Christian Testimony - April 2019

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 We could not believe just how well suited we were to each other.  

Tender marriage moment for couple getting ready to kiss

Cyrilene and Gerhard are perfectly matched

Newlyweds in field talking in background while holding hands

Cyrilene and Gerhard sneak a moment together

Holding hands in front of wall

Wonderful setting for a wedding photo!

Kiss for the newly married Christians

Cyrilene and Gerhard in a cute embrace

Man holding his Christian bride who is leaning in to kiss him

A tender moment shared

Finally married couple kissing passionately at wedding

Cyrilene and Gerhard seal it with a kiss!

Happy Christian bride laughing while putting arms around husband and smiling

Completely at ease with each other :)

Married couple kissing with beautiful field blurred behind them

Aww... Isn't that sweet?

Laughter and joy from bride as she looks at her husband

Cyrilene and Gerhard have a wonderful life ahead!

Happiness in a picture as bride giggles uncontrollably while facing husband

Cyrilene and Gerhard couldn't be happier!

Tree lined shot of married couple embracing

Beautiful shot!

Christian couple wedded outdoors while standing in front of old wall

Another tender moment

Tender photo of man with his hands around wife and holding her hands

"Hands, touching hands" :)

Wedding rings on display from proud newlyweds

"Reaching out, touching me, touching you"

Gerhard and I met on and got married on 16 Feb. Thank you for the introduction as we would never have met were it not for We can't believe how well the site linked us up.

I commend you on being thorough with security and the safety of members while they are online on the site communicating. Thank you for a great site and a safe one. We will both be recommending you to fellow believers in Christ.

Gerhard and I could not be happier together.

Cyrilene-cyrilene801 {South Africa} & Gerhard-gerrystan424 {South Africa} April 2019

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 We want the critics to know that is legit and works for those who choose to use it well.  

Texas Christian single woman at her wedding to Christian man from North Carolina

A very happy Tina and Stan

Wedding shot of smiling bride, groom and his parents

Proud parents with the happy couple

Pastor announces newlyweds behind beautiful Christian newlyweds

Tina and Stan are married!

Thumbs up for this wedding indicated by excited groom who holds his beautiful brides hand

Stan found everything he wanted in Tina

Smiling couple after marrying and flanked by beautiful arrangement of flowers

The happy couple all smiles

Wedding cake in foreground as wedded couple stands behind

Tina and Stan smiling...again!

Interracial Christian couple so happy to be married

Tina and Stan smiling...still!

Beautiful bride in white dress posing with her bouquet of flowers

Beautiful inside and out

Newly married Christian couple walk into reception hall hand in hand

Tina found the man she was believing God for - Stan!!

Favored816's Testimony:

I was on Christian Cafe as a guest from Dec 2015 to July 2017, and as a paid member from July 2017 to Jan 2019. I was looking for a godly Christian man who feared the Lord and had an unwavering commitment to the Lord.

During this time, I met and chatted with several men at Christian Cafe but those conversations did not materialize to a commitment. I had set my search criteria so high that I knew it would take surrendering to God and trusting His lead to find my person. What kept me going during that period was participating in the Forums and choosing to be a voice of encouragement to others.

On Dec 1 2018, I was contemplating taking a break from Christian Cafe when I decided to make one last search in the "New Singles' Section." I came across sbrucker695's profile. What caught my attention was that his profile demonstrated someone who was serious with the Lord and was actively involved in missions. I saw in him servant leadership, humility and honesty.

I sent him a short note just letting him know that I enjoyed reading his profile and had a passion for missions, and serving the Lord with my future partner. We started writing back and forth...two weeks later, he flew to Texas to meet me...the rest is history. We tied the knot on March 9 2019.

I am thankful to Christian Cafe for providing a platform for me to meet the man I was believing God for, and connecting with people from other parts of the world.

Sbrucker695's Testimony:

I had joined Christian Cafe at the end of November of 2018. I went to Uganda in September of 2018 for a missions trip. I had posted my Uganda pictures on my profile. On December 1st I received an email from favored816. She told me that she had been to Uganda, specifically in Jinja. That piqued my interest.

As we started writing back and forth and eventually talking on the phone, I knew there was more to this relationship than just talking. Once I met her and her daughter I knew the Lord had done something special.

I had asked the Lord for a Godly woman that loves Him and that she would be beautiful inwardly and outwardly. favored816 had fit everything I wanted in a wife. I would not just settle for anyone and I had kept myself pure before the Lord by seeking him and serving him in his kingdom.

We got married on March 9th 2019. We were so blessed not only to have family and friends there but the presence of the Lord was very evident. I want to say thanks to Christian Cafe for giving me a platform to be able to connect to the woman of my dreams.

Psalms 46:10 states, "Be still and know that I am God." When we put Him first in our lives, He promises to give us the desires our hearts. The Lord had not only gave me a beautiful Godly wife but a lovely and talented daughter as a bonus.

Words cannot describe the joy and happiness I am experiencing but it took the Lord bringing me to a point of total surrender before Him.

This one thing I do know is that God has a plan for each and everyone of you. Never give up nor give in; just surrender everything to Him (Matthew 6:33).

Tina-favored816 {Texas} & Stan-sbrucker695 {North Carolina} April 2019

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 I've found my soulmate on  

Thank you very much.

Crestal-crescastro832 {Philippines} & West-renewable871 {Iowa} April 2019

 I have married someone who I met through  

Thank you and Praise the Lord!

Richard-rljl401 {New South Wales, Australia} & Sharlotte-happymumma853 {New South Wales, Australia} April 2019

 Thank you!  

I met Kristin on Christian Cafe. After corresponding first on your site, we then began to email. In April, we spent a week together in Dubai and are now engaged.

Eric-mrwrite481 {Tennessee} & Kristin-kristin787 {UAE} April 2019

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 I met the person of my life.  

Thank you we will get married in 3 months' time. I met her on Praise God.

Will-will396 {South Africa} April 2019

 Thank you for your website!  

I was on Christian Cafe earlier this year, and the lady that I met there has agreed to marry me next month!!

Scott-mrscott363 {Florida} April 2019

 Please close my account!  

I renewed a while back and I have now met someone on

Philip-kungsholmen240 {Illinois} April 2019

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 I am happy and thankful to God that He gave me a wonderful man in my life.  

Evelyn-eveandlyn467 {Germany} April 2019

 I no longer need!  

I met someone here :)

Zachary-dtz192 {California} April 2019

 I wanted to share my unusual testimonial.  

I was on briefly last year. Though I wish I could say I had met my soulmate on Christian Cafe, I did not. Still.... I DID receive an eternal (and probably unusual!) blessing from my time on the site that I would like you to know about.

At the recommendation of a friend, I joined Christian Cafe last summer. I had been traveling the world for the previous year, but was in the U.S. at the time and intended to stay there. Most of the guys who messaged me were in other parts of the world, however. At first I was resistant to this (I had been in a cross-cultural relationship years ago that ended badly). But eventually I said, "OK, God, whatever you have."

I ended up narrowing the messages down to a really smart, successful and articulate guy in Dubai who was originally from India. I was really attracted to his leadership in the relationship and his passion for theology, as well as his testimony. We wrote, called and video-chatted for awhile, then began to talk about meeting. I had known for awhile that God was calling me to make a big shift in my life. After we talked about meeting up, I realized I was supposed to go to Dubai, period. Regardless of whether or not the relationship "worked out." I had had some radical experience in obeying God on some pretty crazy "asks" in recent years - so I wasn't as shocked by this as most people might have been. I told God, yes, I would go for a visit. And yes, I would stay in Dubai no matter what.

I closed up my apartment, sold my car, got on a plane with a suitcase and an envelope of cash, and never gave the U.S. a backward glance. Though as you can guess, the relationship did NOT work out, I ended up staying in Dubai, got a great job for awhile to get my residence visa, got a beautiful apartment and cat, and am now preparing to leap to freelance work so I can focus more on ministry with my amazing church here. So while this isn't a great testimonial for your website (because I didn't get a husband!!), I wanted you all to know that you made a huge difference in Dubai because I got a new life 7K miles from my homeland, an amazing church family in the Middle East, and most of all, a journey of learning how to trust God for everything.

Sometimes the paths we take, seeking our blessing, lead us in an entirely different direction. I am still believing for my husband and a beautiful family someday - but I realize now, it's sooooo important to me that that man be as excited as I am about living abroad and serving God here. And I sure didn't know that before!

Thanks for your impact in my life.

Lisa Maria-lisamaria369 {Wisconsin} April 2019

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 We thank you for being our means to connect.  

I met my husband on your site in January 2000. We conversed back and forth and met in person in April of that year. We had a commuting relationship between Pittsburgh,PA and Cranberry, NJ for a year. In 2001, Jeff moved to Pittsburgh to work and continue to develop our relationship. Definitely a big jump on his part as he gave up a very good job. We spent another year dating and got engaged May 2002. We were married on May 3, 2003 and will soon celebrate our 19th anniversary.

The reason why I write is because and God brought us together. We are happily married and God continues to bless us as we grow old together. Back in 2000, my friends thought I was nuts meeting someone on a dating site, and today it seems to be such a common occurrence. I feel like we were the trendsetters trying something so different. We are thankful to God and for your site being there for us to begin our journey together.

I do believe the secret to our successful relationship was allowing God to lead us through our relationship before jumping into marriage. We hope that others might be encouraged by reading this.

Char-char842 {Pennsylvania} & Jeff-jeff331 {New Jersey} April 2019

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