I say Strawberries since I don't eat cake anymore.

I LOVE because I am sober and do not like to go out at night to bars and I wasn't sure how I was going to meet someone.

I have found to be very safe and effective. Doug is truly a dream come true.

I am sending you a photo and perhaps I can add to this testimony in the future as there may be a fairy tale ending, although, I am starring the Best Actress and not Snow White.

Betsy-betsy238 {Indiana} & Doug-nmotion714 {Indiana} October 2010

 In January my now wife and I met on and within a few days had met in person.  

English Christian couple with French connection pose together proudly on their wedding day

Nigel and Cristina were engaged on the Eiffel Tower!

It became quite clear that we liked each other and after a while we got engaged, on the Eiffel Tower in Paris, we were later married in August.

Nigel-andypandy253 {England} & Cristina-kriss486 {England} October 2010

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 We are so thankful for finding each other with your help.  

We feel that this was definitely God directed and appreciate your site as the tool used to bring us together.

Neither of us was expecting what we found in each other but are thankful daily. We started with the idea that the worst that could happen is that we'd each make a new friend and the best was to find our soul mates.

It would seem we are leaning toward the latter. We are still young in the relationship over all but both know where we want it to go. Right now distance is the main obstacle to our spending as much time together as we wish but phone calls and emails help that situation.

I know that he put it so much more eloquently than I am when he wrote to you recently but know that we covet your prayers as our relationship continues to grow and we seek God's guidance. We will keep you informed as time progresses. Again thank you!!

Kathy-kathyskakes576 {Kentucky} & Bill-billeh342 {Tennessee} October 2010

 Thank you Cafe!!!  

I've been dating a man I met for two years now and we are getting married in February, 2011.

I can't wait to start my life as one with the man of my dreams.

Irene-dove881 {Florida} & David-lonelyboy199 {Texas} October 2010

 I just wanted to say what a blessing this site is.  

While I don't know (yet) that I've met the woman God has ordained for me, I honor you for your faithfulness to provide a Christian product.

I'm sure you have plenty who take advantage of the full benefits and never pay a cent at any time in their life. I just want to honor your commitment for trying to help Christians meet Christians in a safe environment.

This is truly is the only site I would ever use anymore. I've tried many in the past. There has never been another like yours--the information that is available to get a feel for a person before you contact them, the ability to IM, and the ability see when they've been on (to know if I'm wasting my time or not) presents such an incredibly powerful opportunity!

This was the first site I ever came to. God has used me mightily through this site to touch people's lives.

Johnny-lovinghim352 {Virginia} October 2010

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 Thank you for use of the site - it's a gem.  

James-rasberry914 {Victoria, Australia} October 2010

 I just want to thank you for watching the people that find their way onto this very nice site.  

There are scammers out there and they like to get in and try and ruin a good thing. You have notified me of some people that did not belong on here and I really appreciate that. Thanks again ... God Bless

Jonathan {Pennsylvania} October 2010

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 I just wanted to let you know how superior this site is compared to [another singles site], which I'm also on.  

They have no privacy settings for viewing profiles and it takes a day to change any info on profiles. I would highly recommend

Monica-parthenia728 {Tennessee} October 2010

 Must be almost 9 years since I met my wife on  

She is from metro Manila and I we live in Michigan.

We have been married for 7 years and have a six year old boy and a five year old girl. I thank the Lord for this web site.

motocalmi297 {Michigan} October 2010

 I was really impressed by your wonderful website.  

It is well laid out and easy to follow. All in all it is a very nice site and I can see your efforts have paid off.

I recently got divorced and am looking to find someone on your site. A friend suggested I try it and she was right..You are the Best! Thank you for being there and I thank God for your ministry!

Wayne-nuhoski788 {Alabama} October 2010

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