Christian Testimony - June 2020

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 Thank you so much, this has been an amazing experience.  

Senior Christian woman stands with bridal bouquet next to smiling husband

A very happy Schela and Robert on their wedding day

Very joyful senior Christian couple enjoying their wedding celebration and laughing

Isn't this the scene of pure joy together!

Newly married couple showing off their wedding rings

Schela and Robert show off their rings

Just wanted to tell you folks, that I've met 3 wonderful men on your site, but one stood out and we are getting married in 2 weeks. We're very happy and know there is no way this could have happened with out

Thank you and God Bless

Schela-jixxa271 {Arizona} & Robert-sqdbrhunter406 {Colorado} June 2020

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 Please cancel my account.  

I've actually met someone on Christian Cafe :) So thanks for your site that brought Jessica and me together!

Alfred-awr650 {Virginia} & Jessica-jess187 {Virginia} June 2020

 I met a wonderful man on Christian Cafe!  

We are dating exclusively. I'm hoping to marry this awesome godly man:-)

Tracy-tracyshores112 {Oklahoma} June 2020

 I've been on a few sites recently and most of them are pretty terrible.  

I have found to actually be really good.

Brad-bradbailey766 {New Zealand} June 2020

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 Important to use All the Search Features and to check New Users often, and to not give up!  

I have had a paid subscription for about ten months and I found someone Praise the LORD, on Christian Cafe !! I put in a mega amount of work, and was discouraged many many times, but I knew the Lord Jesus is faithful !!

ChristianCafe is one of the top two out there, but does not have the systematic scammers, partly because, Christian Cafe is Christian owned.

The world is a big place with many ethnic groups, and the woman the Lord chose for me, lives 9000 miles away! So I give thanks to the Lord Jesus ! May the Lord Jesus bless you all, for all that you do for Christians, and to advance His kingdom!

Keith-KeithInCol556 {Ohio} June 2020

 I'm engaged!!  

I met a girl from Japan on last July.

Ross-chivalrousone517 {California} June 2020

 Thank you for making Christian Cafe the BEST Christian on-line dating site.  

I say this from having experienced {2 other singles sites}, the old Facebook dating site and other 'Christian' sites.

I appreciate the hard work and prayer that you put into this ministry.

All of my experiences with customer service on Christian Cafe have been positive and encouraging. I would recommend this site with no reservations.

Ed-heartsafe438 {New Mexico} June 2020

[Editor's note: See June 2019 testimonial for another review from Ed.]

 I finally met my God ordained husband on this site in February, 2020. This could not have been possible without  

Thank you for the good service and God bless you.

Immaculate-favour325 {Uganda} June 2020

 Overall I will say that is a good one and better than others I have used.  

Thank you for what you offer us, the single community.

Alicia-mtfarmingirl685 {Montana} June 2020

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