Christian Testimony - September 2021

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 Christian Cafe mixed with prayer really works!  

Christian bride smiles with her new husband while looking at her ring

Louis and Maria are overjoyed on their wedding day!

Young Christian couple gaze into each other's eyes in outdoor wedding

The picture of happiness!

A handsome man hugs his beautiful new wife

Louis and Maria were brought together in a big way!


We are the perfect match. After meeting on your platform, we quickly realized that we were meant to spend the rest of our lives together and are now happily married!


We started talking early June 2021 on Christian Cafe, after which we spent many hours on the phone together.

Louis felt early on that we were compatible, but I (Maria) was having some doubts. After getting on my knees and praying for God to give me feelings for Louis if he was the right one for me, God answered and made it happen, in a big way!

We met in person not long after, and a few weeks later, on the 24th of July, we had the wedding of our dreams!

We are now happily married and thankful to God every day for bringing us together!

Louis-layo574 {British Columbia} & Maria-oceanair541 {Manitoba} September 2021

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 I met the man of my life!  

Wedding kiss at the altar, surrounded by soap bubbles

The wedding kiss makes it official!

Newlyweds playfully feed each other cake while laughing

Anita and Channon can't stop smiling!

A bride gazes into her new husband's eyes as they dance

Nothing but joy for Channon and Anita

First I want to thank God who made this possible. Thanks to your Christian dating site.

Our advice for Christian singles using is to always put God first in everything, be genuine in speaking and help each other grow with Christianity and family values. And God will support you in your relationships.

That is our motto as a couple and the key to everything: put God first.

We hope our story encourages more people to find a healthy relationship and, above all, to put God first in their lives.

Anita-mayela835 {Nevada} & Channon-pickelball973 {Washington State} September 2021

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 Thanks Christian Cafe for helping people to find the right person that God has for them.  

Christian singles from Brazil and Mexico with flags in backdrop

Sylmara looks very happy with her special someone, Ben :)

A groom lovingly kisses his bride's neck as she holds her flowers and closes her eyes

Ben looks equally happy with Sylmara!

Newly married Christians are seen from above, holding each other and laughing

Sylmara and Ben have been happily married for more than 2 years!

I followed my twin sister's idea of meeting somebody special on Christian Cafe.

Benjamin, who is from Mexico, sent me a very smart and interesting first message.

From there we became good friends and we decided to start a serious relationship. He first came to Brasil in August 2017 and then I went to Mexico in March 2018 and met his big and lovely family.

He came again to Brasil in August 2018 and we got engaged! I travelled that November to Mexico to see him again and buy my wedding dress.

On April 4, 2019 we were married.

We have lived in Brasil now for more than 2 years.

Sylmara-luz173 {Brazil} & Benjamin-bencastillo316 {Mexico} September 2021

[Editor's note: See February 2015 for Sylmara's sister's testimonial!

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 Christian Cafe was the best dating site I have found.  

Very clear website, great programming, great search functions. I tested some other sites first.

For me,'s the best! :)

Ullrich-elladan909 {Germany} September 2021 has been the safest website I have used so far.  

I believe you all have done a wondrous job by keeping scammers away as much as possible.

Kim-k679 {Singapore} September 2021

 I found my soul mate in Christian Cafe.  

We met last year in June 2020. Thank you very much and may God continue to bless you for the good work.

We got married in July 2021.

We are thankful that God used Christian Cafe for us to meet.

I pray that all singles looking for their soul mate in this site will find each other.

Miriam-peace9388 {Austria} & Metche-metche972 {Spain} September 2021

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 So far I have gotten more matches on Christian Cafe than I do with [another dating site].  

The introductory questions you ask are better as well.

Kevin-keving605 {Ohio} September 2021 seems safe, interactive, and an easy to use online web page.  

In the trial period, enjoyed browsing the menus and the implied simplicity as mentioned; and mainly, the way and idea in which it is intended.

Why did I choose this dating site? is a Christian based website, a serious one.

The safety.

The mission of the website.

Faith and prayer oriented, same for the "Terms and conditions" that are very transparent, Christian focused and for single users which is clear we have never married, neither divorced/or separated, or have had children.

Profile search is neat. Coherent with website values here at

Why did I become a member?

God willing, I think it is great value. I saved the quantity necessary. Prayed about it.

And I think one year makes sense not to be in hurry. In other words, I'm a serious person, and I'd like to make a faith friendship, pray, and see what God has to offer. One year is a very nice option for this membership and for

In union of prayers, and asking as well for yours,

Oscar-jose432 {Spain} September 2021

[Editor's note: See August 2023 for more praise from Jose! is the best site ever, especially for us who are born again.  

Alicia-favour841 {Kenya} September 2021

[Editor's note: See March 2023 for more praise from Alicia!

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