Christian Testimony - September 2022

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 Allan and I are very happy together.  

A beautiful mature Asian Christian woman smiles at her White husband

Bharti can't contain her joy at marrying Allan!

A mature Christian couple marry in front of a church during COVID

The happy couple stand proudly together

An Asian bride prays with her White husband at their church wedding

God's blessing on their union

An interracial Christian couple hold hands on their wedding day

Bharti and Allan beaming after becoming husband and wife!

Allan and I started communicating on Christian cafe on 18 Jan 2022.

Since we lived so far apart (6647 miles apart), the only thing we could do was to chat on Christian Cafe, exchange photos, and then move on to chatting on the phone.

I could not travel to USA as I was not vaccinated (and that is a pre requirement to travel to USA) and Allan could not visit me in Dubai as his vacation leave was not until May 2022.

So we had to keep chatting on the phone to get to know each other well - and when we ran out of things to talk about we read Christian books together on the phone and discussed them.

The communication helped us so much in that Allan proposed to me on the phone in March 2022 and I said yes to his proposal!

We did not have the luxury of going out on a date or knowing what each other looked like in person (except via photos) or to know if we had any chemistry. All that remained was to meet each other.

When we met in May at Dubai airport, it was like the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle was now in place.

We were both relieved and excited that the person we were chatting with was exactly what we were expecting and we both knew instantly that we were meant for each other.

Allan had already decided to bring an engagement ring when he arrived in Dubai and he did formally propose to me at our very first meeting.

We got married at United Methodist Church in Nashua, New Hampshire. Allan is truly happy to be married. I, of course, am delighted to be married to Allan.

We are now working on launching a communication course in Dubai to teach single people and couples the right communication tools to use in relationships.

We are including some photos from our wedding on 7 August and here is a video of our wedding ceremony.

Thank you to Christian Cafe for introducing us to each other, despite us living 6647 miles apart.

Allan and I would have never found each other without Christian Cafe, and without Jesus guiding us to each other.

It took a long time to find the right man, and I'm glad that I finally found him.

Bharti-littlemiss769 {UAE} & Allan-alton143 {Massachusetts} September 2022

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