Christian Testimony - June 2023

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 I wasn't sure this was for me and I was nervous about being approached by the "wrong" guy.  

An excited bride leaps into her new husband's arms for a kiss. Her husband holds her above the ground as they kiss in front of a beautiful lake

Dawn and Royce are so happy to be together!

Royce lived in Montana and I lived in Mississippi. Our time on the site overlapped for a very short window of time.

I searched using a very narrow search criteria and quickly favorited his profile. I had not included a photo or much info about me.

But shortly before my trial was up I read his profile again and decided I needed to give it a shot, so I answered my profile questions and included pictures.

That evening I received a message from him stating he'd noticed we had some things in common and wondered if I would mind talking a little.

We messaged on the Cafe for a while and then continued to converse on a safe texting site where I still didn't give him my full name until I was ready.

We have talked for hours every day since, and that was two years ago.

...and we have now been married for two weeks!

I didn't know how I found myself on the ChristianCafe website, but I now believe the Lord directed me to it at just the right time!

As the beautiful wedding card we received from a precious friend says: "Only God can take two people He's intended for each other and guide them through the years til they discover one another."

We are so blessed and grateful to ChristianCafe for providing that introduction to each other!

Dawn-desertrose267 {Mississippi} & Royce-glvnzd342 {Montana} June 2023

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 Wedding photos!  

A Brazilian bride smiles as she holds her groom's hands while the pastor marries them in a church

A joyous Virna marries her love, Narinder

A new bride passionately grabs and kisses her new husband's cheek, as he laughs

The happy couple so happy to be married!

A bride and groom laugh while walking away, as she holds up her bouquet of flowers

Virna triumphantly proclaims to the world her marriage to Narinder

It is with much love and gratitude that we continue to share our beautiful love story that started thanks to Christian Cafe.

Due to the pandemic, we could only meet in person in December 2021.

But we fell more and more in love, and in March 2022 we started the preparations for applying for my fiancee visa

Unfortunately, this took a while due to the UK prioritizing visas for Ukrainians, due to their war with Russia.

Finally in December 2022 I came to live and marry Narinder.

Our wedding was on 18th March 2023 in the UK, where we now live. Our wedding was in a Baptist church here in England.

We are very happy. We have been married 3 months, have our own house and we are very grateful to God and to you, because if it weren't for the ChristianCafe site in 2019 when we met online, we wouldn't be together. We are Christians and we serve God together.

To Christian singles in ChristianCafe looking for their true love, I happily say don't give up, wait and trust in the Lord.

I am very grateful to God and to you at ChristianCafe because you allowed my dream of finding a wonderful Christian husband to come true. Thank you very much God and of course Christian Cafe.

Virna-Vi351 {Brazil} & Narinder-Joasen716 {England} June 2023

[Editor's note: See January 2022 testimonial for Virna's engagement announcement, plus see May 2020 testimonial for Virna's original submission

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A groom in a navy blue suit shares a joke with his beautiful bride, while she is seated outdoors on a pioneer cart

Michael and Deborah share a laugh on their wedding day

A beautiful bride tenderly touches her new husband's cheek as he holds her. A scenic river flows behind them beneath a bridge

Michael and Deborah in a tender moment

A groom holds a microphone while he and his bride encourage their audience to celebrate their union

Celebrate good times!

Here are some photos from our recent wedding.

Read our story, including our engagement here.

Deborah-deborah939 {Saskatchewan} & Michael-lexar132 {Belgium} June 2023

[Editor's note: See February 2021 testimonial for their engagement announcement

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 With your dreams really do come true.... even the ones you least expect.  

A man with a beard and flowing hair holds a flaming sword as the sun sets behind him

Thommy, fighting for his love :) is how I met my wife.

I was living in sunny Florida and she was living in sunny South Africa.

After just six weeks on I flew to meet her and her entire family! I put a ring on her finger the first full day I was in country.

That was in June of 2007, and we are both still together and doing great.

We decided not to live in the U.S. but to make our home here in South Africa.

It's not always been easy, but it's what the Lord wants for us. God bless you all.

Thommy {Florida} June 2023

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 Praying together has really helped our relationship.  

A latina Christian single stands next to a White Christian man as they stand atop a Colorado peak

Geanny and Charles enjoying a hike in the Colorado mountains

Christians singles in sunglasses at a lookout stand next together and smile

Charles and Geanny making the most of their time

We started communicating in January.

We have visited each other once and I am going to see her again this weekend.

It's a long distance relationship: I live in Lakewood, Colorado and she lives in Las Vegas, though originally from Cuba.

We have good communication despite English not being her first language.

We are looking at a wedding date next March, in Las Vegas!

My advice to anyone reading this is to not give up. You have to have patience. Communication and understanding are important. You both have to be ready and have similar goals in life. Having an activity or hobby in common is helpful. Going to church together is important, too.

Charles-ccummings143 {Colorado} & Geanny-pinon158 {Nevada} June 2023

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 I no longer require your services as I will be getting married next month.  

Yes, I did meet her on :)

Garry-gbear110 {British Columbia} June 2023

 I was never a dating site person.  

Little did I know that in the few days I have been here God had purposed to link me to man who appreciates me the way I am.

I thank God that through you I have found love in the least expected place.

It is just the beginning but I believe in giving God the credit for every step and praying that the next step works in His will. Indeed, God works in mysterious ways.

God bless you so much for this site. I will recommend you to some of my friends, too.

Vivian-vivian937 {Kenya} June 2023

 Please take me off  

I met a wonderful guy off your site and we are very much a committed couple now!

Thank you!!

Marie-marie8698 {New Zealand} June 2023

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 I found my wonderful husband on a couple years ago.  

We are now married, for almost one year!

Thank you for this service.

Christine-sunflower3386 {Quebec} June 2023

 I'm happy to say that I don't need your service anymore. Thank the Lord!  

Good news, after 20+years on and off your site, I actually met the girl I'm going to marry from ChristianCafe.

Dean-dmk601 {New York} June 2023

 I would indeed like to cancel my subscription.  

My (now) husband I met on Christian Cafe and we are very grateful for your platform.

Katy-ktb690 {Ontario} June 2023

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 We met on Christian Cafe :)  

We're now approaching our 20th wedding anniversary.

Thanks so much!

Don-njchristian199 {New Jersey} & Nicole-harpnin728 June 2023

 This is the second man I'm to marry from  

I'm engaged to a wonderful man I met on your website. In fact, we have a very sweet story to share. Life is good.

Rick and I will marry over Labor Day.

I met my last husband on 20 years ago and we were married until June of last year, when he passed.

Melody-livingforhim338 {Mississippi} & Rick June 2023

 We're now married!  

Wendy is 68 and lived in Ohio, while Maurice is 66 and lived in Connecticut, over 500 miles away.

After 18 months of long distance dating, we were married on June 15th and now reside in Akron.

Maurice-maurice536 {Connecticut} & Wendy-songbird969 {Ohio} June 2023

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