Trust. How much is your word worth?

Trust online dating

Dr. Jim explains why singles should make sure they don’t break their trust with others while searching for their true love. Some people using online dating can be deceiving and you need to ensure you’re always truthful, even more so when you’re a Christian. Playing games or taking advantage of other people’s feelings is not the way to go if you truly want to meet your Mr. or Mrs. Right online.

Trust. How much is your word worth?

There was a time – long, long ago – when you would often hear the expression ‘Do you give me your word?’. These were the days when a handshake between people was a bond and a trust and could be counted on to not be broken. There are a few of those folks around, but the ‘word’ today is to “beware”.

How much is your word worth? Are the words that come out of your mouth or across your emails the truth, the absolute truth? Are you aware that every word spoken or written by you is being measured? This is true in a temporal sense and in an eternal sense.

Temporal Sense:

1. Children learn at an early age that they will be held accountable for what they say. The ‘natural’ response to this accountability is to develop an ability to fabricate or misrepresent the truth – a lie by any definition. There are many adults who do not wish to be held accountable for the truth. They develop fabrications about themselves that are not accurate. There are times when these are out-and-out deceptions and other times when one is afraid of the truth and submits to omitting the truthful facts or embellishing them.

2. Have you noticed that the ‘truth’ always finds a way to come out? It may not be for a time, even years, but it will come to the surface. The results of this approach is pain and devastation for both the one who spoke/wrote an untruth and the one(s) who received it.

3. Your word is the communicator of your character. Treat your word as a crown jewel and nurture it for its great value. It will serve you well and the world you build with a good word will be one with a strong foundation and peace.

Eternal Sense:

1. Christ spoke some ‘words’ in Matthew that perhaps few of us have heard. Allow me to share them with you. Matthew 12:36-37 ‘But I tell you that men will have to give account on the Day of Judgment for every careless word they have spoken. For by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words, you will be condemned.”

2. The scriptures clearly teach that God considers our ‘word’ as very important. Think about this the next time you allow words to come out of your mouth or across your screen.

Misusing the trust from others online.

To clarify, why have I shared this with you? Internet dating is where there is little accountability. Men and women are using this experience to misuse the trust of others. Too easily words are being shared that are just playing a game and with the intent of personal gain. These are the ones that ‘go through’ many people as they say and do anything to gain another victory. As soon as the other person discerns their true, selfish intent or they find another ‘target’, they are gone and could care less about the other person’s feelings.

This also comes out when people too quickly express ‘I Love You’ to others. However, these are powerful words expressed to someone who is in a desert with their emotions. The fact that this is being done over the Internet and not in person conjures up a world of ‘fantasy’ and trust is opened and given long before it is earned.

Final words on trust

There is another saying that comes to mind that I would like to use for illustration. ‘If you live by the sword, you will die by the sword!’ In the same context, I would state, ‘It is by your word that you will be known and loved. Above all, if your word is not true and loving, it will come back to repay you the same!’

Watch your word!

Dr. Jim

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  1. Trust is very important in every rerelaionship, I believe it is better to get to know a person slowly so that in order to be able to build trust.
    I prefer to be honest and use words that won’t offend anyone even whenasomeone is wrong, beacuseI know words can either break or make a someone.

    1. Excelente tópico!
      Oque falamos pode gerar expectativas boas os más.
      Devemos sempre falar aos outros com amor e verdade.
      Palavras serão sempre sementes plantadas no coração de alguém.

  2. Yes lies and deception are horrible from anyone,but when it comes from a Pastor it’s worst. May God through the Holy Spirit give us deserning spirit to not waste time with such persons.

  3. I have read some articles on this website from Dr Jim and I am impressed of the godly wisdom with which he has given to write. God bless him.

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