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Yes, we're Christian owned and have been successfully matching Christian singles since 1999.


Authentic dating sites for Christians to meet and mingle are not easy to find. To make things worse most of them aren't owned or even operated by Christians. So, how can they relate to you at all? However, we're proud to say that is, and always has been, since our inception way back in 1999. If knowing who is behind the sites you're visiting is important to you (especially for something as life-changing and affirming as your future true love), then we're the site for you. Come join us today and connect with thousands of others like yourself who are serious about finding a great relationship online.

If you're tired of having no success while looking for true love online, you can know that half the battle is won already when you join a dating website that caters exclusively to Christian singles who are serious about marriage and desire only long-term relationships. Stop wasting your time on other sites endlessly swiping left and come join a site that was designed to deliver. We created it because we know how hard it is to meet and connect with other Christian singles. By choosing us as your dating portal, you'll quickly see that our singles ministry is easy to use and connecting with our exciting singles can be rewarding.

We realise that you can find other dating sites for Christians, but we'll wager that none are even close to equal to us. We're truly about Christians matching Christians. So, if you want an exciting experience, then come use our dating service to the fullest extent. It's simple to join us. You can start mingling with thousands of great potential matches who are here for the same reasons you are. Their life goal is to find someone special to share their lives with. And, they don't just want someone, they want someone who also has has Jesus as their personal Savior, too. Our members are here precisely because they want an authentic experience, and not have to deal with secular people who may be nominally Christian, but it isn't really that important to them, as it is for you.

When you have your faith as such an important part of who you are, being with a dating site that shares your beliefs makes perfect sense. Our singles community is the perfect setting for you to find true love. We designed out dating portal to be user-friendly and exciting to use at the same time. You'll find it exciting and affirming as you navigate through our thousands of profiles of Christian singles who are online seeking someone just like you. If you found hard to find and connect with others elsewhere, we're confident it'll be the opposite experience with us. As we keep saying, our platform was designed for singles, just like you!

Dating sites for Christians may appear to be easy to find online, however finding a quality site is a different things altogether. But, don't fret, as we're here to help you find your perfect match. We have decades of experience in connecting believer! We were one of the earliest dating sites to come online that focused on people of faith. If you're eager to be part of an exciting environment, but find it hard to find the time to meet others, don't worry, we're only a click away. Whether it's accessing us from the comfort of your home or on the go with our exciting dating app, you can be part of our dating world anytime and anywhere you desire.

Don't be shy and come join us right now. We've got all these exciting singles who are waiting to mingle with you. It's free to check out. Could your match made in heaven be here right now? C'mon inside and see!



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