Christian Testimony - September 2011

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 Married 3 years!  

Former GA Christian single woman hugs and leans over her husband's shoulder as he smiles and looks pleased

Don't Sharese and Dion look happy together!

My husband, TheLife, winked at me, Reesiepop, in May 2007.

We continued to email each other for about two months before finally meeting in July 2007. He lived in Arkansas and I lived in Georgia, so we met in Alabama.

We attended the Singles Conference together at Michael Moore's church in Birmingham. After dating long distance for the next year, we were finally married on August 2, 2008.

I have never been so happy.

I am so thankful to God and for bringing us together.

Sharese-reesiepop417 {Georgia} & Dion-thelife789 {Arkansas} September 2011

 My husband and I "met" on nearly four years ago in the fall of 2007.  

Divorced Christians from NY and NJ sit next to each other by a lake and smile broadly

Roger and Kathy had been hurt by divorces but were thankful to have found new love together

A very pleased looking Christian man stands next to a pretty woman while on a forest walk

Roger and Kathy tell everyone God used to bring them together

We were both divorced by spouses who chose to end our marriages. We were looking for friends and hope.

I lived in central NY and he lived in NJ. We both completed our profiles in depth, looking for someone who also was authentic and forthcoming in their descriptions of themselves.

We appreciate the progression that our courtship took: several weeks of emailing only on, asking and answering hard questions about who we were and how we got to where we were; exchanging private email addresses and using that avenue to communicate; speaking on the phone; meeting in person in a public place (to safely see if this person is consistent with the one we'd been communicating with, and if there was sufficient attraction to continue); meeting at intervals in person to develop our friendship; using email to work through a year-long devotional together called "Divorce Care"; becoming girlfriend and boyfriend, and having more extended periods of time together.

During our courtship, he moved to FL and NE for continuing education. After much prayer, meeting each other's parents, friends, siblings and children, we were married Aug. 14, 2011 at my home church.

We tell everyone who asks how we met about and how we think God used it to bring us together.

Kathy-kathf454 {New York} & Roger-wildheart709 {New Jersey} September 2011

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 I first came across his profile several weeks ago while just browsing my matches.  

Christian singles look relieved and happy to be together in this hug

Vicky and Don had an instant connection

I thought he looked like someone I'd want to know, but didn't hold out much hope for a positive response (based on past experiences).

I decided to be reckless and sent him a wink anyway! I got a response almost immediately.

We began chatting through emails, and had an instant connection that just baffled both of us. We were emailing each other several times a day, and the more we talked, the more amazed we were at how much we had in common, and how alike we were.

On the third day of our correspondence, he asked me out (offered to fly and visit me for the weekend). I was shocked, delighted, and thrilled!

We set the date for a few weeks out, so we would have more time to talk and get acquainted before meeting. Our meeting occurred on Sept 3 and he returned to Texas on Sept 5th. It was amazing!

He is planning to return in 3 weeks, and we definitely feel that this is the lifelong relationship God has for both of us. Everything was so easy and natural and comfortable, and just felt right. We never ran out of things to talk about, and kept finishing each others' thoughts and sentences. It's been the sort of relationship we both thought was never possible!

We've exchanged over a hundred emails, many pictures, and quite a few videos as well. We've kept the whole situation in prayer from the beginning, consulting with friends and family, seeking God's will, and both have received the "green light" in our hearts.

We both firmly believe this is the beginning of a lifelong future together! Even after several weeks, we're still both astounded and constantly amazed at this, it truly feels like a dream come true!

Vicky-inkabink723 {Delaware} & Don-vintagedon937 {Texas} September 2011

 I met my now husband on and we have been happily married just over a year now.  

Former Ohio Christians singles laugh together on their wedding day

Beth and Luke married last year

We would have never had the opportunity to meet without this website!

Thank you so much for all you do at! I have attached a picture of us on our wedding day.

Beth-beth619 {Ohio} & Luke-lordleadme124 {Ohio} September 2011

 We are thankful to God, and for the people that created  

Christian singles from Quebec stand proudly together behind flowers on their wedding day

God showed Caroline He can use the Internet. Caroline met and married Tobias!

We had both subscribed for 1-2 years, before we finally met each other, in January 2010.

We were a perfect match, and it led us to the altar!

Tobias and I (Caroline) got married on August 6th, 2011, and we are sooooo happy!

So, if you read this and wonder if you should subscribe, the answer is YES! At least, you will learn a lot of things about yourself. And don't judge the person by the pictures you see on the profile. The "real" person behind what could be a weird picture may be a great treasure.

Caroline thought the internet wasn't a "spiritual way" to meet someone, but God showed her that He can use whatever we put in His hands.

Be blessed, and may you find the perfect match too!

Caroline-rayah627 {Quebec} & Tobias-idonno629 {Quebec} September 2011
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 Liz and I met on in May 2009.  

A man laughs while standing next to a beautiful woman on their wedding day

Peter and Liz are proud to have met on

Newly engaged Christian couple laugh and hug together at a beach sunset

Peter and Liz were engaged on Valentine's Day in New York

I saw her profile at first. Then she winked at me...and 4 weeks later we were meeting up.

8 months later we were in New York getting engaged on Valentine's Day then we married on August 12th this year (2011).

Without we would probably still be looking for that right person for us both. We both look back and can see how God had led us all the way.

Thank you We have since recommended this site to friends...and are proud (in the right way) to have met each other on here.

Peter-asyoufindme130 {England} & Liz-littleme265 {England} September 2011

 My wife (yes wife!) and I were married on August 6 2011 with our friends and family there with us.  

Newlyweds from NB stare into each other's eyes and smile at their outdoor wedding

David and Sandra were married in the sunshine on August 6th

We met on on December 30, engaged on February 10 and married on August 6th.

We are both so blessed. We had sunshine!

We would like to thank for being there for Christians, helping God bring couples together.

If you are a member, hoping and praying for that special someone to come along, it is. God's speed.

David-wilmkulaugh393 {New Brunswick} & Sandra-eyeshaveit137 {New Brunswick} September 2011

[Editor's note: See June 2011 testimonial for their engagement announcement and February 2011 testimonial for David's initial submission.]

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