Christian Testimony - December 2021

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 I have been a member of other dating sites, but Christian Cafe was by far the most legit and trustworthy in truly finding a man of God.  

Christian singles hold hands while seated in the forest

Cher and Mark cozy up on a forest hike

A beautiful Christian woman in a red sweater gazes lovingly into the eyes of man

Cher and Mark have a wonderful connection!

A couple laugh together while lying upside down in the Autumn

Head over heels for each other :)

I was a member of Christian Cafe for about a month back in December 2020. I was close to giving up until I met Mark (markgambale905) on January 10th, 2021.

Mark and I hit it off immediately. I was living in WI and Mark in CO. After reading his profile, I was touched at how humble and genuine he was.

He told his story of his past and his hurts; he wasn't afraid to bare his soul. And that touched me greatly.

After communicating a few weeks and visiting one another, I relocated to CO (somewhere I always wanted to be), and we are engaged to be married in April, 2022!

I encourage anyone else out there looking for their God-given soul mate to not give up! Keep praying and trusting God for His best for you.

Thank you Christian Cafe!!

Cher-ctherese302 {Wisconsin} & Mark-markgambale905 {Colorado} December 2021

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 People on the site seem more serious than other sites.  

And there is also a lot of diversity!

Mike-mikelifts453 {California} December 2021

 I appreciate a site where faithful believers can connect.  

That's not always the case with other dating sites and I'm interested in narrowing the field to Believers.

LORD's blessing to you all.

Jarrod-jb803 {Florida} December 2021 is a great site and love the low key and Christian faith base of this site. It's the only one I trust.  

The site is easy to use. I took a long break from being on here but I'm now going back on to see if God has someone special for me to meet.

I appreciate this being a Christian owned and operated dating site. They do their best to try to keep their members safe from scammers.

I like that they also have the forums that you can take part in, and the prayer request area.

Cate-isaiahlady176 {California} December 2021

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 I am very happy to tell you the good news: I have been on for more than a year, and I finally found a gentleman-my future husband.  

My advice for those reading: although you may meet some unpleasant people in online dating, please firmly believe that you will meet your true love!

I wish you a happy work and a happy life.

Lingling-linda3175 {China} December 2021

 Super great site!  

I love all the details that are given to help find someone that matches my likes and beliefs.

Christian Cafe has been very helpful and safe.

Christie-christieo539 {Florida} December 2021

 I wanted an authentically Christian dating site.  

The fact that you have provided a forum for discussion on all sorts of topics makes me feel more connected to my brothers and sisters.

I have been pleased with the services offered.

Nancy-bstillandknow199 {New Hampshire} December 2021

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 I met someone on Christian Cafe.  

We are having a great time moving forward I believe.

Minnesota and California; what a miracle it is!

Sherry-swedish174 {Minnesota} December 2021

 Ruthie and I met on Christian Cafe a few months ago and we're getting married next week!!!  

Things got together pretty normal for us I think.

I just put Ruthie's profile as a favorite as I've always prayed before I initiated contact.

The next day she sent me a smile and I wrote her a quick note to say Hi! and introduce myself. She reciprocated and our relationship built up steam from there, including plenty of prayer when we met on video.

Being she's from Indonesia and I Indianapolis, IN, USA, which is 12 hrs away, we would usually meet at 7 am my time and 7 pm her time until 10 or 11.

Weekends whenever and via our phones we took each other wherever we were going - events or anything else. Via video we also got connected with our friends and churches.

The biggest advice I can suggest is commit every day and each other to God and stay as far away from how the world does things as to keep things pure before God and He will honor and reward relationships He can make covenant with at the altar.

We're having to do things out of the normal rhythm as for we have to do things to the beat of embassies and consultants' offices of our countries to submit the right documents at the right time as for Ruthie to stay in the USA as my wife.

We're getting married at the courthouse but will have our ceremony later this summer of 22 when the smoke clears off the immigration process.

Darrell-countryroads581 {Indiana} & Ruthie-shipmarine397 {Indonesia} December 2021

[Editor's note: See January 2022 testimonial for photos of the happy couple!

 Very good, thorough profile questions. Unmistakably Christian.  

Good strong filters in search queries that stick to chosen preferences. Fair pricing. Thank you!

A relative of a friend had tried it, so I joined, too. I was very happy with this site being genuinely Christian.

Got entrapped 6 months at another online dating site that I didn't understand the subscription process until too late. Unfortunately, I knew my prospects there were nil about Day #2. However, I was not allowed out of the contract, so had to wait 6 long months before deleting my account and finding another service.

I figure a 3 month membership should be good to get a sense of what to expect in the quality of men that are likely to use the site.

Mary-snowbirdmary533 {Florida} December 2021

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