Christian Testimony - June 2019

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 I'm engaged!  

Big smiles for young Christian couple indoors

The happy couple

Laughing attractive Christian couple tries Selfie indoors

Selfie time!

Former Christian singles enjoying Venice in Autumn

Enjoying some time together

Date night with Christian couple wearing glasses

Alexander and Rayana all dressed up for a night out!

Unique engagement photo of woman holding up hand which says I said yes, while she kisses fiance in background

Rayana said "Yes!"

My fiance and I will get married on October 6th. We met each other 2 years ago on Christian Cafe and you were definitely a bridge used by God to accomplish his purpose to our lives.

Alexander moved to Barcelona (Spain) a year after we met, and now he is doing a masters degree here. He is from Michigan, USA and was living there when I first met him. I'm from Minas Gerais, Brazil, but I have been in Spain since I was 15 because my mum's husband is Spanish.

I'm so pleased to tell you about our incredible story and how much God is blessing our lives!

Rayana-rayallforhim313 {Spain} & Alexander-ak313 {Michigan} June 2019

[Editor's note: See October 2019 testimonial for their wedding photos.]

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 My husband and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary and told many people about!  

As a result, many friends have searched the site to find a special relationship. One friend from Brazil found her match from New Zealand and they are already married, and another is engaged. All because of has blessed many people. I praise God for the excellent work you guys do and I never tire of thanking God for your involvement in my life.

Cleide-keke620 {Brazil} & Steve-romansman864 {Texas} June 2019

[Editor's note: See November 2017 testimonial for their wedding photos.]

 I have met someone special on last month, after becoming a paid subscriber.  

Thanks a lot!

Lynn-lynnzhu872 {China} June 2019

 I was a member since 2016 and I met my fiance on so I want to say thanks for your service.  

We are planning to get to married as soon as possible.

Asish-lonelyboy539 {India} & Colleen-colleen291 {New Jersey} June 2019

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 My son and his wife met on this site, and they are very happy.  

So I do know that it works.

Pat {Minnesota} June 2019

 Please delete my account. I met my woman in Jesus!  

Christian-scott1099 {France} June 2019

 You folks have set yourselves apart from some other services by your honest business practices.  

That is one reason I keep coming back after exploring a "lead." Your kindness and honesty are deeply appreciated.

Weldon-wrl713 {Tennessee} June 2019

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 I'm always blown away, by how Christian Cafe has treated me over the years.  

Thank you so much for serving our Lord so beautifully in that ministry.

Donald-musicianary608 {Philippines} June 2019

 Thank you ChristianCafe, met Mr. Right!  

Our most significant similarity is our faith. Most grateful and blessed.

Vanessa-vanessa418 {Connecticut} and Edwin-edwini407 {Connecticut} June 2019

 Christian Cafe has by far the most godly ladies out there.  

Einer-einer208 {Minnesota} June 2019

 I appreciate the ministry of Christian Cafe and the fact that it is so user friendly and Christian owned.  

God bless you and the work that you do.

Ed-heartsafe438 {New Mexico} June 2019

[Editor's note: See June 2020 testimonial for another review from Ed.]

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