Christian Testimony - December 2022

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 I met my new husband Tommy on !  

A beautiful White Christian woman and her Latino husband smile for a selfie

A very happy Sierra with her man, Tommy!

Beautiful Christian singles laugh together while making faces at the camera

After meeting in person for the first time

A newly married Christian couple in non-traditional wedding clothes

On their wedding day - don't they look happy together!

I had tried to find someone and was about to give up, but decided to try one more time.

He was just so kind and humble when he wrote to me that I had to give it a shot. We started writing and the rest is history.

We were married in October 2022.

Thank you Christian Cafe for making it possible to find my dream man; the man Jesus made for me! I praise God for him every single day.

Sierra-auntiesis374 {Ohio} & Tommy-tommycr987 {Costa Rica} December 2022

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 Thanks for being one of God's tools Christian Cafe!  

An overjoyed single Christian woman smiles next to a happy man

Very first selfie together 16 years ago, on their first date

A cute Christian woman laughs and cuddles with a Christian man, on a cold night in Paris

Maria cuddles in for a photo on their first Paris!

A newly married Christian man wraps his arms around his new bride, while she smiles and looks back at him

On their wedding day!

A Christian woman opens a gift on Christmas Day while he husband laughs in the background

What did Ryan buy Maria for Christmas?

A couple laugh together in the water at a water park in South Dakota

Lots of laughs at Evan's Plunge, South Dakota

A Christian couple sit on a bench with children while in Haiti

Mission trip to Haiti

A Christian couple in helmets sit atop an ATV in front of a cabin

First time for an ATV ride in the mountains

A Christian woman lovingly kisses her smiling husband on the cheek, while wearing a Hawaiian lei

Vacation to Hawaii - isn't Ryan so lucky to have found Maria!

A couple wears fake moustaches and acts silly in front of camera

Being silly is a great way to keep the relationship grounded!

A Christian couple take a selfie to celebrate 15 years of marriage

15 years of marriage and still going strong!

I told my friends, "I'll never go on one of those dating websites!"

Well, after continued encouragement, they finally wore me down and I joined Christian Cafe where I would meet my sweet hubby Ryan.

I remember he sent me a message and I just glanced at the photo that was included but I didn't have time to read it and respond.

A few days later that message was gone! He had removed the message because I hadn't responded.

I wanted to let him know that I wasn't ignoring him so I did a search for him. All I had to go by was that photo!

I don't know what made me search and search for that mystery man (Yes, I do! It was God!) but I did until I finally found him and sent him a message back.

We bonded over the fact that everybody wanted to meet up for coffee but we had no interest in that.

He was a military guy and lived in Hawaii at the time but was stationed in Germany for a few months.

So, he flew me over for our first visit in person! Our first date would be in Paris!

I'd say he swept me off my feet! :)

That was 16 years ago and we've continued our travels and adventures together growing closer and closer to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Who is the center of our lives!

We are so thankful that I joined Christian Cafe, even though I didn't want to at first, and that I searched Ryan out after he deleted that message.

We couldn't imagine what our lives would be like if the Holy Spirit hadn't nudged me to do both.

Maria-jeremiahtne657 {Washington State} & Ryan-sterno417 {Hawaii} December 2022

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A happy Christian couple pose in front of an old church door on their wedding day

An overjoyed Kim married her special man, Dan!

A very happy couple hug on a dock overlooking water and Autumn colours

Beautiful colours frame a beautiful couple nearly 10 years married!

We had both tried other dating sites and never found someone that we connected with.

We found, and within about four months we started talking and we met in October 2010.

We were married in 2013 and we are planning our 10 year anniversary next year.

It takes time, but it was great to find another person with the same beliefs!

Thanks for allowing us to find each other.

Kim-kayakkim240 {Ontario} & Dan-danno786 {Ontario} December 2022

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 Thanks to the Lord that I have found someone on Christian Cafe.  

We have been together for about 1.5 months now and we ask the Lord to continue to keep and guide us as His will be done in our lives.

We live far from each other but the Lord knows and will guide us.

Thank you and may the Lord Jesus Christ bless you and keep you.

Amelie-amelie472 {Ontario} December 2022

 Your job is done :)  

I met my wife on ChristianCafe and we are happily married.

We are about to celebrate our first anniversary on January 1st.

Jason-livingston212 {Washington State} December 2022

 I'm truly impressed with the site and the customer support.  

I continue to be be astounded by not only your promptness in removing scammers, but your courteous emails.

Kay-kay6682 {Kentucky} December 2022

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 I tried different Christian dating websites but they weren't as good as yours!  

A lot of different websites hold your dating services and company as a cut above the rest!

Owen-aherbash165 {Ireland} December 2022

 I met a man that lives in Canada through Christian Cafe.  

I hope and pray that we will get married in the future.

Kathy-jesussaves868 {California} December 2022

 Thank you for the good cooperation, between you and the members.  

I have put all my heart on Christian Cafe, and I am promoting it to many people, and many have come to like it.

As you know these days people's problems are lack of joy in their hearts, just as their relationships have collapsed.

So we are desperately looking for our partners to win back that lost joy, and happiness.

Thank you for the site!

Christopher-cobs733 {Uganda} December 2022

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 I like - very much.  

I have met some wonderful ladies here.

Just a quick thank you for what you do here... offering a place where Christians can have a chance to meet... it's good. is definitely one of the best Christian dating sites out there.

Mike-savedbygrace6347 {British Columbia} December 2022

[Editor's note: See December 2023 testimonial for more praise from Michael] is overall better than Christian Mingle.  

The quality of real people on seems to be much higher, your search works well and you have excellent customer service.

Mark-markaa766 {New York} December 2022

 You guys do steadfast work though I had a relationship through here last year with great lady that inevitably helped me become more to be man I am now.  

But of course Really it's Jesus Christ Almighty King of Everything who works All things To His Glory.


Drew-centurion771 {Alberta} December 2022

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