Christian Testimony - May 2020

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 A Christian COVID wedding!  

Colombian Christian single smiling and hugging American fiancee outdoors in New Jersey harbor

Miladis and Paul after getting engaged

Selfie for happy smiling Christian couple

A beaming Miladis and Paul, together at last :)

Wedding kiss for couple at COVID wedding

Married at last!

Groom says his wedding vows to Colombian bride who is veiled

Small COVID wedding but watched by many friends and family

Newly married Christian couple laughing and showing their rings to family watching wedding via video

Paul and Miladis show off their wedding rings to friends and family watching at home

Beautiful couple posing for the cameras after marrying.

First pose as husband and wife!

Miladis and I got married yesterday on Facebook Live. We are both members of

We wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this Christian platform that helps bridge people together. Miladis and I met here on Then about 2 years later we got married.

Here are shots from our video.

Paul-deviatorr687 {New Jersey} & Miladis-migaher382 {Colombia} May 2020

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 Perfect match blessed by the Lord. Jeremiah 29:11  


The way life should be: full of laughter and comfort!

Senior Christian couple with joy

A very happy Barbara and Bill on their wedding day

I am newly married as of January 11 2020.

He proposed at a Posada, a Christmas feast in Puerto Vallarta, before a large audience.

Barbara-Barbaraintune677 {Ontario} & Bill-herlikite410 {Alberta} May 2020

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 Your site there did the job already. I am smitten. I am in love.  

I've found the man of my dreams from this dating site. I am SO excited. Thank you.

I don't want to look at or date anyone else ever again. I'm in love!

Barbara-ann6047 {British Columbia} May 2020

 Thank you for Your Awesome Service!  

I would just like to thank you so deeply for your kind consideration toward me.

Andy-trinidadguy673 {Trinidad & Tobago} May 2020

 I have appreciated Christian Cafe and I especially like the questions that are asked.  

They bring out what is in the heart of a person and helps one get a picture of what a person is like, his/her goals, etc. That is quite helpful.

Walter-devoted710 {Manitoba} May 2020

 I'm overwhelmed to inform you that I found my rib.  

Suffice it that we already have made vows of engagement in this year.

Selestine-selestine147 {Cameroon} May 2020

 I have tried several online dating sites and feel is superior.  

I liked the questions you asked and the manner in which the site is managed.

Judy-judyann864 {Ontario} May 2020

 Thanks to I have been dating for five months.  

I met my boyfriend through you. I thank God a lot and Christian Cafe, because I found the love of my life !!

Virna-vi351 {Brazil} May 2020

[Editor's note: See January 2022 testimonial for Virna's engagement announcement and June 2023 testimonial for their wedding update!

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