Christian Testimony - January 2022

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 I'm immensely grateful for, because it was through you and of course with the blessing of God, I met the real love of my life!  

A beautiful Brazilian Christian single woman leans into a handsome man who smiles

A super happy Virna with Narinder!

A happy Christian couple snuggle in for the camera

Cuddling close for the selfie

A couple pose outdoors in December while smiling for a selfie

Finally together after so long!

Christian singles partying for New Year's

New Year's in England and in Love!

Christian singles laughing together on the London Underground

Looking forward to that Special Wedding Day

Newly engaged Christians smile and cuddle while on the train

Virna is not letting go of Narinder now!

I'm Brazilian and he is British.

We met through on December 4th, 2019 and since that day we have been together, but we couldn't meet in person until December 6th, 2021.

We spent 10 days together walking in London and in his city. And we were able to celebrate our 2 years of dating together in the UK.

After meeting in person, we became even more in love and with the certainty that we are soul mates!!

We are getting married in this new year of 2022! We wish you a happy new year!!!

Virna-Vi351 {Brazil} & Narinder-Joasen716 {England} January 2022

[Editor's note: See June 2023 testimonial for their wedding update, plus see May 2020 testimonial for Virna's original submission

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Newly married Christians pose lovingly, while the bride holds her flowers

Mike is soooo glad Patty came back to Christian Cafe :)

It is so hard to believe that I am an online dating success story and a Christian Cafe success story.

When I first tried online dating, I wasn't very happy with the results and so I quit all online dating, including Christian Cafe.

I really felt like I was through with online dating; but then Christian Cafe started sending me emails about coming back and trying again.

I kept ignoring them, but one day I felt compelled to give it one more try (I know now that it was God moving on my behalf).

When I saw Mike's profile for the first time, I carefully read it and then moved on thinking I would come back and look again. I got busy and it was at least 2 weeks later before I spent much time on Christian Cafe again.

I saw Mike's profile again and as I read it, I felt like sending a letter, so I did. He answered back fairly quickly and that was the start of our relationship.

We quickly moved from just sending letters through Christian Cafe to visiting on Zoom. Within 2 weeks Mike came from New Mexico to Missouri for our first meeting.

Even though we had many dates on Zoom, our first meeting was like two 14 year olds on a blind date, but God led us through the visit and the next time we would see each other I would go to New Mexico.

We both prayed much about our relationship and God gave us a wonderful scripture in Isaiah 43:18 and 19.

We were both amazed and happy when Mike asked me to marry him. I was happy to say yes! We had a lovely, intimate wedding on January 1, 2022.

Life has changed for us both so much but God has blessed us and we are both very happy. We are making our home together in his lovely state of New Mexico.

I praise God for His leading us both and bringing us together.

Patty-gentlelady660 {Missouri} & Mike-mike6258 {New Mexico} January 2022

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 Finally married!  

A Christian man puts a wedding ring on his new bride's finger

Darrell lovingly weds Ruthie

Newlyweds at a civil wedding ceremony

Darrell and Ruthie beaming with joy on their wedding day

A senior Christian single man holds the hands of a Christian woman

It was a long wait, but worth it!

A Christian couple kiss after marrying indoors

Darrell and Ruthie make it official :)

The big day was December 30th. Here are the wedding pictures.

Advice for those marrying internationally: The best thing is to hire a reputable immigration attorney. It is a complicated twisted road to negotiate of unforeseen obstacles no website mentions or addresses. One mistake on forms or processes or timeliness of, can set the change of status green card designate for permanent citizenship back for months, and more expensive in fees paid to governments.

Darrell-countryroads581 {Indiana} & Ruthie-shipmarine397 {Indonesia} January 2022

[Editor's note: See December 2021 testimonial for Darrell's joyful wedding announcement.

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 After negligible results on several other Christian Dating sites I tried and God was working.  

A beautiful Christian single woman on a cruise ship

It's no wonder John was smitten with Diana's profile photo

A Christian man in military uniform stands next to his new bride

John marries his beautiful bride, Diana

Senior Christians enjoying a day in Disney World

20 years and still going strong!

A Christian couple kiss at dinner as part of a toast

John and Diana still very much in love

My men's prayer group had been praying and when I shared Di596's profile with them they said: "Yes, Diana was the one".

Diana was a single mom working two jobs and one of her girlfriends said try Christian Cafe.

Diana put it before the Lord and signed up for the ten day free trial.

Her geographical parameters were NC where her sister lived and VA where a good friend lived. Diana lived in Chesapeake, VA and I lived in Springfield at the time.

It was early February 2002 when Christian Cafe paired us up.

Our first date when I met her at a Barnes & Noble in Chesapeake was crazy because she had to keep calling her girlfriend every hour to check in. She had given her my driver's license and car license number just in case I had ill intentions.

When she came to Springfield for the first time she stayed with her girlfriend who happened to live just three blocks from me. We saw that as a God thing.

We got engaged in May 2002 at my daughter's wedding and were married July 27, 2002.

God has surely blessed us over the last twenty years and our thanks goes to Christian Cafe for matching us.

Note regarding our 4th photo: It's a great representation of our marriage, which was done with God's leading and on His plan.

John-chief791 {Virginia} & Diana-di596 {Virginia} January 2022

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 God isn't yet finished writing our long-distance love story.  

This is just the first part of our testimony.

Just before the onset of New Year 2020, I met my fiancee and bestfriend-for-life here on Christian Cafe.

The pandemic may have delayed our visa processing and wedding plans, but God is perfectly in control, sovereign, and all-knowing.

He used this long waiting season in our lives to further strengthen our faith, mold our character, and better prepare us for our future together.

Thank you so much, Christian Cafe! We can't wait to share our full testimony! To God be the glory!

"He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together." - Colossians 1:17

Nicholas-aiwa337 {Indiana} & Mary-graceasia919 {Philippines} January 2022 is the best Christian site.  

Mentor-mentor280 {Malta} January 2022

 Christian Cafe is a great way to meet Christians.  

Darrell-dnice548 {Connecticut} January 2022

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 Thank you and your wonderful, efficient, and professional staff that played a great role in my miracle!  

I was very hopeful when I first joined, by selecting many favorites, and yes, I wrote to a few. I was successful with two other wonderful women, but I suppose they weren't the ones GOD had in mind for me!!

I was ultimately connected to a woman of God, full of character and Integrity - a TRUE PROVERBS 31 Woman.

We are planning to get married in seven months!

Yours Truly, and ever Thankful,

Robert-christianboy798 {Florida} & Marineide-marineide948 {Florida} January 2022

 I have used Christian Cafe in the past and have found them to be professional.  

Christian Cafe is user friendly and I've met some nice friends.

Melissa-alphaomega506 {New Mexico} January 2022 is the best Christian Site!  

Love the dedication to the Christian Faith!

Robert-bobby144 {Florida} January 2022

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 It's great to have a site that has so many Christians.  

I've been on other dating sites that say they are Christian but after I go on them there are only approx 1-50 that proclaim to love the Lord and walk with him - those other sites are very frustrating.

So after checking out and how many people were actually Christian, I was very pleasantly surprised and thankful.

Linda-hithere137 {Louisiana} January 2022

 Christian Cafe the best Christian dating site out there.  

And yes, I met my true love on your site!

Gina and I are planning to get married soon and we're so thankful we were able to fight each other on Christian Cafe.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

Ken-ken607 {California} & Gina January 2022

 The spiritual nature of, the goals profile question, and the marriage minded response option make it invaluable.  

Don-mattpsalm354 {California} January 2022

 Christian Cafe has a very good wide variety of women, both overseas as well as domestic  

Christopher-frank8361 {England} January 2022

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