Christian Testimony - July 2023

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 This has definitely been the most beautiful adventure of our lives :)  

A Christian bride in a beautiful white wedding dress smiles with sheer joy as she holds a bouquet of flowers in one hand, and her new husband's in the other

Look at Sharom's smile!

A black and white photo of newly married Christians kissing. The bride is in her wedding dress and holding flowers.

Sealed with a kiss!

A man passionately kisses his new wife while leaning her back, as she laughs heartily

Mark isn't afraid to show his love!

We met in August 2019, got engaged in October 2020 and got married in October 2021.

And yes, it all started with a message through ChristianCafe!

If I could advise anyone reading this post today, I would tell you 3 things:

    Trust in God - He can also work in the digital world.

    Ask questions, many, many questions; it will be the best investment to know who is on the other side of the screen.

    And do not settle for less than what you always dreamed of.

Sharom-aeli918 {Ecuador} & Mark-daniel7537 {Texas} July 2023

[Editor's note: See February 2021 for their engagement announcement and December 2020 testimonial for Sharom's first excited post!]

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 Anja and Chris are so thankful that God used Christian Cafe to bring them together.  

A Christian single man with glasses and a big smile leans in for a selfie with a beautiful woman who has a gorgeous smile

First meeting in Texas, 2013

Selfie in the sun for newly engaged Christian singles. A woman shows off her engagement ring

Anja shows off her engagement ring

A bride and groom light the unity candle during their wedding ceremony at church

Lighting their unity candle on their special day

A beaming husband and wife enjoying a day out together in the sunshine pose for a photo.

7th anniversary in June 2023 - the smiles say it all!

They hope that their story can be an encouragement to others who are searching for soulmate!

This love story began on July 27th, 2013.

In California, Anja was online for one of the last days before her paid Christian Cafe subscription ran out. 1500 miles away in Texas, Chris was online during a brief free trial of the website.

While some might call the timing a coincidence, Anja and Chris believe that God had His hand in orchestrating their first encounter.

Chris saw that Anja was online and decided to send her a message. That was the start of a 6-hour conversation that lasted well into the early hours of the morning.

From that point on, they talked for hours every day on the phone, through letters, and over Skype.

It wasn't long after that first conversation that they both knew that this was something very special.

After countless hours spent laughing, joking, getting to know each other, and sharing their hearts, they knew that it was time to meet in person.

On October 3rd, 2013, Chris flew to California to meet Anja face-to-face. Meeting in person just confirmed what they had known all along - they were meant to be together.

Over the next few months, Anja and Chris traveled back and forth to visit each other and to meet each other's families until Chris made the decision to move to California in May of 2014.

After a year of living in the same city and having experienced all four seasons together, Chris proposed to Anja on the beach in Monterey, California on June 25th, 2015.

Exactly one year later, they were married at their church in the presence of their family and friends on June 25th, 2016.

Seven years of wedded bliss later, they are more in love than ever and have enjoyed building a beautiful life together.

Anja-magnoliagirl220 {California} & Chris-chrisjay231 {Texas} July 2023

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 I am removing my profile...  

A Christian single man with curly hair and glasses snaps a selfie of him and his beautiful date

Nothing better than sharing a fun outing with the one you love!

Christian singles smile together while comfortably enjoying a day out in the summer

Don't Linda and Rob look so happy together!

Christian singles show the peace sign while posing together near Lake Ontario

Enjoying a wonderful day on Lake Ontario

...because I am dating someone I met on this site 2 months ago :) Thanks guys!


We connected in May and started talking on the phone promptly, then set up a first meeting a week later, which I was hesitant to do because of a general distrust of men.

Since then, we have travelled to see each other almost every weekend, despite that we live almost 2 hours apart.

We have experienced an increasing amount of intellectual, spiritual and emotional intimacy and moved from a friendship to a dating relationship just this past weekend.

I never thought it would be possible to meet a genuine, emotionally available, committed Christian man online, but God has His perfect ways and often surprises us when we submit to His timing!

What I would suggest to people on the site:

    Give yourself a year after a divorce or major breakup. You may need counselling, healing, time to work on being ok with yourself, not co-dependent etc..

    If you're desperate to find someone/get married, you're likely not in the right headspace for a serious relationship - be OK with yourself as a single person and know your worth to God!

    PRAY for God to guide the process and BE PATIENT! The best stuff usually happens when you're not chasing after it.

Linda-kingsfire399 {Ontario} & Rob-sojourner105 {Ontario} July 2023

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 I found my love through Christian Cafe and we are getting married in September.  

Debra-sadiemarie788 {Nebraska} July 2023

 Your ministry, if you will, has held fast to Christian doctrine in matchmaking.  

Thank you.

Mark-blessedboaz610 {Massachusetts} July 2023

 Truly I think is just the best site of all for committed Christians.  

Even if it takes a long time for finding that special someone to be the last love of one's life leading to marriage, it works.

I've tried looking at eHarmony and other sites but it's so hard to see if someone's a really solid believer on those.

So I would like to only be on Christian Cafe - I trust you the most.

Cate-newhopegal670 {California} July 2023

 I am so happy to share with you I found my Ruth and I can be her Boaz.  

I very much appreciate your spirit-filled ministry and praise God for you dear people.

Yours for now,His forever,

Tony-tony4220 {Pennsylvania} July 2023

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