Christian Testimony - October 2022

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 A short period is all that God needed to bring my wife and I together.  

A beautiful Asian Christian woman and her Caucasian husband cut the wedding cake

No wonder Mark is smiling so much - he found Ghe!

Former Christian singles hold hands outside next to a white fence

Don't Mark and Ghe look happy together!

An interracial wedding ceremony at church

The newly married couple

An interracial Christian couple cuddle for a selfie

Awww, aren't they cute!

We firmly believe that God brought us together.

Our expectations were to meet another Christian, someone Christ centered and committed to God's word. We were not disappointed!

We both prayed about what we wanted in a marriage relationship. God first, attend church, focused on family and commitment.

We found a connection that started May 18, 2021, and it just blossomed from there with God's hand, not our own.

I fell in love with her after she asked if I wanted a single woman, or a mom of 2. I prayed about my 3 and her 2, and there was room in both of our hearts.

There is 8500 miles between us, and 2 totally different cultures. However, God is the same! God made all of this work, and I traveled that 8500 miles and we were 2 families joined together.

God has been with us since day 1, and is still a part of all we do today! Our relationship culminated with our marriage in 2022.

My wife is a proverbs 31 woman. We are a proverbs 3:5-6 family. I let Jeremiah 17:7 be my guiding prayer every day.

Thanks to Christian Cafe! You are a significant part or our love story with God!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Mark-mark7250 {New York} & Ghe-savebygrace568 {Philippines} October 2022

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 I met the love of my life here at  

We both we on there one last time to cancel our subscriptions and delete our profiles but then she sent me a message...

...that's all it took!

God is Good!

Don-dj316 {Texas} October 2022

 I am a previous member who had success on the site.  

Hubert-islanderone629 {Alaska} & preciousstone339 {Dominica} October 2022

 I'm very happy because I met the man of my life, my other half!  

I want to thank God and Christian Cafe because I met a wonderful man, Vincent, and we are dating!

We hope our story encourages and blesses the lives of many singles who are looking for their partners here on Christian Cafe.

A hug to all the staff and stay faithful to God.

Jaciene-jacy102 {Brazil} & Vincent October 2022

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 Please remove my account.  

I have found my match. Thank you!!

Gwen-Guinevere175 {North Carolina} October 2022

 I believe I already met my match :)  

Yes, we met on!

Mila-alina658 {Texas} October 2022

[Editor's note: See February 2023 testimonial for Mila's marriage announcement, with photos!]

 We are getting married this weekend!  

Pamela-sunshines486 {Ontario} & Rich-richlionhearted958 {Washington State} October 2022

 I'm really liking your website. Your staff really cares.  

I was super impressed when you removed a scammer I reported and then rewarded me for it. Wow!

Janet-janet6492 {Indiana} October 2022

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