- Christian Testimony - January 2019
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 Thank you and God for matching us up!  

Stacy and Stanley full of joy on their wedding day, Dec 22, 2018

I met Stanley on 2 1/2 years ago and I am pleased to inform you that we got married on 22/12/2018.

Thank you for your help and wishes for our lives.

Stacy-stacy661 {Trinidad & Tobago} & Stanley-venturexzy123 {Maryland} January 2019

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 Met my love.  

Anthony and Genia, beaming with joy

Don't Genia and Anthony make a great couple!

Here are some photos of Genia and I

Anthony-veritas767 {Illinois} & Genia-gwood318 {Florida} January 2019

 I wanted to tell you how happy my wife and I are and it's all because of  

See how thankful Paulo and Vasivasilika are to have met each other!

How else can a man from Alaska and a woman from Albania fall in love and get married without your help?!?! It never would have happened!

As a birthday gift my wife made a video of how we met and how our relationship grew.

Thank you so much for connecting us, we are so thankful for you!

Paulo-paulo2320 {Alaska} & Vasivasilika-vasja230 {Albania} January 2019

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 I am so happy that I found the true love of my life.  

Thank you sincerely.

Liz-liz7389 {Netherlands} January 2019

 We are happily married and met through  

I met a girl through your website and we married October 4, 2018! Thank you. I recommend your site to my friends. Once again, thank you!

Rev. Dennis-revhawkins116 {Missouri} January 2019

 We wouldn't have ever have met except through you.  

I have been in a relationship with a wonderful man from who lives out of state (he's in CO and I am in CA here in the US). He is willing to relocate his ministry and business to California from Colorado. God bless you for being such a great way for Christians to meet.

Cate-kittycate378 {California} & {Colorado} January 2019

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 I just wanted to let y'all know that my husband and I have been married for over 11 years now!  

Thank you! He is truly a Godsend!

PS. I posted a not so attractive picture of myself and a very honest profile. I didn't have very many responses, I think, due to the honesty of me desiring to live a lifestyle of worship. He was the second man I met and the rest is history.

Lisa-usafgirl448 {Tennessee} and Ken January 2019

 Of the online dating sites out there, is my favorite that I've ever used.  

I especially enjoyed reading articles from Focus on the Family's singles site, boundless. I spent many hours reading articles in the past. It's a great site!

I've been hapily married for about a year and a half and we had our first kid a month and a half ago!

Daniel-punofakind365 {Washington} January 2019

 We have been married for almost 3 months now, and the honeymoon continues.  

We met on ChristianCafe, and after communicating for about 5 months, he travelled all the way to Ecuador to propose to me!

Thank you, ChristianCafe for providing me with a wonderful husband.

Lisa-risa254 {Ecuador} & Frank-frank1649 {California} January 2019

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 Happy to say that through Christian Cafe I met my bride! Thanks!!!  

Archie-arch211 {Arizona} January 2019

 You guys provide great service.  

Karen-karibythesea864 {California} January 2019

 Your services are really nice and excellent. Keep it up!  

Benard-benhandsome797 {Uganda} January 2019

 I am happy to inform you that I met my husband through Christian Cafe.  

We got married last year.

Kay-kitkat860 {Philippines} January 2019

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