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 Thanks to (and God) for bringing me and Laura together!  

The new family celebrate

Nearly married!

Wonderfully married :)

Laura and Karel were perfectly suited

Ready to share all of life's moments

Laura and Karel at the reception

Looks like it's a fit!

What a sweet shot!

Caught in a moment!

We found each other via last year, and after meeting in person several times in real life, we decided to get married. This marriage happened on the 12th of April 2019.

Nowadays we are busy on planning to live with each other. If God allows us we can be with each other for good within a few months

Karel-kkarel526 {The Netherlands} & Laura-patriciacab598 {Dominican Republic} May 2019

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 My wife and I met here in 2009 October.  

Richard and Soraya with their "Cafe Baby", John - what a great family!

We will be 7 years married in August.

Two success stories, though: we've just come back from Brazil after attending my wife's sister's wedding.

She met her husband on, too!

Rich-ric513 {Scotland} & Soraya-sury130 {Brazil} May 2019

[Editor's note: See February 2015 testimonial for their wedding photos.]

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 Success! No need to come back on :)  

Frank-branchout548 {New Zealand} May 2019

 Please delete my profile.  

I have started a relationship with someone I met. Yes, it was through Christian Cafe...thanks!

Wendy-wendy224 {Alberta} May 2019

 Please delete and remove my account altogether.  

I did meet someone. Thank you!!

Tim-tim6215 {Pennsylvania} May 2015

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 I feel so much more comfortable with Christian Cafe than any other site because it shares my Christian values to the fullest.  

No compromise. I love it. God bless!

Marie {New Jersey} May 2019

 You guys have an awesome costumer service team!  

Ileana- ileortiz551 {Minnesota} May 2019

 Thank you so much for your help, this is a great honest company!  

God Bless you and keep you!

Lemie-lemieliu473 {Arizona} May 2015

 This is the best Christian dating site in the web world!  

I am thankful and grateful to Christian Cafe for my time on the site.

Sandra-monty869 {Connecticut} May 2015

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