Christian Testimony - August 2021

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 Thank you for your great job in matching us!  

A Christian man smiles as his beautiful bride walks down the stairs

Huge smile from Jordan at a radiant Olena

A beautiful Christian woman smiles as her new husband lovingly holds her hand

Don't Olena and Jordan look so happy together!

I am Olena from Ukraine. I am currently living in Canada with my husband Jordan. We got married a few months ago.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Christian Cafe and of course thank God for such a wonderful way of bringing us together.

We met a year and a half ago on your dating site and our relationship began after that connection.

May God bless you for your work and the many people who are looking for soul mates.

Olena-helen118 {Ukraine} & Jordan-jbcanada338 {Alberta} August 2021

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 We met and married at age 69 and 74!!!  

A beautiful mature Christian woman smiles next to her husband while holding her bouquet

Doesn't Cheryl's smile say it all!

Former Senior Christian singles light candles together

The 2 shall become one

So in love!

We met on about the middle of April and messaged for a couple of weeks.

One Sunday, Eric showed up at my church service....the rest is a lovely, loving history, inspired by God's love!

We married on August 7th, just 4 months later.

Covid played a big role in our wedding plans. As we couldn't date or go out for dinner or a movie, our entire time together was spent at parks, each others' homes for a "date" and at church. (So thankful that ours was open!!!!!)

We quickly got to know and love each other and we know it was God who brought us together!

Thanks to for giving us the opportunity to meet each other when all other activities, including any "extra" church activities were in lockdown!

Proverbs 16:9 "We plan our ways but God directs our steps" ! (Cheryl version :)

God's richest blessings be upon you and Thank you!!!

P.S. My daughter also met her husband on, 16 years ago. They have been married for 15 years and have twin boys and a little girl! All serving the Lord!

Cheryl-bonniegirl959 {Ontario} & Eric-eric1291 {Ontario} August 2021

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 Please remove my account with immediate effect.  

I have found someone with whom we are, mutually, satisfied.

We are busy now making travel arrangements for her to join me.

Thank you for your site. is prayer-responsive. I prayed for to yield forth my wife. I wasn't going to allow spiritual interferences and disturbances to blur either her or my vision. I prayed and fasted three days for to become fruitful for me. And the matching is complete now!

One did not have to spend eternity on the site. One accomplished one's predetermined critical relationship success factors that one wanted to ensure could, reasonably, be achieved with the person. The rest is, really, in the terrain of optimal family relationship management skills.

I found to attract good to high quality Ladies. I met a Lady who, really, turned out to be top of the cream ( creme de la creme). We each are satisfied that we each have met, in each other, our critical success factors for a good relationship.

When I met the Lady I stopped sending emails to other female subscribers. I stopped searching. I focused, offsite, on this one Lady. Undivided attention. Unwavering faith. I gave the Lady and myself quality, prime time in order to immerse in each other's presence and, thereby, discover each other. is categorized in a helpful manner. One can search according to one's preferences. The policy of 10-day trial is not only for economy of financially running the site but also weeds out people who are not serious.

Fervent, Effectual Prayer, with Faith, Achieves Good Results.

Thank you very much for your Christian site. Makes the whole Kingdom of God difference in searches for a spouse.

Blessings to everybody in your search. If you are reading this, you are on the right site.

seeker964 {South Africa} August 2021

 I found my match on!  

We are marrying this Saturday!!!!

Sylvanne-sysy654 {Quebec} & Gilles-gilles230 {Quebec} August 2021

 It's awesome how God used me as His vessel.  

I prayed really hard for a God fearing woman and met Lyn on the Christian Cafe app.

We are planning to meet each other September 19 on her birthday. She'll fly out to Kansas.

I'm excited! Love my life!

Thank you God for putting her in my life.

Zachary-zachary852 {Kansas} & Lyn August 2021

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 How extremely refreshing to deal with an honest organization.  

Marcos-inbetweendays836 {California} August 2021 is the best Christian dating site I have ever seen.  

I have said this to all my single friends.

You are serious and committed to what your purpose is.

Rogeria-maple764 {Brazil} August 2021

 I want to say that definitely has to be the best Christian dating site I have ever seen.  

I personally don't believe in dating sites.

But a couple weeks ago I just really felt in my spirit to try to find a Pentecostal dating site. I found and you guys are the best.

Rebeca-brasiliaroyal730 {Illinois} August 2021

 I am very impressed with Christian Cafe for personally responding to my replies!!  

It's something this world of ours doesn't see very often anymore unfortunately.

Thank you!!

Dave-skypilot450 {Connecticut} August 2021

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