Christian Testimony - May 2023

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 It quickly became clear to us both that we wanted something more.  

A man with blue eyes and wearing a boutonniere leans into his beautiful Asian bride as she places her hand affectionately on him and smiles at the camera

Rubie and Logan finally together for good!

Newly married Christians pose together in a beautiful setting of flowers, streamers, chandeliers, and golden light bathing the scene

What a beautiful wedding!

A White Christian man wraps his arms around a beautiful Asian woman who smiles confidently

Logan's not letting Rubie go!

A White Christian man sits in a boat on a lake with a beautiful Filipina woman

What a wonderful date idea!

Three years ago, Rubie and I met through Christian Cafe.

It initially began as a simple correspondence, with neither of us interested in a long-distance relationship. I'm from the United States and she's from the Philippines.

But over the course of three months we grew into close friends. Unfortunately, our relationship began during the height of the pandemic. The borders to the Philippines were closed.

For the next two years, we talked to each other twice a day over video calls. And while it wasn't an ideal way to have a relationship, we made it work. We'd spend time doing devotionals, ate lunch together, played games, and had movie dates.

When the time arrived for the borders to open, I quickly booked a flight to the Philippines. I stayed for three weeks in Rubie's country and together we spent time exploring and enjoying its beauty while I got to know her friends and family.

The final few days were some of the most difficult either of us had ever had. With tears in our eyes, we said our goodbyes at the airport and parted ways for the time being.

Yet even though we were sad, we knew it wasn't the end.

We had already agreed to approach this relationship with the intention of marriage and our time together as a family affirmed this goal. Upon my return home, we began making preparations for our wedding.

It wasn't without its challenges and some days felt longer than others, but the next year passed by faster than either of us expected.

In May of 2023, Rubie and I tied the knot on our three-year anniversary.

We've been through a lot together. Successes and failures. Miracles and tragedies. Laughter and tears. And we're both grateful to our Lord that He brought us together to share all these moments.

We never would've met without His hand guiding our lives and bringing us patience, comfort, and joy.

We're eager to see what our Lord has planned for our new life together and we will continue to put our trust in His goodness.

Logan-logan440 {Michigan} & Rubie-blessed8489 {Philippines} May 2023

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 God can only steer a sailing ship, so I took action. Today my husband and I are very happily married!  

A happy and handsome groom wraps his arms around his beautiful bride as they pose in front of a fireplace

Nadine found her success, Nelson!

A newly married Christian couple relax in a living room, each seated in an armchair

The sharply dressed newlyweds relaxing

A White Christian woman in a floral dress laughs as her lunch date snaps a selfie in a crowded patio outdoors

What's better than lunch with a Special Someone!

Christian singles in athletic wear and sporting sunglasses and ball caps take a selfie while out for a walk in the city

Nadine and Nelson are perfectly matched

A professional photographer takes a photo of someone using his phone to take a photo of newly married interracial couple

Nelson tries to contain his joy after landing Nadine!

A couple are seated side by side on a boat in a canal after shopping

Out for another date - why not!

Christian singles sit side by side in chairs at a beach wedding, while wearing Hawaiian leis

The beautiful couple attend someone else's special day

Cover of the book Finding Love After 30 by Nadine Vargas

The book Nadine wrote after finding love through

For Love around the World! From Germany to the US for Love.

Thank you for the great work that you are doing every day. God has used your platform to bring my husband and me together!

Like many other professional women, I realized that I have succeeded in many ways, except in finding the love of my life.

We know from the Bible that God so loved the world that he gave... How great is our God! He didn't just give grudgingly he gave exceedingly, abundantly above all we could have ever thought, asked, or imagined.

My husband is not just a spouse, but the perfect match for me. He truly and honestly is the man of my dreams and the love of my life - Prince Charming couldn't beat him. And as he always says: "I love you beautiful. This is it; this is for life until death doth we part."

God knew we were looking for somebody exceptional and that we are not easily satisfied. Good as He is, He understood, and He provided.

Although it was all very crazy, and I had to leave everything behind - including a brand-new house in Germany - we decided to say "Yes, I will" and got married.

We are very happy together and still marvel at how God put a former American Marine and Assistant Vice President of Citibank, and a German book writer, teacher, human rights activist, and social scientist together in the most unbelievable way.

The story is so remarkable that I decided to write the book Finding Love After 30. Get Ready for the Man God has for You. The book became a threefold Amazon Bestseller, is also available at Brans & Noble, and has inspired people in six different countries to partner up with God in their search to find their perfect match. If you want to find your perfect match, you need God for assistance!

Nadine-marie3805 {Germany} & Nelson-tino115 {Connecticut} May 2023

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 My wife and I met each other on your site.  

A White man looks overjoyed standing next to his new Latina bride, who smiles in a white dress while holding a bouquet of flowers

Jared can't contain his joy after marrying Myriam!

Christian singles put on silly faces for the camera while sitting in front of a brick wall

Jared and Myriam enjoying their new life together :)

We dated online for a few years prior to having a church wedding with her pastor and family along with a few friends, but it was limited due to COVID.

She is from Peru and I am from the USA. I am getting ready to try to launch an engineering missions website soon hopefully, and have been looking for engineering work where I can do some things remotely.

Myriam has been making cookies, pastries and Christian shirts among other things for a living and is also interested in ministry.

Jared-jp484 {South Carolina} & Myriam {Peru} May 2023

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 I met my fiance on ChristianCafe!  

An Asian woman smiles at a mall as a White man pulls her in close for a hug

Bella and Dan enjoying a day at the mall

A man kisses the head of a woman, who looks at the camera and grins while both enjoy a date in the city

Aww, isn't that sweet :)

Thank you so much for this site!!

Bella-bella8641 {Singapore} & Dan-flybirds110 {Washington State} May 2023

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 I am no longer available!!  

I am in a relationship now, with Odell :)

Pamela-ladydentist948 {Illinois} May 2023

 Please delete my account.  

I always believed I could find the right woman on, and I did.

John {New Jersey} May 2023

 I would definitely sign on with you guys - as you are the best!  

God will bless you back for your generosity towards all of us that are looking not to be single, and going it alone, any longer.

Victoria-victoria3644 {Pennsylvania} May 2023

[Editor's note: See November 2023 for more praise from Victoria!]

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 Please delete my account because I will not be using it anymore!  

I have a boyfriend, soon to be husband, thanks to Christian Cafe!

Omobolanle-bolanle461 {Finland} & Franklin-franklicious308 {Malaysia} May 2023

 I'm deleting my profile and membership.  

I have met someone on! Thanks for everything, I appreciate it.

Eric-deanmm106 {South Carolina} May 2023

 I deleted all my dating site accounts.  

I found someone on 3 months ago and I am thankful to have found the person I was looking for.

Over the last few months, I have been sharing the name of your site with others, as the place where I successfully found the person I was looking for.

I will continue doing this, so you receive free grassroots word of mouth advertising :)

Andrew-andrew3152 {Ontario} May 2023

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 Please cancel my membership.  

I met the woman of my dreams on your ChristianCafe dating site so I no longer need your services.

Thank you very much!!

Rafael-rescamil257 {California} & Anna-annalitha149 {Indonesia} May 2023

 I value that you seek to have a clean and safe website.  

I value your website and thank you for the meaningful way you have setup the profile pages and writings section.

Thank you for your kindness.

Clint-guardian553 {Alaska} May 2023

 Your customer service is great!!!  

And thank you for uploading my photo so fast!!!

Peter-peter1157 {Florida} May 2023

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