Christian Dating Tips: Your Dating Profile

Christian dating tips
You’ve joined a Christian dating site and are asked to create your dating profile. Your dating profile allows you to express to other singles what type of person you are (including your interests) and who you’re looking for in your perfect match. The typical dating profile consists of multiple choice answers, short written answers and photos. Here are some dating tips to help you create a better dating profile.

Christian Dating Tip #1: Be Honest.

For all aspects of a dating profile (multiple choice, written answers and photos) consider the honesty you appreciate when viewing the profile of another Christian single. Consider “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” when creating your profile. Just as you want honesty, do so with your dating profile as well.

For example, with the multiple choice questions about whether you are divorced or have kids, select your option honestly. How about the salary question? If you decide to answer it (optional on most dating sites) be honest there too. Ditto for all questions, of course.

The photos you are about to post: do they reflect what you look like today? – or are they from back when you were in college? Appearance is part of the package that many singles look for. Having them find out you look totally different (more than a few extra pounds? not quite as much hair?) upon meeting you shows you’ve already been dishonest even before the relationship begins.

Many people communicate over the computer or phone quite a bit prior to meeting in person. Why waste everyone’s time by portraying yourself as someone you aren’t? Being honest from the beginning is the best way to start off a loving relationship with another Christian single.

Christian Dating Tip #2: Be Interesting.

While honesty is paramount, don’t sell yourself short either! We all have interesting things to write about ourselves. A lot of times, however, how you communicate those things makes all the difference. Be specific and detailed.

For example, instead of stating “I love to travel”, mention places you’ve been and why you enjoyed them so much (“While I’ve been all over Europe, last fall I went to Prague for 5 days and wanted to take a photo of every building — such great architecture!”). Likewise, mention the next destinations on your list (and why you want to go there).

If music is your thing, mention some of your favorite bands or artists and how much you loved their last live show (“I saw newsboys a few months ago in a small venue and they were amazing!” sounds much more interesting than just “I love Christian rock”). Also avoid cliches as much as possible.

Christian Dating Tip #3: Post Great Photos.

Let’s be honest: photos matter. People want to view who they are writing to. So,

  1. post multiple photos of yourself;
  2. as mentioned above, post honest and up-to-date photos of yourself;
  3. take the time to post great looking photos.

On that final point, here are some photo tips:

  • make your main photo a head shot. Let people see you up close! For the other photos, post a variety of shots — preferably doing things that you find fun and interesting;
  • post photos where there is proper lighting: a dark photo where others can barely see you isn’t much help – and it doesn’t show you the best you can be!
  • keep it to just you: forget the family photos, photos with your kids/nephew/niece/etc. It’s not fair to those ‘extras’ in the photo exposing them to the online masses, and really the profile is about you (not them!)

Christian Dating Tip #4: Ask Questions.

When you’re writing your profile, how about including some questions or some sort of lead in that makes it easy for someone who wants to contact you to do so! Maybe a “tell me about….” or “what do you think about…?” Now those who want to write to you have the perfect conversation starter. Wow, that was easy!

Christian Dating Tip #5: Be Positive.

Nobody wants to date someone who makes them feel down. Write your profile from a positive perspective – talking about the things that make you smile and laugh. Avoid complaints or unnecessarily negative comments. If you’re blessed with the gift of humour definitely show that in your writing!

Christian Dating Tip #5: Spell Check!

Yes, spelling counts – as does proper grammar. Take the time to review what you’ve written. Incorrect spelling or punctuation is a major turn off for many people. It’s easy to counter, too: Most modern browsers automatically underline spelling mistakes. If yours doesn’t simply copy and paste your answers into Word or a similar word processing program that checks for spelling and grammar errors – Easy!… and well worth the few moments of your time.

Christian Dating Tip #6: Express Your Faith.

On Christian singles sites like, there are short answer questions such as your favorite Bible verse (and why it speaks to you) or to describe where you are in your journey with God (and future goals in that regard). Be sure to make use of these questions to express what your Christian faith means to you! People flock to Christian dating sites such as because meeting someone who shares their faith is uncompromisable in terms of finding their mate for life. Thus, expressing your Christian faith in your profile is something that you should spend time on and really think about. Answering questions such as the one mentioned above help with that.

Phew! Any More to Add?

Any other ideas? Please comment below. I’d love to hear what things you love seeing in other people’s dating profiles. Thanks!

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